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Understand key aspects of society.

Melanie Black

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Citizenship

How is society organised?
Why are public services important to the citizen?
Session 1 - Understand key aspects of society
The Features Of Society
Here we will look at:
The ways groups of people are organised, multi-cultural, democracy, the provision of protection, continuity, security and a national identity

Key Terms
Individually in your notes define the following terms in no more than 140 characters each:

Good citizen
Political Literacy:
What are we learning today?

We will identify what a citizen is and what citizenship means when used in general terms.
We will determine what a public service view of citizenship might be and the legal view of citizenship
We will discuss the qualities of good citizens such as dedication and responsibility; attitudes to other people; participation in community activities; awareness of needs of others

Social & Moral:
What do you already know?
A member of a particular country
A person who has rights because of being born in a particular country
A person who has been given rights
A person who lives in a particular town or city
The development of behaviour that is respectful towards others.
This includes peers (friends) those in authority & others in the community
What did the video say about
Why is it important?
Do you think other countries place
importance on democracy like the UK
or the USA do?
Society needs to have protection, the government provide for this in many different ways:
Police, NHS, Fire Service, Border Agency etc
Writing laws that protect people who are vulnerable
Providing benefits for people who need them
Public Service View of Citizenship
Good citizen qualities
Points mean prizes
What is a citizen?

How many coloured squares are there on a standard Rubik's Cube?
Use the post it notes to write down your answer, the first correct answer to be stuck on the whiteboard wins a prize
How does society protect citizens?
What security do we provide for citizens?
What are the qualities of a good citizen?
Choose 1 to write in detail
The public services define moral and political citizenship in much the same way as everyone else does.
Legal View of Citizenship
Legal Citizenship
There are clear guidelines on how a person can become a British Citizen
Qualities of good citizens
What might these be? In pairs write down at least five qualities of good citizens.
Examples might be: someone who is dedicated and responsible
What I am looking for
By the end of the session I expect that you will be able to answer questions on what we have done

I expect that you will all listen and take notes, as well as asking questions when necessary.

I expect us all to get through and understand the material, everything we do do is part of your assessment.
In society there is always an order
Most societies are hierarchical
In British Society we have a class system
Established Middle Class
Technical Middle Class
New Affluent Workers
Traditional Working Class
Emergent Service Workers
Different aspects of citizenship are more important to specific public services
British citizens have a right to live and work within the UK
However, you can live and work in the UK if you have a Visa, are a EU citizen or have applied for and been granted citizenship.
Article 13 UDHR: 1 Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
2 Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own and to return to his country
Article 14: 1 Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum and freedom from persecution
Respect everyone's right to be different
You are free to change your mind after hearing opinions and change sides
Assisted suicide should be legalised
Prisoners shouldn't be allowed access to TV or internet
Doctors should be able to refuse to treat people with smoking related diseases
Social Media comments should be protected by free speech laws
Stickers for 25% of the group
If you do not have a sticker please sit at the back of the room and do not interfere with the rest of the session.
The UK should scrap the Royal Family
Britain should bring back the death penalty
It is OK to torture suspected terrorists in order to obtain information
Police should be allowed to stop and search anyone at anytime
Why is voting important?
If this class represented the amount of 18-24 year olds in the UK.
Those with a sticker are registered and vote
In 2010 54% of 18-24 year olds were registered but out of that 54% only 44% voted.
That means only 1/4 of young people participated
Good attitude towards others
Participation in community events
Aware of the needs of others
In groups analyse the word you have been given
Why might this quality in someone prove they are a good citizen
What might a person who has this quality do, that makes them a good citizen?
Citizenship is focused around three main elements:
Social & Moral Responsibility
Community Involvement
Political Literacy
It also includes understanding what a persons civil duty is. Through voting or doing jury duty.
An individual has a responsibility towards others in the community and those in the community have a responsibility towards that individual.
This ensures that everyone is safe and can live a productive life.
In your notes write an example of how an individual can help & support one another
Community Involvement:
This is about taking an active part in the community
It means that an individual becomes involved with the life and concerns of the community
In your notes give an example of how a citizen might do this
This means to understand the political life of society: Locally, Regionally & Nationally
It involves the individual playing an active part in democracy & encouraging others to do so
How does a citizen do this? Give a detailed example in your notes.
Public Service View
Using your foldable
Community Involvement
Public services have to set a good example of citizenship to civilians
This is because they have power and influence. Civilians want to feel safe and protected by public servants so setting a good example is very important.
Taking responsibility for the safety of others
Public servants have to ensure that they keep people safe and they act in the best interests of the public they serve.
If they do not and a citizen gets hurt or even dies then the service itself could be found responsible for the harm that was caused
Taking responsibility for the safety of the environment
The public services have to take responsibility for the environment to ensure that it is safe for the citizen
If the services are aware that an environment is unsafe and do not do anything about it then they would be responsible for the harm.
Continually Develop Life Skills
It is vital that public services continually develop their life skills, to ensure that they can deal with the public effectively
Life skills include: Communication, body language, reading, writing, verbal skills & numeracy
Positive Attitude
Public service work is mentally draining and can be hard emotionally, it is important that public servants maintain a positive attitude towards their work and the citizen.
Respect for Equality & Diversity
Public Servants must have respect for equality & diversity.
They must treat all citizens with respect and ensure they do not treat people unfairly.
If a public servant is seen to not have respect for E & D then this can reflect on the whole organisation
Types of Legal Citizen
British Citizen
British Dependent Territories Citizens
British Overseas Citizens
British Nationals Overseas
British Protected Persons
British Subjects
Legal Citizenship
If a person does not fall into those categories they can still apply for British Citizenship:
Already have a connection with someone in the UK or have given up British Citizenship previously
No connection with UK. Must have live legally in UK for 5 years or be married to a British Citizen for 3 years
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