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Curriculum: An Inquiry


Dr. Anthony Foster

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Curriculum: An Inquiry

An Inquiry... Editorial selects courses and texts
Surveys capture SME input
Instructional Designers divide subject matter into topics
Course Writers create topic scripts in templates
SME, Project Manager, and Copyeditor revise course scripts
Developer integrates scripts and images into online viewer
Demo course published on protected site
SME and Editors review course online; feedback incorporated The courses are not written to accompany a specific book
Topics aligned with a critical path determined by SMES
They are written topically based upon information from SME’s
The courses are intended to teach concepts. They are not e-books.
The courses provide a context for learning; every part is driven by learning objectives
Courseware by itself is not a course- requires interaction with instructor
Identify Instructional Goals
Conduct Instructional Analysis
Identify Learner Characteristics
Write Performance Objectives
Develop Criterion Referenced Objectives
Develop Instructional Strategy
Develop/Select Instructional Materials
Conduct Formative Evaluation
Revision of Instruction
Conduct Summative Evaluation If you don’t know what you want your students to learn, how can you know what and how to teach them?

How should I manage teaching and learning?
How can I find out whether they have learned?
How can I estimate the effectiveness of my teaching? ALWAYS teach to objectives
Always map assessment to objectives
Always build learning resources to assessments (which in turn are mapped to objectives)
Assessment is multi-modal
Learning resources as multi-modal The Big Idea Defining what information, services, and content will be provided
Don’t restrict to existing methods
Creating the Standards
Evolving the Specifics
Creating the Prototype
Reverse-Designing Documentation
Insuring Productivity
Template driven scalability
Look and feel Research and Analysis
Defining the Audience
Defining Objectives
Brainstorming the Process
Identifying the Building blocks
Counting the Cost
Building the Team/Expertise
Managing the Process BFA Art, MS ED Instructional Technologies
PhD Leadership SBTS
5 Years Educational Multi-Image Production, MMI
2 Years Freelance Multimedia Design
7 Years Exhibition/Interactive Multimedia Design, SMU
9 Years Instructional/New Media Design, SLCC
7 Years Executive ID, MHHE Credentials Multi-Image Design Multimedia Design Qualifications POWER CORRUPTS,
EDWARD TUFTE QUOTE FOR THE DAY Literally, a course; currere is to run
Pedagogy What is Curriculum? More than syllabus More than product More than process More than practice What is Curriculum? Enhanced ADDIE Basis Online Course
Development Process Definitions What do I want my students to learn? IDEAL SCENARIO Pilot the course with control group
Gather performance data
Statistical analysis
Edit course accordingly QUESTIONS? Course Philosophy Stages of Design Process Modular Design
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