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Megaman NT warrior Version 2.0

(334 paths )

Ronnie Tigree

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Megaman NT warrior Version 2.0

Lan and megaman friends & enemy
Lan hikari is the main human protagonist of the MegaMan Battle Network Series. In the early games, he is 11 years old and in 5th grade. After MegaMan Battle Network 3, he is 12 years old and in 6th grade. He is the operator of a NetNavi named MegaMan.EXE, who is also his twin brother. Lan is the son of the world-renowned scientist Dr. Yuichiro Hikari and grandson of Tadashi Hikari. His mother is Haruka Hikari. He wishes to become the greatest NetBattler ever and gets a ton of rivals in the process. His main rival is Eugene Chaud, whom Lan technically defeats every game, but Chaud nonetheless often looks down him despite being unable to beat him. Lan is the human protagonist of the video games, anime, and graphic novel where he battles with MegaMan against multiple crime organizations such as World Three, Gospel, Nebula, and Duo.
Megaman.EXE operated by Lan Hikari. He was created by the scientist Yuichiro Hikari, Lan's father. MegaMan.EXE is quite powerful, and along with his operator Lan, is a very skilled virus buster. He is also Lan's twin brother, Hub Hikari (Saito in Japan) who died at birth, because of a rare heart condition known as HBD. Dr. Hikari then used his data to revive him as a NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE.
Mayl sakurai is a close friend and classmate of Lan Hikari, Yai Ayanokoji, and Dex Oyama, and is the operator of Roll.EXE. Throughout the MegaMan Battle Network series, she acts as the love interest of Lan, and it is often hinted that the two have feelings for each other, much to the dismay of Dex, who also has feelings for Mayl. This love interest is paralleled by Roll and Lan's NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE, as well as Dex's NetNavi GutsMan.EXE, who has feelings for Roll. Unlike Mayl and Lan, however, Roll is more open with her feelings.
Roll is a kind-hearted Navi with healing powers. She is hip and cool, with the heart of a champion NetBattler. Just as Mayl resists Dex's affections, Roll resists GutsMan's attempts to ask her out and has eyes on MegaMan. She is close and has a crush with MegaMan, and the two of them are not quite as shy (or in Lan's case oblivious) about their relationship as their operators are.
Dex acts very arrogant and is boastful. He cares very much for Chisao, often panicking when he gets in trouble, and tries to maintain his respect in both the games and the anime. He also has a rivalry with Lan and the two compete in Netbattling and almost any other competition. However, they are also alike, because they forget to do homework and do poorly in class. Dex also gets very mad when Mayl hugs Lan or shows any kind of affection for him at all. Dex cares deeply for his friends and is willing to risk his life for them. Dex has also been known to get emotional, like when he was going to move away to Netopia.
GutsMan.EXE is Dex Oyama's NetNavi. He is a super strong Navi that relies on brute force. He likes Roll.EXE and is MegaMan.EXE's rival. He also has the habit of frequently saying the word "Guts". While not very bright, he relies on his strong power. For Dex, having a "strong" Navi means they have super strength. GutsMan is a loyal friend and fights side by side with his fellow friends.
Yai is very rich which makes her a bit arrogant and a showoff in the games and the anime. One example is when she refused school food and ate a steak instead. She also is a bit playful, shown when she turns on the booby traps in the garden around her house when Lan and Dex try to sneak in. Yai likes to collect fans and drink strawberry milk. She is very aristocratic in the sense that she doesn't hesitate to use her friends in the anime to solve her problems, such as when a virus stole the data for her new video game and when JunkMan.EXE took her space station

Glyde is not considered a combat Navi and thus relies on the rare chips Yai has to provide to perform devastatingly powerful attacks. Glyde instead has a level seven security license allowing him to access networks that other Navis would not be able to. His demeanor towards Yai is akin to that of a butler. While he may come off as a bit "snooty" (taking after his operator), he is still good friends with MegaMan, Roll, and GutsMan, just as his operator Yai is good friends with MegaMan's operator Lan Hikari, Roll's operator Mayl Sakurai, and GutsMan's operator Dex Oyama.
Higsby shows up to teach the students of Lan's school about Virus busting, but is mostly concerned about rare chips. After class, he locks Lan's classroom and attempts to steal Yai's chips in a battle against Glide. Lan, MegaMan and Roll manage to unlock the door and rescue Glide, and they discover Higsby was behind it. After his defeat, Ms. Mari convinces Higsby to stop stealing rare chips, reminding him of how he would feel if chips were stolen from him. After this event, he quits teaching and opens up a chip shop like in the games. In the anime, he is Maysa's rival for Ms. Mari's affection, and the two are seen fighting on many occasions.
In the anime, Higsby and Numberman traps Maylu, Dex, Yai and their teacher in the class room and challenges Yai to a NetBattle for her rare battle chips. Glyde is forced into battle and is nearly defeated before MegaMan and Roll breaks through the barriers they've put up. He is defeated and Higsby promises to be good.
Chaud is the son of IPC's (BlazeQuest in the English anime) president Ijuuin Shuuseki, and the operator and creator of ProtoMan.EXE. His mother died while he was still young, and Chaud was forced into becoming the vice-president of his father's corporation, a position which contributed to his initial cold attitude towards Lan Hikari. As the series progresses, he gains more respect for Lan, and also begins to open up to others, smiling more often. He does not, however, lose his serious outlook during battle, nor does he act impulsively before thinking.
ProtoMan is the elite NetNavi of Eugene Chaud (Chaud Blaze in the English anime, Enzan Ijuuin in the Japan). His Navi mark, a circle split with a thunderbolt pattern into two black and white sections, can be seen on ProtoMan's chest and gloves, as well as, in the games but not in the anime, on the back of Chaud's vest. Unlike his original counterpart, he normally uses a sword weapon instead of a buster, although he does use a shield reminiscent of the original Proto Man's, and does have a buster weapon when the player activates the Double Hero Program Advance and when he's player-controlled. In virtual centimeters, ProtoMan stands at 161 cm (roughly 5'3").
In the anime, he and Gospel were created from data of PharaohMan by Lord Wily. As Wily explains Bass came to exist from the left over data of PharaohMan that Wily didn't use to make Gospel. Also while Gospel contains PharaohMan's ultimate program; Bass on the other hand is the reincarnation of PharaohMan's soul but lacking any memories which where used in making Gospel. At first he has no memories and wanders the Net in a curious, confused state. Also because he was made from fragments of another Navi he has an almost virulent hunger and consumes raw data to replenish the missing code, as shown when MegaMan saw him consuming raw data in the form of an energy ball. Despite this he doesn't attack Navis and seems to feed almost on instinct. However when Gospel attacked the Net, he got in its way and made it leave. Part of him also senses the connection between himself and Gospel which draws him to the beast. He later kidnaps MegaMan in order to find out who he really is. Bass reads MegaMan's mind and learns about his origins. After that, he attacks Gospel and initially defeats him. Bass tries to absorb him so that they could become one again and gain his powers but Gospel is too strong and Bass' data disperses and is absorbed himself. After Gospel's destruction, Lord Wily was baffled to see that BugStyle MegaMan had actually rebuilt the whole Network including all data absorbed by Gospel when Kid Grave suddenly gets back up. The robot is possessed by Bass and he walks away after proclaiming that he'd use it to conquer both worlds.
Tory Froid has a bigger role in the anime, where his role was swap with his father. Dr. Froid is captured by Maddy, who uses his safety to blackmail Tory into cooperating with the WWW. Tory has to freeze the Waterworks system so Maddy would release his father. He is forced to order IceMan to attack MegaMan.EXE and Glyde.EXE. But after the purifier bacteria in the water supply starts to get infected, Tory changes his mind and tells IceMan to reverse the damage. Ms. Madd tells WackoMan to delete IceMan but IceMan unfreezes MegaMan. Although they are both weakened, Lan arrives and helps MegaMan fight off WackoMan. At the end of the episode, Tory becomes Lan's friend and part of their team. He doesn't appeared again until the N1 Grand Prix. He competes in the tournament and manages to make it to the 2nd round defeating his first opponent quickly, but is defeated by Maylu and Roll.
