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shrek is a legendary hero because he displays heroic qualiti

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katie wisniewski

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of shrek is a legendary hero because he displays heroic qualiti

Shrek is a legendary hero because he displays heroic qualities such as...
Shrek displays bravery because he goes willingly to rescue princess fiona despite the possible doom of a fearsome dragon.
Another quality Shrek displays is
Shrek leads Donkey across this rickety, broken down, lava bridge safely, regardless of Donkeys fear of the bridge and what lies below
Beowulf does his dangerous quests for fame and acknowledgement while Shrek does it as a way to get his swamp back from the fairy tales.
Although Shreks leadership type qualities are a tad bit unconventional he is a leader nonetheless he keeps Donkey safe from harm just as Beowulf did for his men, he just does it in a slightly different way
Shrek is smart, resourceful and maybe a little bit strange but he has all the important qualities of a legendary hero
Shrek faces a number of villians throughout his time rescuing the Princess between Lord Farquad and not to mention the fire breathing dragon , somewhat like the one Beowulf encountered, one "villian" shrek faces is quite bizarre...
Legendary heroes can be described as characters who are human but still "larger than life"
Legendary heroes are individuals who are brave and remarkable in almost every way they are looked upon as true heroes and some are famous for doing things quite exemplary like Beowulf who faught beasts and monsters or like Don Quixote, who fought a windmill.
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