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Boxed Water Presentation

Open Box Advertising Agency

Sara Park

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Boxed Water Presentation

Campaign Objectives
To better Boxed Water as a company, our campaign objectives are to pay more attention to the marketing and advertising strategies, which will increase awareness and sale for the product.

Environmentally friendly
76% recycled carbon
Situation Analysis
Media Plan
Budget Breakout
upscale adults
Network TV
young adults
“As we grow, our goal is to ship our filled product the shortest distance possible by establishing multiple filling locations near our major metros. We don't label our product as a "specialty" or "luxury" water - instead we service the convenience market for simple, refreshing, packaged water” (boxedwaterisbetter.com)

6,000 stores U.S., Mexico, Canada, online

Industry Overview
Services a niche within the Bottled Water Production industry
SWOT Analysis: Internal
Available at The Pie Hole and market chains across the nation
Amazon, search engine results
Niche product sector
Environmental/conservational efforts
More aggressive marketing, advertising, promotions
Presence at markets like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fresh & Easy, Sprouts, etc.
SWOT Analysis: External
Competitive pricing: 12 pack
$12-$24 vs. $24-$42
Increasingly environmentally/health conscious consumers over past 5 years
Home filtration systems
Direct Competitors
Icebox Water
Purified, low mineral spring water
Sustainable managed forests
Markets in 1,100 North American locations

Plant It Water
Available at Whole Foods Markets and other stores around the West Coast
Recycled material
A Single Drop donations
Tetra Pak
60 year old food packaging & processing company
U.S. & Canada
Unique variety of creative package designs
Community projects support Food for Development
young adults
"Other" Responses:
My high school only sold boxed water
The pie hole
A clothing store: lamb and flag
I'm 19, my favorite store is topshop, favorite restaurant is Mon Ami Gabi, favorite TV show is Doctor Who. I'm an actress and I play guitar and write comedy.
Favorite clothing store - LF, favorite restaurant - Urth Caffe, TV Show - Scandal
TV show: Ja'mie
I am in a frat
From westlake village, california. I go to usc and am in a sorority
Urth Caffe, urbanoutfitters, zara, new girl
"Other" Responses:
drink delivery water service
I use Brita filters to fill my own reusable container
One-on-one Interviews

Thank you!
Why are we advertising?
Viable choice for water supply
Who are we talking to?
Males and females 18-34
College educated
Upper-middle class
Environmentally conscious
Organic foods
Live in the city
What do they think now?
What do we know about them?
What is the main takeaway?
What makes this true?
Have heard of concept
Intrigued by novelty
Seems like a gimmick
Question practicality
Use plastic
Like that Boxed Water is eco-friendly
Own DSLR camera
Like to seem poor
Art degree/interest in art
Environmentally conscious
Like multi-use items
Boxed Water is more
More than just water
More environmentally conscious
It’s all about the box
Packaging offers variety of uses
Straightforward, honest
Lighthearted, friendly
Creative Brief
Art Installation
Recycle bins - 30 college campuses
Los Angeles: 102.7, 97.3
New York: 92.3, 100.3, 106.7
1. What brand of water do you have at home?
Brita, Tap Water and Sparklettes

2. What do you do for water on the go?
Bottled Water and Canteen's

3. Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious?

4. Would you buy it? Why or why not?
"No because I don't see it around."

5. Describe Boxed Water?
"Cute, Trendy, Hipster"
"Cool and interesting"

6. Where would you expect to see this sold?
Trendy/executive places, healthy grocery markets, Whole Foods

Grocery Stores
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