Dr. Froid in the anime was given a much smaller role, with him being the subject of kidnapping instead of his son. Dr. Froid is kidnapped by Maddy (Ms. Madd), who in turn forces his son to do dirty work for the WWW. Lan and friends discover Dr. Froid tied up when they sneak into the Waterworks after trying to escape a security droid. After being rescued Dr. Froid then asks that Dex and Lan to help him open the valves and for Mayl and Yai to stop Tory. After opening all the valves and hurting himself in the process, the network is repaired and the water supply saved. After the end of the ordeal, Tory and Dr. Froid were reunited. Dr. Froid doesn't appear again afterwards; however, he is mentioned at the beginning of N1 Grand Prix by his son.
In the anime, BlasterMan and his partner StoneMan are stronger and smarter than their game counterparts. He and StoneMan first appear in episode 16, during the N1 Grand Prix. However, none of their opponents show up, due to them defeating their intended opponents before hand (like PickMan and DrillMach), resulting in a win by default. Their real first battle is against GutsMan and WoodMan, which they win. Later, they fight against MegaMan and SharkMan, in which they are unmasked as being Solo NetNavis, their NetOps being robots. They cheat in the battle and transport MegaMan and SharkMan to a lighthouse, but fail to defeat them. They re-enter the contest by cheating again, and fight against MegaMan and ProtoMan. After their defeat, they try to capture PharaohMan for Mr. Wily, with an army of blue copies of themselves, all of which are deleted by PharaohMan. They escape with PharaohMan, but MegaMan follows and deletes them.
Mr.Match is a recurring character in the Mega Man Battle Network series. He uses three NetNavis in the games: FireMan.EXE, HeatMan.EXE, and FlameMan.EXE. He was part of the criminal organization WWW until Mega Man Battle Network 3.
In the anime, FireMan is called TorchMan. Mr. Match uses TorchMan to attack ovens around the city to spread chaos and fear. He appears in the first episode controlling the oven in Lan's house and making it overheat by unleashing viruses. After MegaMan deletes them, he retreats. Later TorchMan attacks Maylu's oven. Both, MegaMan and GutsMan intervene. MegaMan deletes the viruses, but TorchMan pushes them both back. GutsMan charges at him, but is forced to log out after taking too much damage from TorchMan's fire blast. After Maylu is rescued, Lan goes back into the house to help MegaMan. MegaMan uses Blaster to push TorchMan back, then a CyberSword to cut off his arm. TorchMan retreats and the fires stop.
In the anime, HeatMan first appears in season 2 of the first series. When FreezeMan's robotic penguins freeze all of DenTech City, Mr. Famous, who happens to be dining at WWW's curry restaurant, unveils his new Navi to them, HeatMan, who single-handedly defeats MagicMan, WackoMan, and ElecMan. However, he is still incomplete, and needs to be chained up. Later, a penguin freezes the group, but the heat from HeatMan's PET defrosts them. Meanwhile, Mr. Match's NetNavi, TorchMan, is severely injured by FreezeMan, and is rapidly being erased. Mr. Famous then offers to save TorchMan by merging him with HeatMan. Match violently refuses at first, but later agrees to save his Navi. Later, MegaMan is about to be deleted by FreezeMan, but TorchMan, having been reborn as HeatMan and free of his chains, arrives and defeats FreezeMan with ease.
In the anime, FlameMan appears in episode 4 of Rockman EXE Beast as "Zoano FlameMan" and is a Solo NetNavi of the Gregar Army with no relation to Mr. Match and his Navis. He inhabits the sunken warship, Onibi. He frequently resurfaces the ship by absorbing energy from the nearby town. After he fully resurrects the ship, he uses the ship's cannons to destroy an abandoned island, a Copyroid factory controlled by the Falzar Army, before aiming the cannons at Lan and co. FlameMan is defeated by them at the end of the episode.
Maddy is a member of WWW and still operates ColorMan.EXE (WackoMan.EXE in the anime), however, her missions are less threatening than in the game. Maddy uses WackoMan to cause a traffic jam, however Yai Ayano desperately needed to use the bathroom and was stuck in traffic. Lan sees her in trouble and escorts her to a bathroom, with the aid of his roller skates. MegaMan was left jacked into a payphone, and manages to defeat WackoMan. Maddy is seen frustrated at a payphone parallel to Lan, leaving him confused, as he did not know Maddy was the operator of WackoMan.
In the anime, WackoMan's first appearance is when Maddy orders him to cause trouble with the traffic lights. He does so by unleashing Mets inside the traffic lift network, making all of them red, leaving Yai Ayano trapped in her limo while needing to go to the bathroom. She jacks-in Glyde's to investigate. Glyde finds viruses and deletes several before being ambushed by WackoMan. Lan sends in MegaMan to help Glyde, but they are both overwhelmed by his Wacko Ball. MegaMan uses Sword while WackoMan makes clones of himself. MegaMan destroys them all and WackoMan logs out.

In the anime, Count Zap's behavior was changed to be a comic relief character despite being creepy in the game.
Count Zap is still a member of the WWW and is ordered by Lord Wily to crash a train in the second episode of the series. He orders ElecMan to disable electronic devices around the city and conduct electricity, making his light bulbs flash. One device includes an electric dog that steals Ms. Mari's purse. After the train is hijacked, he plays the guitar so loudly he's thrown across the room. However, Lan Hikari is on the same train, and he and MegaMan faces off against them. Count Zap is ordered by Wily to delete MegaMan, but when ElecMan loses, his equipment explodes.
Ann first appears when Lan goes to Sky Town and gives lessons on how to use her Cross. She reveals herself to be Count Zap's wife which shocks Lan. However, she isn't angry at Lan and is thankful that Zap is able to try and get his life back on track. Ann's original lesson is changed when Dark Navis drain all of Sky Town's power. The lesson becomes restoring power to the Net and after the mission, Ann battles Lan. Upon defeat, she gives Lan her Cross and can be rebattled.
ElecMan is used by Count Zap in his various schemes in the WWW. In the second episode, Count Zap sends him out to cause chaos by invading various electrical appliances and making them go out of control. All over DenTech City, appliances malfunction, culminating in a hijacking of a train. ElecMan releases viruses onto the trains network. When the conductor tries to pull the brake, ElecMan electrocutes him. MegaMan defeats all the viruses, but then ElecMan himself battles him. MegaMan initially loses to ElecMan who phases through all of MegaMan's attacks. ElecMan's fires a blast at MegaMan, but Lan uses Barrier to protect him. He then uses Blaster/Shotgun to knock ElecMan back and then CyberSword. ElecMan uses his ElecSword, but MegaMan is faster and defeats him, prompting him to log out. At N1 battle soul tournament E-class final round at Castillo ElecMan about to vs Zero when they began Zero take out his Z-Saber he did one slash then ElecMan been Delete and took his soul.
In the anime, Yahoot had a much more prominent role compared to his video game counterpart. He was the host of a popular yoga television show. However, he was a member of the WWW and uses the shows popularity to wreak havoc by hypnotizing everyone watching it and making them lose control. However, he fails in his plans, because Maylu and Lan did not watch his show with everyone else. They challenge him and MagicMan who loses.
In the WWW base, he is the last obstacle faced by MegaMan before he confronts the Life Virus. The ensuing fight between both Navis leaves MegaMan victorious. However, to prevent MegaMan from reaching the Life Virus before its completed formation, Lord Wily gives Yahoot a piece of the Life Virus's data. The data reboots MagicMan and increases his strength exponentially. MagicMan fires a "Life Magic" attack at the unsuspecting MegaMan which critically damages MegaMan, requiring the Hub.BAT to be installed to save him. ProtoMan swiftly deletes MagicMan in a failed attempt to save MegaMan from the attack.
Maysa is a recurring character in the first part of the anime, where he is an energetic character, and fishseller who sells fish in the market. He pretends he doesn't has a NetNavi in the anime, but he understands the importance of the friendship between Navi and operator, as he has a Navi that is only used by him under the alter-ego "Commander Beef". Maysa secretly has a crush on Ms. Mari, which he rivalizes with Higsby.
SharkMan first appears when the WWW organization opens the locks at the aquarium, allowing all of the robot fish to escape. SharkMan initially appears antagonistic by harassing MegaMan and knocking him into the water. Glyde and MegaMan try to stop the viruses, but they are overwhelmed by a Jelly virus. However, SharkMan helps them defeat it by weakening it as MegaMan uses an ElecSword received from Commander Beef/ Masa. He reveals his true intentions of attempting to stop the viruses, but admits he was overwhelmed. SharkMan then jacks out. Apparently, he is known as a legend in the Cyberworld.
