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Number The Stars

No description

Tiffany B.

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Number The Stars

Number The Stars A Must Read Book!! By: Lois Lowry About The Book! Number The Stars by Lois Lowry is about a girl named Annemarie and her best friend Ellen. They lived in the time of World War ll, which as little ten year old girls was difficult. Especially for Ellen who is Jewish. Being discovered by the Nazis', Ellen and her family must flee, but not without the help of Annemarie and her family. Leaving Annemarie's home was not something Annemarie had wanted to do, but if it meant saving the life of Ellen, Annemarie would give up anything for her. This is a heart-warming novel that portrays the power of friendship. Characters Annemarie Johansen- Is a determined, trustworthy friend. She knew once Ellen was discovered by the Nazis that she had to do everything she could to protect her friend. She stayed brave and kept her courage during the Rosen's escape. Ellen Rosen- Was frightned during the escape but kept all doubt out of her mind. She kept positive thoughts in her mind and easily agreed that she had to leave her family so they were all safe. Uncle Henrik- Once the Johansens came to his house unexpected, he understood right away that he had to help his family hide Ellen. He opened his house and his heart to Ellen and helped her escape. Kirsti Johansen- Annemarie's little 5 year-old sister. Fearless against the soldiers and the war. Not a thought in her mind, and not always worried. Key Settings Street of Copenhagen- Clustered, small houses and soldiers on every corner. Small stores and crowded streets. Annemarie's House- In an apartment building. Small and crowded with a little bit of furniture. This is where Annemarie had spent most of her life in. Hanging with Ellen in this house was always fun, especially when they played with their dolls. Uncle Henrik's Farmhouse- In Denmark a countryside area. Big and lots of space. Fields and a barn on the side of the house. Isolated and surrounded by a forest and a lake off to the side.
Annemarie spent some of her summer at Uncle Henrik`s farmhouse. As well as her mom, as a little child Annemarie`s mom and brother lived in that house. Uncle Henrik decided to take over the hosue when he was older. About The Author! Lois Lowry was born March 20 1937, and is a American author in children's literature. She started out first as a photographer and journalist in the 1970s. Her work had later caught the attention of Houghton Mifflin. He had encouraged her to write her first children's book, A Summer to Die, which was published in 1977 (when Lowry was 40 years old). She has written more than 30 books for children and published an autobiography after her first book. Two of her works have been awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal: Number the Stars in 1990, and The Giver in 1993. As an author, Lowry is known for writing about difficult subject matters within her works for children. She has explored such complex issues like racism, terminal illness, murder, and the Holocaust among other challenging topics. Author`s Message Remembering to stay true to yourself and knowing the beauty in friendship. Suffering, surviving, loving and caring through the toughest times together with your friends is what friendship is about. As well as believing that there is always hope for the future. This is the author`s message. Why You Should Be The One to Read This Book If you love reading books that aren't too lengthy, that have action, true, heart-warming friendship, and a happy ending then this book is right for you. Lois Lowry is an amazing author who shoves lots of details in a tiny book and knows how kids like Ellen and Annemarie feel. It has been awarded the Newbery Medal in 1990 for outstanding details and character. Some other awards is the Sydney Taylor Book Award, Association of Jewish Libraries awarded to Number The Stars in 1989, Massachusetts Children's Book Award given in 1983 and the School Library Journal Best Book of the Year. If you are 9+ then this book is right for you! Are you going to be the one left out, when everyone else is reading this book? Not if you call 1-800-284-0039 for an exclusive offer. This includes a Number The Stars book, bookmark, poster and more! Hurry up before they are all sold out!

Gallery A Scene From The Book Annemarie and Ellen are caught running by the soldiers An exclusive offer For only $9.99! Remember 1-800-284-0039 Mother of Annemarie- During the time of The Rosens being discovered, Annemarie's mother stayed calm and knew she had to help her friends. So with her loving heart she let Ellen stay with her and her family while Ellen's family flees to somewhere safe. The mother is a kind women who believes in a positive future. Father of Annemarie- Knowing that he had to stay at the Johansen's house while his wife, children and Annemarie's friend, Ellen fled to Uncle Henrik's was hard for him. Not knowing what could happen but he stayed positive and hoped for the future. A Book Trailer! Peter Neilson- The husband of Annemarie's past away sister, Lise. Peter and Lise were part of The resistance against Hitler, proving Peter to be brave and determined to get what he believes in. This is how his wife Lise died. She had gotten shot for being a part of the resistance. Some Other Books From Lois Lowry
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