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Book Project Football Genius

No description

Dalton Vonhagen

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Book Project Football Genius

Troy always wanted to help the falcon's, but he never got a shot. When his mom became part of the PR for the team his mom got him an all access pass for the field. When he tried to tell the couch the play he got kicked out of the stadium. Football Genius Football Genius is about a kid named troy. Troy is just a ordinary kid that can call a play before it happens by looking at the formation the team is doing. The Big Game The Ball Boy Mr. Langan came up to troy after the game and asked if he could do that every game. He asked if it would be okay of he was a ball boy so it didn't seem suspicious. BY : Dalton VonHagen Football Genius Troy and his friends went into his favorite football player's yard (Seth Halloway). They stole a football from his yard and he took it home. Troy had to hide it from his mom until she found out one night. FOOTBALL DREAM!!! Troy's came up with an idea to call his mom to tell her the play and then she tells Seth Halloway. When his mom heard the idea she wasn't to happy about it. He told Seth the idea and he loved it. Seth finnaly talked his mom into the idea. Troy and his mom tried out there idea the next game the falcon's had. He was telling his mom the plays left and right, but his streak ended when the mean coach crock cam over and snapped her phone in two. She asked one of the security guards for his phone and she told troy to go see the owner Mr. Langan. Him and his friend's had to fight to get to Mr. Langan. When he got up to him he told him how Coach Crock was trying to lose on purpose. Troy said "sure" and thanked Mr. Langan. Mr Langan said he couldn't pay him $50 a game though. he was thinking more around $ 10,000 a game instead. THEME FOOTBALL!!! SETTINGS Seth Halloway's house
Falcon's football field
Troy's house Characters Troy - Troy is second string quarter back for the tiger's middle school football team and can predict plays before they happen Troy's mom - She is assisatnt PR for the atlanta falcon's and has access to the hold field and can help troy do what he wants with the team. Nathan - nathan is troy's friend and a linemen on the tiger's middle school football team. Tate- tate is a girl and ine of troy's friends. She is the kicker for the tiger's middle school footbal team. Mr. Langan - he is the owner of the atlanta falcon's football team, and troy's mom's boss. Coach mcfadden - he is the head coach of the Altanta Falcon's. Coach Crock - He is the deffensive coordinator for the Altlanta Falcons. The Climax of the story was when troy got a chance to help the falcons by telling his mom the plays and her giving seth the signal's. It changed the story by troy actually being able to help at the games instead of the falcon's losing every game.
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