During the N1 Grand Prix arc, Miyu enters the tournament, her first challenger being Lan Hikari. During the fight Miyu uses her skills to predict every move that Lan and MegaMan would make. She was close to winning, but forfeited when Lan found a way to counter her predictions. Despite her loss, it was revealed at the end of the episode that Miyu forfeited on purpose and if she kept battling she would've won. Near the end of the N1 Grand Prix arc, she and Sal was given a chance to reenter in the tournament, but failed due to Maddy and Count Zap sabotaging the machine.
He first appears when Miyu battles Lan Hikari in the N1 Grand Prix. SkullMan is too fast for MegaMan to hit and nearly defeats him. Lan manages to turn the tables by using Mini Boomer Chips, one after the other to trap SkullMan and damage him. Miyu and SkullMan could have won if the battle went on, but she chose to forfeit the match and Jack-out.
In the anime, StoneMan and his partner BlasterMan are stronger and smarter than their game counterparts; StoneMan can talk properly and regenerate himself. He and BlasterMan are members from WWW that first appear in episode 16, in the N-1 Grand Prix. All of their opponents don't appear to fight them, so they win by default; as the two had attacked and disabled their opponents before their scheduled matches. Their first real battle is against GutsMan and WoodMan, which they win. Later, they fight against MegaMan and SharkMan. When they are revealed to be Solo NetNavis and their NetOps to be robots, they cheat in the battle and transport MegaMan and SharkMan to a lighthouse, but still fail to win. They re-enter the contest by cheating again, and fight against MegaMan and ProtoMan near the end of the N-1 Grand Prix. After their defeat, they try to capture PharaohMan for Mr. Wily with an army of blue copies of themselves which are deleted by PharaohMan. They manage to escape with PharaohMan, but MegaMan follows, and deletes both StoneMan and BlasterMan.
She along with Miyu and Masa appeared in the 1st season of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, being a frequent character. She was first introduced by Mayl (Maylu in the English anime) as a owner of a florist shop. Sal often appeared in the anime giving young Lan Hikari advice during the 1st part of 1st season. She was revealed to be a net police officer that goes by the name Black Rose. Sal, as Black Rose, helped Lan and his friends when Count Zap and ElecMan.EXE were stealing the game data from Gabcom (Ayano Tech); she uses WoodMan.EXE's, Woody Tower attack, to block the lightning that was regenerating ElecMan's health.
WoodMan is still Sal's NetNavi and she uses him to Netbattle in the N1 Grand Prix. WoodMan also assists Sal in her role as the Black Rose.
Like in the games, he is a operative of Gospel (Grave in the English dub) and was the head of a small company that was outdone by AyanoTech. To get revenge, he uses AirMan to wreak havoc on Yai's ventilation, but is defeated by MegaMan and Lan. He is later arrested by Commander Beef and the police. Though, Arashi doesn't reappear again, AirMan resurfaces only to become a victim of the Gospel VirusBeast.
AirMan's role in the anime was the same, but was used by Arashi to get revenge on Yai Ayanokoji for her father's company outdoing his company. Upon being unleashed by Arashi at the subway, AirMan unleashed dangerous gas (edited as hot steam) in Yai's bathroom while she was taking a bath. Lan managed to defeat AirMan and Arashi was arrested by Commander Beef (who managed to track down Arashi) and the police.
Dark was hired by Sean Obihiro to destroy YumLand and then Electopia. He states that if he was given enough money he'd do anything they'd want him to, to which The Gospel Leader replied that he liked working with "pro assassins" like him (the word 'Assassins' was removed in the American release). It were even aware of his presence. Dark succeeds in his first mission in destroying YumLand's Cyberworld, but fails in his attempt to destroy the Mother Computer and leaves Gospel. Dark's quiet ties with Gospel allow him to remain unnoticed by the general public, and he slips away before Sean has a chance to punish him for his failure, and even before the officials catch on to his whereabouts. He disappears for a while to reconsider his methods, and has a very slight change of heart over time. That some rogue minions of ShadowMan are deleted by MegaMan and ProtoMan, and YumLand's victims have been revived by backup data, including its leader, Cook.EXE. So then he became one of Team Cross Fused.
ShadowMan is the NetNavi of the famous mercenary, Dusk. ShadowMan is one of the most feared Navis on the net, but only to the select few that have heard of or experienced his exploits. His operator is extremely secretive, and little is known about either him or his Navi except they'll do anything for enough money. For ShadowMan, "anything" means what it means, because almost nothing is impossible for this highly skilled assassin (except trying to delete MegaMan). His Muramasa blade, cursed though it may be, gains strength as he gains damage, so even if he is in a tight spot, he can get the advantage back quite quickly. With his nearly impenetrable Kawarimi defense, it's rare he ever has to use the blade, since enemies often attack illusions instead of the real ShadowMan, or have to fight minions provided by whoever hired him. If they do successfully attack the real ShadowMan, he then resorts to sending out his cronies, which often causes difficult situations. He has a lot of ingenuity and resources, so deleting Navis isn't the only job he's suited for. Because of his skill and power, ShadowMan is very confident and never takes his job seriously. He's very anti-social since he considers most Navis inferior to himself, and would sooner delete anyone he comes across. He doesn't believe in doing "freebies". He even became a member of Team Cross Fused Fused.
In the anime, PharaohMan was a powerful NetNavi, so much that Lord Wily once referred to him as a god. He was originally created to monitor and guide the flow of data across the Net and had full access to it as a result. He was put to sleep by Dr. Hikari once it was discovered that he had been infected by a virus. Also there were fears, as Commander Beef put it, that all that power would ultimately corrupt the Navi.
In the episode "Countdown to Catastrophe!" from the anime MegaMan NT Warrior, CutMan defeats QuickMan in Okuden Valley shortly after his failure; CutMan is then made short work of afterwards.
The CutMan Brothers. From the left: Joey, Sammy, Vinny, Jerry and Nicky.
Added by Noah WollbrinckLater in the episode "CutMan Brothers!", it's shown he has five brothers known as the "CutMan Brothers" (Vinny, Sammy, Jerry, Joey, and Nicky). An elder CutMan tells them an evil NetNavi called MegaMan deleted CutMan for no reason and cheated in the battle, throwing sand into his eyes. The CutMan Brothers want to defeat MegaMan and avenge their fallen brother, but their repeated attempts at getting revenge fail miserably. They CutMan Brothers also appear in "The NetMobile Grand Prix!".
In the manga, Mr. Famous is in a group of skilled Net Battlers, and tests Lan and Chaud to see if they qualify for joining their group against the Dark energy. He uses a point system to tell how well they do and Punk.EXE as his NetNavi
GateMan appears as a Zoanoroid and finds Z NumberMan.EXE and interrogates him about Trill, learning that Trill is with Rockman.EXE. Zonoroid GateMan then invades the computer system of a ship which Netto is on, waiting for an opportunity to get Trill.
When Mr. Famous decides to test MegaMan and ProtoMan in the cyberworld, he considers them lightweights. MegaMan doesn't accept it and goes after Mr. Famous, who says he will give him a better score if he defeats his NetNavi Punk. Punk easily defeats him by using strategy, and Mr. Famous says MegaMan has no chance to survive the approaching crisis. When NetNavis materialize in the real world, Punk captured Rei Saiko after FlashMan was deleted by MegaMan. During DesertMan's attack to the Officials' center, Punk and Mr. Famous used themselves as bait to MegaMan defeat him and they were severely injured. Punk was last seen being treated in a building.
KendoMan is in NetFrica training the youth kendo which teaches them discipline. He is an extremely strict teacher. When MegaMan.EXE meets him, he assumes that MegaMan is one of his students and orders him to defeat several training dummies. Without any choice, MegaMan has to do so. The training dummies and MegaMan fight with kendo sticks and after defeating all of them, he gets three licences. After showing them to KendoMan, he gets the opportunity to explain that he's his opponent in the Red Sun\Blue Moon tournament. A former apprentice of Mr. Famous tries to delete KendoMan later but is thwarted by Lan. Later they battle and KendoMan is defeated.
GridMan doesn't make an official appearance, but several NetNavis based on his design are seen playing Gridball in a football stadium. They are captured by Zoanoroid PharaohMan and are placed inside sarcophagi to be converted to Zoanoroids. Later, while most of the GridMen are destroyed, one appears in the real world, only to be dealt with by Manabe.
