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2015 Budget

No description

City of Chattanooga

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of 2015 Budget

Budgeting for Outcomes
Step By Step

Step 1:
Determine Available Funds
Staff analyzed historical info & current trends to estimate revenue for FY2015.

Estimated general fund revenue for
FY2015 is $216,850,000.00

A 2.03% increase over FY2014 budgeted revenues or a 0.76%
increase over FY24014 projected
actual revenues.
Step 2:
Establish Priorities
Based on input from citizens, Mayor Berke’s vision to move Chattanooga forward is built around five result areas:

Safer Streets
Smarter Students & Stronger Families
A Growing Economy
Stronger Neighborhoods
High Performing Government

Step 3:
Allocate Revenues to Priorities
Step 4:
Offers Are Submitted
Departments and agencies submitted offers that explained how each dollar in the general operation budget would achieve results for citizens.

All offers were encouraged to include:

Clear & measurable goals
Collaboration with agencies & departments
Mechanisms for citizen involvement & feedback
Sustainable practices
Research & evidence based best practices

Step 5:
Rank Offers
Result Teams were formed for each result area & included:
a member of the leadership team;
a budget analyst;
two City department administrators;
a volunteer community member with expertise in the specific result area.

Result Teams reviewed all offers and ranked them twice, providing feedback between reviews on how to improve.

Rankings are listed in priority order.

Step 6:
Identify KPIs
Each result area has overall desired outcomes for which performance measures must be identified and tracked.

This performance data will be closely monitored throughout the year.

The leadership team is currently in the process of developing key performance indicators (KPIs), from identified performance measures and additional factors, for each result area.

Step 7:
Monitor & Track Results - ongoing
Through the development and implementation of a performance management tool called ChattaData, the City will have the ability to maintain, track, and release City performance information, yielding long term savings and effectiveness.

Safer Streets
FY 2015
Operating Budget

Initial KPIs:
Reduce Shootings
Reduce Violent Crimes
Reduce Domestic Violence Crime
Reduce Juvenile Crime
Reduce Fires
Increase trust between CPD & community
Offers Funded: 19
Total Funded: $101,096,324
Total Requested: $113,243,532

Smarter Students & Stronger Families
Initial KPIs
Increase # active students in Lexia
Increase % grade level or above in Lexia
Increase avg monthly usage in Lexia
Increase # families served in ESA/LIHEAP
Increase # students/families using YFD ctrs

Baby College
Family Resource Center
FAFSA Completion Initiative
Continued Focus on Literacy
Growing Economy
Jobs - recruit & retain
Growing Small Businesses Initiative
Chattanooga Alliance for Diverse Business
The Enterprise Center/Innovation District
Transit Service to Enterprise South
Stronger Neighborhoods
Initial KPIs
Increase Affordable Housing
Increase Transit Ridership
Reduce blight
Improve paving index

Veterans Homeless to Housed
Street Paving - $3 Million
Increased Recycling Participation
Initial KPIs
Increase Job Creation
Increase # of new businesses
Increase wages
Increase DBE percentage

Initial KPIs
Improve 311 efficiency
Maintain AAA bond rating
Decrease days of OTJ injury
Reduce energy costs

No Tax Increase
Office of Performance Management
Financially/environmentally sound LED Streetlight replacement
Needed Investments in Technology
High Performing Government
General Government Costs Trend FY2013 - FY2015
Safer Streets
A Growing Economy
Smarter Students & Stronger Families
Stronger Neighborhoods
High Performing Government
No New Taxes

Fire & Police Pension

For FY 2015, the
$5.5 million pension contribution savings
gained from the pension reforms will be reinvested to make our streets safer.

This budget includes $1.5 million to purchase new breathing apparatus, upgrades to replace old public safety vehicles, money to fix the broken police pay structure, and other new public safety initiatives made possible in part due to savings yielded by changes to the Police & Fire Pension fund.
Expenditure Types Total General Fund Budget
Water Quality Fund

Interceptor Sewer Fund

Once the result areas were identified, funds were allocated to each result area based on estimated cost of services and priority of result area.
2015 Projected Revenue

Officers + Chief of Police
Violence Reduction Initiative
Family Justice Center
Federal Prosecutor
Police Pay Plan
Offers Funded: 26
Total Funded: $23,504,020
Total Requested: $34,730,130
Offers Funded: 21
Total Funded: $24,295,904
Total Requested: $32,944,516
Offers Funded: 15
Total Funded: $45,243,639
Total Requested: $46,782,640
Offers funded: 26
Total Funded: $22,710,113
Total Requested: $26,432,043
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