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7 Steps to Turn Your Presentations Into Content Marketing Gold

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Prezi Team

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of 7 Steps to Turn Your Presentations Into Content Marketing Gold

Rework your title
On-demand assets have to work hard to attract the attention of viewers, so be sure to adjust your most prominent information. Your title should be re-crafted based on who your online audience is and trending topics. Services like Buzzsumo are great for inspiration if you need it.
Some presentations are easier than others to turn into content marketing assets. Prezi helps to start you off on the right foot by focusing on visuals right from the beginning, and other fun features like voiceover and media support make the possibilities endless!
Check out some of our favorite prezis

As a marketer in this day and age, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by the volume of content needed to keep up with demand. There’s at least one safe shortcut can take, however, and it’s simply repurposing your company’s presentations. Below are our top tips for transforming your existing decks into content marketing gold.
Fill in the gaps
Remember: this asset will be viewed without a presenter, so carefully walk through your content to determine where it needs to be fleshed out. Try sharing it with colleagues who haven’t seen it to help you identify these areas.
Begin with powerful visuals
More often than not, title slides are pretty boring. Craft a new intro, or pull out something interesting from the body of the deck and place it at the beginning to ensure the first thing your audience sees is engaging and compelling.
Simplify when possible
Nobody wants to sit through the equivalent of a 50-page deck alone. Try clustering your info into different categories. Next, trim what’s redundant and boil down what’s left to clear, concise statements or visuals. (Good dataviz is great for helping the cause!)
Have a call
to action
Most presentations end with contact information for the presenter, but an online audience is more broadly poised to engage. Make sure your presentation’s outro is reworked to get viewers into your company’s funnel.
Screenshot for social
Rather than creating new content or paying an agency to do it for you, you can increase traffic to your modified presentation by identifying some of the most compelling parts and screenshotting them for social platforms. Yup, that’s double the recycling!
Keep mobility
in mind
Digital media time is now greater than desktop, which means mobile can no longer be thought of as a separate channel. Make sure the experience you’re creating is just as compelling on a small screen as it is on your computer.
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