Megaman nt warrior
Sean is completely absent in the anime, but his Gospel leader disguise appears as a robot, known as Kid Grave outside Japan. Kid Grave was created by Lord Wily to believe he is the leader of the Grave (Gospel) organization while being manipulated by the real leader and disguising his identity, similar to what he did to Sean in the game. When Wily no longer needed him, he revealed the truth to Kid Grave and disabled him, leaving only a empty shell. After the defeat of the bug beast Gospel, Bass jacked-in to the robot, and used it ever since to move in the real world.

FreezeMan is also the leader of Gospel in the anime, but has no operator as Sean Obihiro is absent from the anime. He first makes his appearance in the storm occuring in Cyber City. He attacks TorchMan in the sewers and almost deletes him, but Mr. Match uses area steal and escapes. Just before TorchMan can get to a jack-out point, FreezeMan appears again and deletes him.
Pride appears in two episodes of NT Warrior. She arrives in DenTech City, disguised as a boy to escape her staff who are looking for her after she ran away. She spends a whole day with Lan who is oblivious to her true identity, but find out later that she is a girl. They are attacked by Gospel, but KnightMan and MegaMan manage to fight them off. She returns to Brightland later after an appearance on TV.
Fun fact Princess Pride and Knightman was the EX-member gospel
He appears as Princess Pride's NetNavi. KnightMan has a new defense program installed into him and Gospel wants to destroy him for it, but with MegaMan.EXE's help, they manage to defeat ShadowMan who tried to kill him. He appears again in another episode where NapalmMan takes control of him and makes him destroy Brightland's firewall. He is defeated by Lan and co., but awakens later to help defeat NapalmMan and reactivate the barrier.
Gauss appears on the airplane Lan is riding back from Netopia and attempts to steal a program that was on it. Before battling he speaks briefly of his past, stating that he hates society because no one helped him when he was young. His family was poor, and his brother Jack (which in the anime is Count Zap) was taken in by a rich family, and later his parents became ill and died, leaving Gauss alone. He then started to work hard to become rich and get revenge on society. Afterwards, he joined Gospel to change that society. MegaMan has to fight his NetNavi, MagnetMan. After his defeat, Gauss is arrested.
Tesla frees her father from prison and starts the Neo-WWW which causes various crimes. It gets worse for the Net Saviors when she obtains a Synchro Chip from Gauss, and hence gains the ability to Cross Fuse with MagnetMan. After Dark MegaMan takes her hostage and takes over the Neo-WWW, she joins the Cross Fusion team in fighting the Asteroid Navis and Duo.EXE.

His operator is Gauss Magnus and he hijacks a airplane for the Gospel organization. MagnetMan tries to steal the program that allows the plane to operate to help make Bass.EXE clones. MegaMan has to fight him in the airplane's network to stop him from stealing the program and later in the Gospel Base.

Speedy Dave was featured in an episode of the anime. He was a childhood friend of Sal's, and loved nature just as much as she did. However, he sought to protect nature so much that he joined Gospel to do it. Under the name of "Earth Avenger", he was ordered by Gospel to destroy the dam, and attempted to do so by reversing the spin of the turbines. Sal attempts to stop her friend, but is defeated and becomes his hostage. After QuickMan was disarmed by MegaMan, Dave unties Sal and reveals that he was merely bluffing, and was only trying to scare the people in charge of the dam to take better care of nature. Though CutMan attempts to finish the job, MegaMan deletes him and QuickMan is able to stop the turbines before any serious damage is done. Dave leaves (likely fleeing from both the authorities and Gospel, as he is both a criminal and a traitor), but not before saying goodbye to Sal.
QuickMan is once again operated by Speedy Dave and is a member of Gospel. MegaMan fights and defeat him, but it turns out that it was just a demonstration to make people take better care of nature. Then a Gospel Navi appears and attempts to delete him for not destroying the dam, however MegaMan and QuickMan defeat him.
Ms. Millions character from the MegaMan Battle Network series. She first appears in MegaMan Battle Network 2 with her Navi SnakeMan.EXE. As her name suggest, she is a millionaire, and spends time in jewelry shops looking for a thrill.
He is used by Ms. Millions to Netbattle against Mega Man when she takes his battle chips. After he is defeated, she returns his chips. SnakeMan can be rebattled for his Navi Chips.
In the anime, IceMan is Tory Froid's NetNavi and his first appearance is sabotaging the city's water supply because the WWW has Tory's father held captive. He freezes the network and the Glyde.EXE when he comes to investigate. But when MegaMan appears, he attacks and is defeated easily despite using Sword. His fortunes turn when WackoMan holds Glyde hostage and distracts MegaMan. IceMan takes this chance to freeze MegaMan. Eventually Tory loses patience ans asks IceMan to fix the damage. Ms. Madd orders WackoMan to attack. WackoMan defeats IceMan with illusions but IceMan unfreezes MegaMan. Lan helps MegaMan defeat WackoMan allowing the exhausted IceMan to jack out. In N1 battle Soul D Class Tournament IceMan vs Zero at Yumland
when IceMan almost beat Zero, Zero deleted Iceman and took his soul by Zero Style Change Heatbug.
Raoul appears in another country that Lan visits on his trip around the world. They have an intense Netbattle and develop a friendship and rivalry. He reappears in the second season where ThunderMan and MegaMan meet in an arena on the net. Raoul helps MegaMan fight the Gospel beast but ThunderMan is absorbed.
ThunderMan and Raoul meet Lan in an episode of NT Warrior, where Lan losses his PET containing MegaMan. They appear again in DenTech City on the Net in a huge stadium. ThunderMan and MegaMan have an intense Netbattle, but are interrupted by Gospel. ThunderMan gets absorbed trying to stop it, but MegaMan is saved by Bass. ThunderMan is released when Gospel is destroyed.
Ribitta wants to do a report on the Undernet and has her NetNavi go to End Area, but their interference results in Colonel's deletion. Feeling remorse, Ribbita tries to join Team Cross Fused and sends ToadMan to the UnderNet to battle MegaMan to prove it. Even though ToadMan loses, the battle was enough to convince the team to allow them to join and the two participates in their missions until Nebula's destruction.
ToadMan and Ribbita are both trying to get into the Undernet in order to make a great story. They try to convince Lan to help them, but he refuses. They go on their own and try to destroy the gate of darkness with their S-Melody, but Colonel and MegaMan interrupt them. They want to go on, but CloudMan attacks them and Colonel is deleted in the process. Ribitta tries to persuades Lan once again to let the duo join, but he is reluctant. So they go to the UnderNet and challenge Lan to a Netbattle when he arrives. MegaMan defeats ToadMan, but the rest of Team Colonel and Lan himself are convinced to let them join and ToadMan uses his S-Melody to open the door to the Undernet. Lan regains the confidence lost from Colonel's demise and they go on to complete their Mission against Colonel. Although they complete the Mission, Colonel is not rescued. But, ToadMan provides MegaMan with his last Soul Unison of the game as a symbol of their friendship. Later while MegaMan is trying to destroy the last SoulServer, Colonel appears to stop him. But, ProtoMan arrives with ToadMan and holds him down while ToadMan heals him with his S-Melody.
ToadMan later participates in the attack on the Nebula Base and teams up with MegaMan and Colonel to open the last gate. But when they do, CosmoMan sucks him into the dark universe. ToadMan escapes with the rest of Team Cross Fused when MegaMan is attacked by all the revived Darkloids. He helps fend them off while MegaMan fights Nebula Grey and with the rest of Team Cross Fused gives him the power to destroy it when his is not enough. He and Ribbita go back to their normal lives when the battle is over.
He is a member of the WWW and is a zookeeper at the zoo near Yoka . He uses BeastMan to open all the animal cages so that he could steal a TetraCode. BeastMan was defeated by MegaMan, but Inukai escaped with the TetraCode. He later operates BeastMan as one of the Undernet's top 10 to obtain the Forbidden Program, but was again defeated by MegaMan. When all the WWW members gather at Wily Castle, Inukai is absent. When one of the members ask Lord Wily why he's not present, he states that he "deleted" Inukai since he failed his mission in the Undernet.
He appears as a Darkloid in Axess and works for ShadeMan. BeastMan is the first Darkloid fought and attacks SciLab through a Dimensional Area and attempted to destroy SciLab to prevent anybody from stopping Nebula. However, Lan and MegaMan Cross Fuse and manage to drive him off.
