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Brian Eno

No description

Stevie Ray Barns

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Brian Eno

Stevie Ray Barns

Brian Eno
Weather you listen to U2 or David Bowe you probably do not know who Brian Eno was. However he is one of the most influential producers of his time in ambient music. He would later on to work with groups such as U2 and David Bowe shaping the pop industry and forming Roxy Music.

Where's Eno
Eno would work on "Joshua Tree" by the U2. This is a great example of Eno's ability to add Atmosphere to music like in his own work "With or Without You"
Eno and U2
In the following video Eno talks about his feelings about U2 and how they were so innovative. Eno also touches on the magic felt on the studio and what a great experience it was.
Take it to the next level...
Eno had a wide reach when choosing for influences. Often times coming from foreign sources. These would come for the collaboration project between Eno and German Dj, Jan Peter Schwalm called "Music for Onmyoji" which was a japanese album. He would also go on to work with bassist Jan Wobble who's main influence was driven by middle eastern culture.
Across The Pond

Here are just a few examples of the Brian Eno's collaborative works

"Should a record be a picture of where you are now, or of all the places you could just as likely be?"
It's clear to see Eno's mindset when writing his music with a focus on "the Free". With what I learned from various interviews I could quickly tell that Eno is not like every one else. Eno goes through a creative process where he can pull inspiration for things that would considered irrelavent to music and make a beautiful piece of art. A creative art that has caught the world by the ears.
Visual Art
Eno has worked a lot of his own visual art, Light art being one of them. In the Red Bull Music Academy, Eno Describes manipulating light and just how difficult it can be to perform. Video can be viewd from here

Brian Eno has done it all from music genres to visual arts. He has been a true pioneer in producing amazing albums. He never sells himself short. As a musician I draw inspiration for Eno's example. Like him I want to leave a mark on the music of tomorrow. He has inspired me to be self efficient and resourceful.
Coulehan (May 2013)
Brian Eno Discribes Power Of Light in Short Film
: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/brian-eno-describes-power-of-light-in-short-film-20130530

RollingStone.com(Received form artical March 29, 2015)
Brian Eno Biography
: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/artists/brian-eno/biography
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