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Laughter and Learning:

A Dynamic Duo for Student Engagement

Nicole Edwards

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Laughter and Learning:

Do You Remember?

Once upon a fall...
Be seen as imperfect (human)
A willingness to share
Spin it!
The opportunities are what you make them...
A Dynamic Duo for Student Engagement
Nicole Edwards, Ed.S.
Let's take a closer look...
Laughter and Learning:
Impacting lives, imparting knowledge
Be "in tune"
Ask questions?
Opportunities for team building
Plays a role in developing relationships

Relational safety characterizes an ideal learning environment

May offer unexpected perspectives

Put difficult issues into perspective
Hovelynck & Peters, 2003
Hovelynck & Peters, 2003
Reinforces learning and makes tasks less threatening

Reduces stress and facilitates creativity
Korobkin, 1988
Humor is useful in facilitating attention and motivation
(Humor) is not the answer to all classroom management issues, but it is an excellent preventive measure

"Humor is a catalyst for classroom "magic," when all the educational elements converge and teacher and student are both positive and excited about learning"
Kher, Molstad and Donahue, 1999
...a powerful tool to build a sense of community, promote creativity, and reduce conflict.
Kher, Molstad and Donahue, 1999
Looking through the humor lens...
How could you use the knowledge of #hashtag to link to content in a relevant way?

Humor in the College Classroom
Humor in the College Classroom
Humor in the College Classroom
Consider delivery
Planned or spontaneous
Distasteful humor
Intentionality not overuse
"Laughter relaxes us and (the class) is less rigid and less intimidated so we participate more"
"The way we are encouraged to think out-of-the-box by continuously asking questions"
"There is never a dull moment in class--the professor makes a difference"
"The class interaction allows us to smile, laugh and learn at the same time"
Loomans & Kolberg, 1993
Bandes, 1988
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