He is encountered once again in Axess when he attacks a mall with a Dimensional Area. This time, his power has been increased by the power of the Dark Chips and Lan needs Metal Soul to defeat and delete him. He is later revived by Dr. Regal, but is deleted by MegaMan in Proto Soul.
BowlMan first appears in episode 6 of Axess as a NetNavi in a bowling alley, but a Darkloid presents him with a Dark Chip to help him improve his game. BowlMan then becomes a Darkloid after using it and battles on their behalf. He is later revived by Dr. Regal but is deleted by MegaMan with Metal Soul.
BubbleMan is a Darkloid under the command of ShadeMan.EXE and fights for Nebula. He once went on a mission to destroy a water works factory to flood the city under the orders of Nebula and is attacked by Lan and MegaMan using Cross Fusion. However, they argue so much the Cross Fusion breaks. Lan tries to attack BubbleMan, but fails. However, MegaMan and Lan get their act together and manage to Cross Fuse and defeat him.
DarkMan appears in Secret Area 1 when MegaMan tries to advance. Serenade told him that if he could delete 10000 Navis in a row within the Secret Area, DarkMan could fight him. MegaMan was the 9634th Navi to appear, but DarkMan was defeated by him.
He first appears after the school trip to Scilab and invites Lan, Mayl, Dex and Yai to the N1 Grand Prix preliminaries. He then gets Lan for the second qualifying round. He does commentary for contest at Hades Island and before the semi finals. Then while, Chaud and ProtoMan.EXE are fighting NetBattler Q, he reveals his true identity and mission. He is a WWW member sent to delete ProtoMan to display WWW's power. After he starts losing, he cuts the power and kidnaps Chaud's dad, forcing Chaud to hand over ProtoMan for deletion. However, before Chaud can do it, Lan throws his PET at Sunayama, distracting him. Sunayama then says something to Lan that compromises his entire career (he said it in front of the cameras, which were set on "Live Broadcast") Lan and Sunayama Netbattle and Sunayama is defeated. He tries to trick Lan into looking the other way to escape (or as Lan put it "Pull a BubbleMan on him"), but was stopped by Chaud. He reappears again at the WWW base and uses Full Synchro with DesertMan.EXE to fight MegaMan but still loses. He is inferred alive and unhurt like Mr. Match, Bass, and Wily were after the Alpha incident, as in the ending, the Officials are having a party, and NetBattler Q is staring at a poster, saying nothing and unoticed by anyone.
DesertMan appears as a Darkloid and fights MegaMan and Lan while they're Cross Fused and nearly deletes them by luring them into an enclosed room and filling it with sand. However a timely arrival by Chaud and ProtoMan.EXE saves them when they Cross Fuse for the first time and drive him away. He reappears later in the series looking for Dark Chips and his data is deteriorating. He gets caught by the NetPolice and is imprisoned in a cell, however he has gained a powerful addiction to Dark Chips. FlashMan.EXE is sent by Nebula and the Darkloids to find him. At the same time, Lan's bosses are captured by Nebula when a virus takes over their car and drives them into a compacter. The NetPolice do an exchange: DesertMan for the NetPolice chief. Once DesertMan is free, FlashMan deletes him because he is considered useless, but before dying, DesertMan assured FlashMan that he would suffer the same fate. He is later revived by Dr. Regal to distract the NetPolice, but is deleted by MegaMan in Guts Soul.
Wily trusts the four TetraCodes to DrillMan to take "Alpha" from SciLab, taking advantage of the weakened security after Mr. Match's attack. He then escapes with Alpha to Undernet 5, and when MegaMan finds him, he says it would be a good chance to avenge his cousin BubbleMan, but is deleted. Bass appears soon after and takes Alpha with him.
MegaMan faces DrillMan again in Castle Wily, World Three's hideout, where he controls a robot to defend the location. After his defeat, he attempts to self destruct with the robot to destroy both Lan and MegaMan, but ProtoMan appears and deletes him before he could do so.
Rei sneaks into Lan's school and breaks into the teacher's lounge to steal the TetraCodes for Lord Wily. When Mayl, Dex, and Yai arrive to try and stop him, Rei hypnotizes Lan's friends and makes them act like zombies. Lan runs away to avoid hypnosis and returns later with an umbrella. The umbrella deflects the hypnosis rays and allows Lan to jack-in and stop FlashMan. Lan and MegaMan.EXE defeat FlashMan.EXE, but Rei orders FlashMan to continue fighting. FlashMan explodes and leaves MegaMan with a bug.
Rei later appears in Castle Wily, giving Lord Wily the TetraCode.
He appears again in Castle Wily when Lord Wily is announcing his plans for world domination with the other WWW members. Rei hooks up to a Transmission chair and goes into the Cyberworld to help stop Lan. He uses Full Synchro to fuse with FlashMan and challenges Lan, but is defeated by him. He attempts to self destruct, but KingMan deletes him.
FlashMan first appears in the Net causing trouble for Nebula, fueled by Dark Chips. He goes in the Net and makes all the lights in DenTech City burn out. MegaMan tries to stop him, but he is too powerful and repels him. Roll tries to stop FlashMan herself, but fails and injures MegaMan accidentally. MegaMan needs to be repaired while FlashMan attacks again. Roll tries to stop him on her own once more, but is overwhelmed by him. MegaMan comes to rescue her and gains Roll Soul by working together with her. With it, he is able to drive FlashMan away.
He uses Dark Chips to make himself stronger and is sent to delete DesertMan.EXE for being captured. Before being deleted, DesertMan was being deteriorated by the Dark Chips and said the same thing would happen to FlashMan. After being defeated by MegaMan, he returns to ShadeMan.EXE, and is deleted by the Dark Chip's power. He is later revived by Dr. Regal, but is deleted again by MegaMan in Roll Soul.
Tora shows up in an episode of the anime. At the beginning of the episode, he is in Swapopolis and defeats a chess computer by having KingMan destroy it. Later, he goes to DenTech City to look for a challenge. Lan accepts his challenge, but Tora sets several rules. Their battle is a cyber chess match and the loser has to forfeit their NetNavi. Lan has no idea how to play chess so Mayl and Roll.EXE decides to help them. Their match is intense, but before they can finish they are interrupted by ShadowMan.EXE who is sent by Gospel. They work together to defeat ShadowMan and after the battle, they decide to call off the battle and the wager on their NetNavis. After saying goodbye, Tora heads back to Swapopolis.
At N1 battle soul A class tournament at YumLand in the final he about to battle Lan and Megaman when Tora met Lan again and ask him to play cyber chess for a little when Megaman and Kingman play for a half hour Tora told Lan he need focus and control on this game after that Lan win the cyber chess after that they rushed to the tournament and stared battling. Lan and Megaman having trouble from Kingman's knights,Rook,and Pawns after that Lan remember what Tora said and Lan focus on his target and control on his chips should he use after that Lan and Megaman wins to the Final tournament at NAXA.
In the beginning of the episode, Tora is playing cyber chess with a computer and is about to lose when KingMan destroys the computer by deleting it's Netnavi (a copy of KingMan), by overloading the computer by the use of battle chips; Tora and KingMan quickly leave. He and Tora later play a game of cyber chess with Mayl and Lan where they bet their NetNavis. KingMan uses an army of chess pieces against MegaMan and Roll with their own set of chess pieces. Despite the fact that Tora and KingMan were prodigies, they lose. Although Tora loses, Lan and Mayl let him keep KingMan. KingMan later helps them to fight off ShadowMan.EXE when he interrupts their chess match. They work together to drive him away and afterwards, KingMan and Tora return to Swapopolis. At N1 battle soul A class tournament they about to battle Lan and Megaman in the final Tora met Lan again and challenge Lan to a cyber chess when the battle began Megaman became King from the White side for a half hour Lan and Megaman use focus and control on his army and beat KingMan and Tora after they reached to the tournament they use focus and control to beat KingMan after they win they got free ticket to NAXA.
She appears in two episodes of Axess. In Episode 5, Lan and his friends went to Ura Inn. He walks into her shop and looks at her merchandise. She challenges him to a NetBattle, saying that if he wins he can take anything in the shop for free, but if he loses he will buy what she asks. However, they are unable to finish the NetBattle because of BubbleMan.EXE's meddling. Afterward, Tamako shows up everywhere trying to battle Lan. She pops up in a assortment of places like beneath his table or in his dinner. Their battles are always interrupted by BubbleMan. When BubbleMan is spotted, they defeat him with their Navis and Lan leaves the next day.
