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Finding the Main Idea and Supporting Details


on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Finding the Main Idea and Supporting Details

Thank you for playing! :)
Take a large selection of text and reduce it to the
most important points/key facts
Create a concise understanding
Focus on most important parts to
reduce confusion
Repetition: Circle It!
Original Title: Underline It!
First Sentence or Paragraph: Use Brackets!
Last Sentence Or Paragraph: Use Brackets!
How to find the Main Idea: ROFL
•Describes what the text is mostly about
•Represents the central message
•Supports the topic
•Found somewhere in the text
Finding the Main Idea and
What is a Main Idea?
What is Summarizing?
One day, there were five colored birds taking care of their eggs. The blue bird was bored, so he asked the other birds to play a game. While they were playing, three green pigs were watching from behind the bushes. When the birds were busy with their game, the pigs snuck over to the eggs and snatched them! They ran off with the eggs as fast as they could. When the birds realized their eggs were missing, they became very angry.
: Choose the main character (Always a Noun - Person, Place, Thing)

: What the character wanted or something the character did

: What happened to keep the character from getting what he wanted

: How it all works out. The result
Tip: For longer texts,
use the SWBS Method
for each paragraph.
Model Example
What is the author trying to say about the topic?
Write the main idea in one sentence
in your own words
Stolen Eggs!
How to Summarize:
Key Facts
Remember to leave
out your
personal opinion!
Be objective!
The Difference
The Main Idea
A Summary
Overall what the story is about
A shortened version of the story
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