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Eleanor Davis

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Hotel

Fly for Day Trip to Monaco
Day Four
Day Two- Wednesday

9:30 am

Buffet breakfast at Le Six Hotel (included in the price)
Go for a 2.3km stroll (30 minutes) along
the streets of Paris to the Notre
Dame Cathedral and take a wonder
in this magnificent monument.
Cost: Free of charge.
Enjoy french cuisine at the La Creperie du Cloitre restaurant for lunch. (Walk there)
Cost: About $20 per person.
Romantic European Package
Holiday in Paris, France
Ooh La La!
Champs and Chats
Day Three

The Exotic European Package is a perfect holiday for couples! A full itinerary for a 5 day trip is prepared and paid for in one transaction of $10 000. We’ve done all the work for you, from romantic meals to accommodation. All you need to do is enjoy this amazing trip in Paris and France. A cultural experience filled with architecture and adventure!
Itemised Budget
Day Five
Day One - Tues 23rd Dec
Leave hotel at 8am after hotel breakfast for a 3.9km walk to and along the architectural boulevard. Along this beautiful road resides the Jardin des Champs-Élysées park. The Champs ends at the Arc de Triomphe, which opens for the public to climb at 10am. Two adults tickets for €8 each is €16.
Leave Hotel at 5 am for a taxi which will head you straight to Paris' Orly airport! Take up a first class seat as you fly to your day trip to the luxurious Monte Carlo (1 hour 40min). Mingle with the upper-class as you visit the famed french Riviera, The medieval Monaco-Ville and the Palais Princir, official residence of the Prince of Monaco! All costs inclusive.

cost 7 million French francs to build
took almost a century to build
it is built of a stone containing calcite so will remain white even if there is a lot of pollution

Don't forget your camera!
Afternoon- Palace of Versailles
Chateau de Chambord
"I highly recommend The Best Of France Tours. Our guide was Frederic, he was wonderful, very knowledgeable of everything about Paris. And he is very charming as well. I highly recommend asking for Frederic. Definitely Ooh La La!"- Lisa Mona
"Ooh La La's guided tour of the Louvre was very good value. The guide was very well informed and she gave us lots of information about the incredible exhibits at this fantastic museum."- John Green
Breakfast at 9:30
Included at Hotel Le Six: Hot buffet including eggs, ham and sausages

After Breakfast 10:20
2.2km leisurely stroll through the streets of Paris, across the iconic Carrousel Bridge to the Seine

Arrive at the Louvre at 11:00
Home of the Mona Lisa and other incredible art
69 € per person for a six day pass, wander the

uvre at leisure

Lunch at 1:00
Le Cafe Mollien: first-floor landing of the Mollien stairc
ase inside the Louvre
Approx 8 € per person for sandwich and drink

Louvre 1:30
Continue exploring the Louvre

Dinner 6:00
Walk to
, a French restaurant, 40 € pp
"Housed in a stunning 16th century French house in Paris’ 1st is the charming Chez La Vielle Adrienne restaurant"

Take a boat down the Seine 7:30
17 € pp, scenic view of Paris, passing many iconic landmarks as well as being a short, beautiful way of transport between the Louvre and La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel 7:50
8.20 € pp to go to the first and second floors. Free iceskating and skate hire on the first floor and incredible Paris night view on the second floor

Walk back to hotel 10:00
3.3km stroll through the streets of Paris, or alternatively, 14,58 € for taxi ride (approx)

Arrive at hotel 10:30
Go to sleep!

Plane Trip:
Monday 22nd December, Premium Economy
Catch the 16:50 and arrive at Dubai at 03:20.
Get the 00:40 flight in Dubai to arrive in Paris (Charles De Gaulle) at 07:50.
Cost: $2803 per person

Transfer from Airport to Hotel:
46.57 €/taxi estimate, about 1 hour

Hotel: Hotel Le Six
1246.50 € for 5 nights
Classic Double Room, 4 star hotel
6th Arrondissement, near the Seine and tourist attractions
Complimentary Breakfast

Have lunch at 11am at the Artcurial cafe and restaurant (meal approximately €20 each). Taxi at noon from Champs Elysees to Chateau de Chambord until 2pm (€191.67), one of the most famous chateaus in Chambord. Wander and enjoy the art. At 5pm, begin making your way to the Restaurant du Grand Saint Michel (meal approximately €15) for dinner until 6:30. Catch taxi back to hotel in Paris and relax for an hour or so in room before going to sleep.
Morning- Notre Dame Cathedral


Take the taxi for a 40 minute drive to the Palace of Versailles. Stop at a local cafe- for coffee and cake on the way. Cost- $15 pp.
Walk around the Palace of Versailles.
Cost: €15 per person
Relax and enjoy the afternoon by walking just a 150m to the Garden of Versailles.
Cost: €18 per person.
Drive back and spend dinner at the romantic Chez Marcel!
Cost: About €600 per person (depending on what you order)
Walk back to Le Six Hotel and have a great night!
Total cost of taxi: About $90.00

Notre Dame Cathedral Facts:

1. The Notre Dame Catheral is one of Paris's greatest monuments located on the island- Île de la Cité which is in the heart of Paris.

2. One of the first Gothic cathedrals.

3. The pillars have a diameter of 5 metres and the cathedral is 130 metres long and 35 metres tall.

4. Notre Dame is French for 'Our Lady'.

5. It was constructed during the Middle Ages in 1163.
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