In Episode 17, she appears advertising her shop in a new gigantic shopping mall. Lan and Tamako battle again, under the conditions of if Lan won, he would get two cookies for free, but if he loses, he would have to buy two of them. Their battle was interrupted by SavageMan.EXE, and the place is attacked by Ms. Yuri. Lan lost his PET which fell into a crevice during the chaos. Tamako tries to stop its descent by using her hair ornament, but it still falls and hangs at a part of the wall out of reach. She and Mayl lower Lan to reach his PET, and MegaMan is able to defeat SavageMan using Metal Soul. She later appears in Beast+, relaxing at a hot spring resort with MetalMan.
At N1 battle soul Tournament C-class at Netopia in the final round she told Lan that if she beat Zero she will beat Megaman,but she lost and MetalMan had been Delete and Zero took his soul for cross fused. When the battle is over she come down to the ground and her hair ornament cracked.
He appears as Tamako's NetNavi in the anime and is just as enthusiastic as Tamako in Netbattling. He and MegaMan team up to defeat BubbleMan in MetalMan's first appearance. In his second appearance, he and MegaMan Netbattle again. This time, MetalMan learns a new move which is a punch so powerful, it damages his hand to use it. They team up to fight SavageMan and MegaMan gains Metal Soul.
At N1 battle soul C-class tournament at Netopia he about to vs Zero when the battle started he boosted up his powers he break Zero Z-Saber for a counter-attack but Zero turn into AquaTeam then he use Program Advance: Element Sword to slice his body. MetalMan have been deleted and his soul have been taken and Zero reached to the B-class.
MistMan appears in Axess in a castle that suddenly appears out of the sand in the desert. Lan and Mayl get lost in the area and take shelter in the castle. At the same time, a Dimensional Area Generator is cast over the castle. ColdMan.EXE and SwordMan.EXE are sent to locate MistMan and recruit him for Nebula. However, they get lost inside the castle and Ms. Yuri is sent to find them. Lan, Mayl, Ms. Yuri, ColdMan and SwordMan all get caught in the various traps inside the castle. However, they find MistMan's lamp and begin fighting over him. Whoever holds the lamp is able to command MistMan. Ownership of the lamp and the tide of battle change several times. However, Lan and Mayl manage to keep the lamp and delete ColdMan and SwordMan. After they give their thanks to MistMan and leave, the castle disappears into the sand.
When Lan is asked to obtain the Forbidden Program called "GigaFreeze", which is able to freeze Alpha in case it awakens, MegaMan travels to the Undernet and has to defeat several ranked Navis to reach "S", the Rank 1 Navi that protects the program. After defeating Rank 2, MistMan (White version) or BowlMan (Blue version), he discovers the Navi is called Serenade and is located in the server of the Undernet. MegaMan finds the server in the Ura Inn, where Serenade's voice can be heard and says that if he wants the Forbidden Program, he must be a "Chosen One" to hold it, or the program would freeze him forever. MegaMan is able to take it and leaves, and Serenade is surprised to see that another Navi is able to hold it. Later, MegaMan tries to use the program against Bass while he was taking Alpha after DrillMan's defeat, but it sees him as the other "Chosen One" mentioned by Serenade and Bass is able to stop the program.
After completing the game and completing other quests (like defeating Beta Navis and collecting all normal Battle Chips), the player can enter the Secret Area in the Undernet server, where they can fight against DarkMan and JapanMan before meeting Serenade. Serenade recognizes MegaMan's power for being able to defeat JapanMan and DarkMan, and says the source of his power is mercy, and he wins because he loves and respect his enemies. After defeat, Serenade reveals he fought against Bass in the past, winning after a battle that lasted days. MegaMan receives Rank 1 and a side-quest will be available after logging out and then returning to the Secret Area, a time attack against several Alpha NetNavis with a Extra Folder. The player can obtain the Battle Chip Serenade S (White version) or DarkAura A (Blue version) if a new record is set for all Navis.
Yamatoman is an Asteroid Navi given to Iriya by Slur, and is used to steal ancient artifacts from museum collections that range from various armor pieces to various weapons. He later uses all the artifacts which he stole and fused them together into several weapons which are then used to attack both R-Rockman and S-Searchman. He is deleted by M-Megaman and S-Searchman.
He makes a brief reappearance in Episode 48 and is defeated by M-Megakman.
Shuko first appears in Axess. She is known as the unluckiest girl in the world, due to the fact she hasn't had a single good thing happen to her. Higsby holds a Netbattling Competition as a promotion for his shop where the prize is ten pounds of rice. She is excited when she sees the poster for the competition because with the ten pounds of rice, she will be able to feed her brothers. She enters the competition. MegaMan and his friends are surprised when they see Shuko's Navi, SpoutMan (AquaMan was renamed in the anime) because "he's to cute to fight", and it's "just so hard to fight something you just want to hug". The Navi's are also frightened by Shuko's bad luck, so when SpoutMan starts to approach them, they begin to back off, eventually falling off the edge of the playing field. Shuko wins the rice, but remembers that her rice cooker is broken. Higsby offers the rice cooker at his shop, which cheers Shuko up. When she tries to cook the rice, however, the rice cooker in Higsby's shop does not work either. She blames it on her bad luck, which Higsby dismisses, recalling the power in his shop was shut off for maintenance. Shuko is still very upset, so SpoutMan decides to cheer her up and he leaves to go turn he power back on. After he turns the electricity on, Security Navis discover SpoutMan, and they threaten to delete him. He starts to cry, water flowing violently from the spout on his head. The powerplant begins to flood, and the workers discover it may cause an explosion. MegaMan and co. go to the powerplant's network, where MegaMan stops the flow of water using a retracted ElectroSword. Shuko is cheered up by their success and by SpoutMan's actions, and she decides to works at Higsby's shop from then on. She becomes much happier, and later realizes that Higsby seems to have worse luck than her. She becomes a recurring character in the series. But at N1 battle soul D-Class tournament at Yumland final round she lost to Zero she was really upset when AquaMan/SpoutMan had been deleted.

MegaMan is matched up against AquaMan in the first tournament. Lan Hikari and MegaMan befriend AquaMan and his operator Shuko Kido. After getting acquainted, the game shows a conversation between Shuko and her brothers about the brother's earning enough to replace Shuko's old washing machine. The way that the machine was described however, AquaMan misunderstood and assumed that they were talking about replacing him with another NetNavi. In his state of being upset, AquaMan ran away from Shuko and began crying alone in the Internet. Blinded by his tears, AquaMan took no notice that he was unintentionally flooding the net and in turn shutting down the area. Shuko asked Lan for help, providing MegaMan with an item to allow him to survive the damages of the water for a prolonged time. MegaMan found AquaMan and tried to explain the mishap to him, but he didn't listen and took off with MegaMan in pursuit. Eventually, MegaMan was able to tell AquaMan the full story and AquaMan was quick to restore the net to normal and return to Shuko. After everything was sorted out, AquaMan apologized and they returned to the Den Dome and began their match. When MegaMan proved victorious, his and AquaMan's soul connected providing MegaMan with Aqua Soul.
At N1 battle soul D-class at YumLand tournament AquaMan/SpoutMan is about to vs Zero, Zero deleted AquaMan/SpoutMan by Ice soul, freezing him and breaking the ice to slashing him peace by peace then he took his soul. But he was happy for being on Shuko side for the whole time.
He is Zero operator and Mary opponent in the B class duel soul tournament at Den Town. Atsuki partner is Viddy and VideoMan, they make a plan to get rid of Zero and Ring by burn every system while there body is rewinding after they cool-down every system Zero and Ring body have been restore and only have 5 minute before they be out of the B class tournament but they reached in time. They almost beat Ring but Zero was protecting her then Zero duel soul with Ring and Zero beat VideoMan and BurnMan.
BurnerMan appears randomly in the N1battle soul B class tag-team Tournament at Den Town Partner up with VideoMan in the Final round try stop Zero and Ring by burn the system and rewinding there body but there plan fail they lost by Zero duel soul from Ring and Zero beat VideoMan and BurnMan.
