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President Reagan's 3 Major Goals

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BonnieKaren Francese

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of President Reagan's 3 Major Goals

Born in Illinois
40th president of the U.S
Had 3 major goals he wanted to accomplish during his presidency
Who is President Reagan?
President Reagan's 3 Major Goals
Reagan's first goal was to end the Cold War. The Cold war had been going on for 36 years by the time Reagan was elected into the presidency.
1st Goal
The Cold War
Reagan's second goal was to lower income taxes on the rich and middle class. This was appealing to most Americans because taxes were really high because poor people did not have to pay any income tax and the so all taxes were pretty much going towards welfare.
2nd Goal
Rich people were paying up to 70% income taxes. This was really high and seemed unfair to the rich people that they were working hard and earning money and then gave almost all of it up just so it could go to people who were not working hard and just living off welfare. To lower taxes on the rich, this meant that taxes need to be raised on the poor. Poor people obviously hated this because they had no money.
Lower Taxes
Reagan's last major goal was to limit the amount of drugs in the U.S. The 60s and 70s were over and Baby Boomers had grown up a little bit. Reagan believed the amount of drug use needed to be decreased tremendously.
3rd Goal
President Reagan did not really start the War on Drugs but people started to like the idea when he became president and pushed it a little bit harder. Baby Boomers were around their twenties in the 70s and drugs were very popular. Woodstock was a giant concert with lots of drugs and many enjoyed themselves. Baby Boomers were now around their thirties and felt it was time to grow up and mature a little bit more. Less drugs sounded good to many Americans especially if they now had kids and did not want their kids doing what they had done just ten years earlier
"War on Drugs"
Thank You!!!
The Cold War was between the United States and the USSR. After World War II ended, there was tension between the Allies and the USSR. Especially with the U.S. The Cold War never contained direct fighting between the two nations. If direct fighting would have occurred, nuclear weapons would have most likely been used and that would basically mean the end of the world.
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