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Rosa Parks

No description

Susan Wine

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Rosa Parks

why? WHEN? DID DID how When did her mom give birth to Rosa Parks?
Her mom gave birth to her on February 4 1913.
When did Rosa Parks die?
Rosa Parks died on October 24 2005. How did she get famous?
Rosa Parks got famous by not getting out of her seat.
How many siblings did she have?She had one sibling named Sylvester Mccauley. Rosa Parks came to the police headquarters,were later that day Rosa Parks was released on bail.On December 8,Rosa Parks faced trial, and in an 30 minute hearing and was found guilty of violating a local ordiance .She was fined $10.00 plus a $4.00 court fee. Why didn`t Rosa Parks get out of her seat? Because she did not think it was not right for the blacks to always have to sit in the back of the bus and to have assigned spots on the bus. Thats why she refused to get up. was What What was Rosa Parks first job? Rosa Parks first job was a seamster and she got involved on the bus Boycott. She was also a part time assistant for a tailor.

Did Rosa Parks have a have a good childhood? Rosa Parks had a very bad childhood. Where Where was Rosa Parks born?
Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee
Alabama. Was Rosa Parks childhood
good or bad?
Rosa Parks childhood was
VERY bad. Rosa Parks Who Who was Rosa`s parents?
Rosa`s parents were James Mccauley and Leona Edwards. Who was Rosa`s husband?
Ramond Parks.
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