He appears in the Red Sun/Blue Moon Tournament as Lan's opponent. He complains of the heat and decides to do something about it. Ivan uses ColdMan.EXE to unleash a snowstorm on Netopia but stops when Lan and MegaMan.EXE tell him to. So he goes back to Sharo and does the same thing by creating snow viruses in weather controlling satellites. The temperature drops too low even for Sharo. Lan has to dig up snow, defeat viruses and sacrifice flame chips to stop the blizzard before the temperature is too low to handle. After finishing the mess, Lan and MegaMan.EXE fight verbally before NetBattling. Ivan and ColdMan.EXE lost and were arrested for hacking the satellites and sent to a prison in Netfrica (to Ivan's despair).
ColdMan is a Darkloid, under the leadership of ShadeMan.EXE. But he turns on him when LaserMan.EXE defeats him. ColdMan, SwordMan.EXE, BrightMan.EXE and StarMan.EXE team up to cause trouble on the Net when MegaMan.EXE is badly injured by Dark ProtoMan. However, Raoul, ThunderMan.EXE, Raika, and SearchMan.EXE fight them. Although they were at a disadvantage with four versus two, they manage to drive them off. Later, ColdMan and SwordMan go to a desert with a huge castle in it to enlist the help of MistMan.EXE. While searching, they get lost with Lan and Mayl. After finding MistMan, ColdMan and SwordMan are deleted by him in a battle. During the climax of the series, all of the Darkloids are revived by Dr. Regal as a distraction for the NetPolice. He is deleted by Searchman.
JunkMan gathers up space junk, satellites, and everything in space except for planets to make his castle. This causes trouble for Yai Ayanokoji, who asks Lan Hikari and Mayl Sakurai to help her. Upon having Glide, MegaMan, and Roll meet him, they battle but decide that JunkMan didn't need to be deleted, because he did not know what he was doing. They simply taught him which pieces of junk he should collect and which ones he shouldn't. Then the gang leave space with JunkMan as their friend.
Dr. Regal is the son of Dr. Wily, and the leader of the crime syndicate Nebula; he is also Baryl's adopted brother. In MegaMan Battle Network 4, he is introduced as one of the world's top scientists, yet hailing from the world's most unruly and authoritarian country, Nation Z. He is reluctantly suggested and hired by Yuichiro Hikari to prevent the advent of an asteroid headed for Earth. He reveals, however, that he is actually the criminal mastermind behind Nebula and the spread of the Dark Chips, addictive Battle Chips that provide NetNavis with extreme augmentation in strength, but at the cost of their personality data, and walks out on the project shortly thereafter. Regal's plan was to alert the program Duo of the evil that existed on earth and then stop the program with his Navi, LaserMan, to look like a hero. When Lan Hikari and his partner MegaMan successively eliminate the threat of the asteroid, Regal attempts to commit suicide in order to avoid arrest, but ultimately survives the ordeal.
LaserMan was first encountered after Lan wins the Hawk Tournament. He prevents Lan from leaving and offers MegaMan the chance to join him. MegaMan.EXE refuses and is about to fight LaserMan when one of his friends arrive (GutsMan.EXE in Red Sun, AquaMan.EXE in Blue Moon). LaserMan then fuses MegaMan's inner darkness with the other Navi, forcing you to do battle with the DS (Dark Soul) version of the Navi. Then LaserMan retreats, saying the darkness had already grown inside him. Later Dr. Regal jacks him into Duo.EXE's comet in an attempt to take over the comet, and when MegaMan and LaserMan meet in the comet's cyberworld, they battle. LaserMan is eventually defeated and MegaMan proceeds into the control area of the comet.
Anetta first appears in episode 26 of Axess, "Anetta's Revenge", where she believes Chaud was responsible for deleting her Navi, Silk, and wants revenge. Dr. Regal gave her a powerful Dark Chip disguised as a normal Battle Chip. During a raid on a potential Dark Chip holding factory, she is discovered, tied up. Anetta hangs out with Chaud and slips the Dark Chip into his pocket, but Chaud can tell that it's not his and doesn't use it. He reveals the truth to her about what happened in the hospital and she tells him who gave her the Dark Chip, but is then promptly kidnapped by Ms. Yuri and brought to LaserMan.EXE aboard his ship base. Lan and Chaud go after her and rescue her. For the rest of the series, she appears occasionally to provide comic relief and to hang out with Lan and co. She and Yai also compete for Chaud's affections.
In the anime, PlantMan is a Darkloid that appears around the Net making plants grow out of control. Lan and MegaMan try and stop him, but need assistance from Mr. Match and HeatMan. HeatMan is damaged by him in battle, but Mr. Famous managed to turn him back into TorchMan. MegaMan obtains Fire Soul and the two managed to delete PlantMan. He is later revived by Dr. Regal to distract the NetPolice, but is deleted by MegaMan in Wind Soul.
During a fight against ShadeMan.EXE, MegaMan is forced to use a Dark Chip to delete the Darkloid and his Dark Soul is born. Throughout the game, MegaMan is forced to resist/or succumb to the temptation of using Dark Chips. Dark MegaMan appears as an apparition created by Duo.EXE, extracted from MegaMan to test him and see if he is strong enough to conquer the darkness in himself. MegaMan fights his dark soul and triumphs. Dark MegaMan then disappears, with Duo commenting that MegaMan only suppressed the darkness instead of destroying it.
MegaMan vs MegaMan DS in MegaMan Battle Network 4.
Added by RokkumanEguzeDark MegaMan appears at the end of Black Earth 2, brought out by the Mirror of Truth. When MegaMan defeats it again, he is awarded a pair of programs for the Navi Customizer.
In both cases, Dark MegaMan has everything the player has, including max HP, NaviCust programs and Program Advances used. It also has the advantage of being able to warp around the battlefield instead of being restricted to four directions. However, its attack choices are rather haphazardly chosen, so a player can out-think it.
Using a combination of quick thinking and his tactical NetNavi, SearchMan, few have ever come close to beating them. Disgusted by the fact that Japan’s Net Saviors rely on Synchro Chips and Cross Fusion to defeat their enemies, he continually insults Lan's and MegaMan's intelligence and inability to analyze battle situations. During VideoMan.EXE's attack on a movie theater, Lan and MegaMan Cross Fuse to confront him. However, VideoMan proves too tricky an opponent for M-MegaMan and ends up defeating him. He is about to delete M-MegaMan. Meanwhile, Raika outwitted all the viruses in the Dimensional Area and reaches the Generator.
In the N1 battle soul tournament A class at NetFrica Raika and SearchMan mission is to beat Zero so he can stop deleting Netnavi so they train for his camouflaging so beat him when the battle started they have a plan to take down Zero. If they take down his weapons they will win the battle but they took every weapons but not his boomerang shield,when SearchMan shoot one more blast to finish off Zero but it been repel back at him trow his shield and deleted SearchMan and his soul have been taken.
He jacks in SearchMan who proceeds to destroy the Generator and save MegaMan.
Raika joins Team Cross Fused. He is the counterpart of Higsby, because SearchMan (as his name implies) can search Dark Panels, similar to NumberMan. He is about to help Team Cross Fused get through a wall blocking access to DN Power plant at the End area when he gets called, because a criminal Navi he was looking for was spotted. He and SearchMan corner the Navi, but a Nebula Navi disguised as MegaMan attacks SearchMan and causes Raika to battle Lan when they meet up again. After they reconcile and delete the real culprits, Raika and SearchMan help to Destroy DN Power plant and restore End Area boost system. He is then mind controlled by the SoulNet Comp and battles Lan and MegaMan in ACDC, but is returned to normal after the SoulComp is defeated. He joins Team Cross Fused in infiltrating Nebula's base and returns to Sharo after the mission is successful.
His first appearance in the anime is in episode 12, where he has the mission to protect programs from ShadowMan. He was able to delete ShadowMan.EXE.
In a later episode, DesertMan was making Mettaur's invisible and using them to steal Dark Chips. SearchMan was able to hit some with paint, and followed them to DesertMan's lair. There SearchMan and MegaMan battle him, but they were overwhelmed. When MegaMan was grabbed and hung over lava, SearchMan made the decision to freeze the lava to save him, instead of deleting DesertMan. This gave DesertMan the chance to launch an attack on SearchMan, doing critical damage. This helped SearchMan and MegaMan have a connection, and MegaMan was given the Search Soul. This gave MegaMan the power to defeat DesertMan.
