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The Southwest Region

No description

Lily T

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of The Southwest Region

The Southwest Region
The Climate in the southwest region varies greatly.

Texas: Humid in the east, arid in the west
New Mexico: The climate ranges from arid to semiarid, it has a wide range of temperatures.
Arizona: Very dry with little rainfall. The temperature varies greatly everyday.
Oklahoma: Hot and humid summer months. Weather varies greatly day to day.
Industries and Jobs
Popular Cities
Why come to the southwest region?
Well, why not!

In the south west we have a variety of places to go! Plains cover most of the region, however, it also includes:

- The Texas beaches
- The Rocky Mountains
- The Rio Grande
- The Grand Canyon

This Pi graph shows how in 5 years Texas added 73.4% of the nations new jobs.
The southwest region has 2 significant cities. Santa Fe, and San Antonio.
Santa Fe:
Capitol of New Mexico
Oldest capitol in the Us
Population, 67, 947
Province of New Spain
San Antonio:
Located in Texas
Is the 7th most populated city in the Us
Population, 1.3 million
Home to four-time NBA champions, San Antonio Spurs
In the southwest there are jobs such as:

By: Lia, Lily, Mila, and Greydon
Working on a ranch
Working on oil wells
Computer/technology jobs
Copper Mining
Working in a tourist attraction
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma
Also, In the southwest, the cost of living is cheaper.
Let's sum it up!
The southwest region is great because:

This is a picture of the Grand Canyon. The arrow is pointing to Lia and her family on the trail, hiking into the canyon.
This is Sedona, is a small town in Arizona
Variety of places
Plenty of jobs and cost of living is cheap
Variety of temperatures
2 excellent cities
So come join us in the southwest!
Thank you!
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