SearchMan makes many other appearances throughout the series, including helping ThunderMan.EXE take on BrightMan, CloudMan, StarMan, and SwordMan. They were able to delete BrightMan, helping ThunderMan get revenge, while the others escaped. In episode 40, Lan and MegaMan travel to Sharo to meet with Raika due to a Dimensional Area being summoned in Sharo by ColdMan. Lan was the only one able to enter the Dimensional Area, but Raika grabbed onto Lan as he Cross Fuses and enters with them. After Lan and MegaMan defeat ColdMan, he retreats back into the Net, but SearchMan is there and shoots him, sending him back to Nebula.
In N1battle soul tournament A class at NetFrica SearchMan trained to camouflaged him self when the battle began in a grass field,Zero had a hard time to find SearchMan. SearchMan keep on sniper shots on Zero that knock out his Z-saber,Z-buster,Chain rod and Recoil rod but for his last shot Zero take out his boomerang shield and repel back at SearchMan. When SearchMan comouflaged have been blown Zero trow his Shield it miss one but it cut SearchMan in half and fail his mission and got deleted and Zero took his soul and able to duel soul from him.
In the Team Cross Fused SearchMan is imitated by a fake SearchMan to trick MegaMan into believing that SearchMan is attempting to destroy DN Power plant and fix End Area, while another Navi imitates MegaMan to convince SearchMan of the same. They meet deep inside DN Power Plant, and SearchMan is beaten, upon which the fakes reveal themselves. Both SearchMan and MegaMan forgive each other, team up, and destroy the fake Navis.
ShadeMan attacks several Navis to suck their energy and captures Roll to be his dessert. MegaMan chases after him and manages to save Roll, but ShadeMan escapes when ProtoMan appeared, leaving a Dark Chip behind. He later attacks the amusement park with its robots to retrieve the Dark Chip. MegaMan tries to fight against him again, but none of his attacks work, being only able to defeat him with the Dark Chip.
In the E class duel soul Tournament, he sends Lan a fake e-mail offering free PET maintenance. Terry meets with Lan and sabotages his PET, preventing him from using any of his folders, but the one containing weak Battle Chips. However, Terry dropped a coded message describing how to fix it. After Lan meets Terry's grandfather, he discovers that the message was a clue to unlocking code.
After fixing the PET, Lan NetBattles Terry after a brief argument since Lan recognizes him. Lan defeats him and Terry starts blaming SparkMan for his defeat. He reveals that he is a robot specialist and only joined the tournament so his grandpa would fund his projects. He boasts of his grandfather's wealth and insists he could win with another NetNavi. Terry's grandpa appears, who is angry that Terry tried to cheat and could not accept defeat by blaming his Navi. Then his grandfather disowns him for his shame and Terry is last seen running after him begging for forgiveness.
SparkMan appears as a Darkloid in Axess. His first appearance is when Lan, Chaud, Dr. Hikari, and Dr. Regal are studying one of Nebula's Dimensional Area Generators. Dr. Regal sends him to destroy the Dimensional Area generator, so that SciLab wouldn't uncover its secrets. Lan and Chaud Cross Fuse and try to stop him, but the generator drains their energy, leading to their defeat. SparkMan destroys the generator and escapes. He later attacks a train network, but is deleted by MegaMan in Wood Soul. He is later revived by Dr. Regal to distract the NetPolice, but is deleted by MegaMan in Roll Soul.
SparkMan appears randomly in the E class Duel soul Tournament at Den town His operator cheats to win by changing Lan's Chip Folder in his PET to one with weak chips. But Lan fixes the problem with the help of JoMon's grandfather, the chief of JomonElec. Later, SparkMan battles MegaMan in the Tournament, but loses. Afterwards, he and Terry get into a fight, blaming each other for the loss.
Tensuke is showing his grandson, Kosuke, a special CyberTop, but he declares tops are boring and leaves. Tensuke is disappointed and is devastated when the CyberTop has a virus. Lan deletes the virus and talks with Tensuke, who says his makeshift Navi is broken. Lan decides to visit the NetBattle Club and request their help in fixing TopMan. They agree on the condition that MegaMan answers several trivia questions. If he gets it wrong, he has to give their NetNavis backrubs. The leader of the club is Tensuke's twin brother, a kite maker that has odds with him because Tensuke declares NetBattles stupid. Eventually, they fix TopMan and both Lan and Tensuke are surprised to know they are their next opponent at the Den Battle Tournament. He loses, but his grandson's interest is renewed and he develops a healthy relationship with his brother, or so it seems. They immediately start arguing again after the match.
TopMan first appears when Tensuke's top malfunctions. After Lan helps him, TopMan is revealed to be a makeshift Navi, a Navi his operator created by himself using his own parts. This means that TopMan breaks down frequently and is shown to have some memory loss as well, as he forgets he is in the tournament, urging Tensuke to finish the prelims, upon which Tensuke yells at him reminding him the prelims are far over. Tensuke is too prideful to ask for help fixing TopMan and leaves him in that state. Tensuke's brother is convinced by Lan to help fix TopMan (although he pretends it is out of pity), and the two go to fight MegaMan.EXE in the tourney so Tensuke can prove to his grandson that tops are still cool. Although he loses, the two succeed in impressing Tensuke's grandson.
He participates in the N1 battle Soul Tournament to use the prize money to change VideoMan from analog to digital. In N1 battle soul B class tag-team Tournament at Den town
there partner is Atsuki Horuma and Burnman from the Final round they lost to Zero and Ring by Zero duel soul with Ring and Zero beat VideoMan and BurnMan after they lost they stared blaming on each other even VideoMan and BurnMan.
In the anime, VideoMan appears as a Darkloid in Axess under the command of ShadeMan. He attacks a movie theater with the aid of a Dimensional Area and causes the effects on the screen to happen in reality. Lan and MegaMan use Cross Fusion and try to fight him, but VideoMan defeats them. VideoMan almost deleted, as well as suffocated, both MegaMan and Lan, but Raika and SearchMan.EXE intervene just in the knick of time and destroyed one of the four Dimensional Area Generators, causing the Dimensional Area to collapse. He is later is revived by Dr. Regal, but is deleted by MegaMan in Wood Soul.
MegaMan, Roll, and IceMan are transported by a chip Lan used in battle to Shiisaa Island, where they first meet Windman.EXE. Windman thinks they are enemies, but his operator, Lilly, advises him that they are friends. Ms. Yuri is also on Shiisaa island and has NeedleMan infect the island with a virus; though MegaMan and the others manage to fight them off. Needleman later causes a storm over Shiisaa Island, and fuses with a program making the storm more violent and himself more powerful. MegaMan fights NeedleMan and is almost deleted, but WindMan blocks the attack. WindMan uses Wind Bomb to damage NeedleMan, but he proves too powerful and WindMan is impaled by NeedleMan in an effort to stop the storm. WindMan and MegaMan then use Soul Unison, giving MegaMan the Wind Soul. Wind Soul MegaMan defeats NeedleMan, while WindMan stalls the program, stopping the storm from getting any worse. Lilly in the meanwhile returns the idol to its proper place, saving the island. In N1 battle soul A class tournament at Netfrica at first round her and WindMan about to vs Zero, when the battle about to began after she walked down the stairs she look at the sky and see e wind blowing so calm. When WindMan battle Zero Lan and MegaMan cheered for them, then Zero turn him self to HeatTeam but windMan almost beat Zero but Zero duel soul from MetalMan and now WindMan Winds didn't blow Zero, Zero Deleted WindMan and his Soul have been take when the battle was over a rain storm came.
MegaMan, Roll, and IceMan are transported by a chip Lan used in battle to Shiisaa Island, where they first meet Windman.EXE. Windman thinks they are an enemy, but his operator, Lilly, advises him that they are friends. Ms. Yuri is also on Shiisaa island and has NeedleMan infect the island with a virus; though MegaMan and the others manage to fight them off. Needleman later causes a storm over Shiisaa Island, and fuses with a program making the storm more violent and himself more powerful. MegaMan fights NeedleMan and is almsot deleted, but WindMan blocks the attack. WindMan uses Wind Bomb to damage NeedleMan, but he proves more powerful and WindMan is impaled by NeedleMan in an effort to stop the storm. WindMan and MegaMan then use Soul Unison, giving MegaMan the Wind Soul. Wind Soul MegaMan defeats NeedleMan, while WindMan stalls the program, stopping the storm from getting any worst. Lilly in the meanwhile returns a idol to its proper place, saving the island. At N1 battle soul A class tournament at NetFrica there about to vs Zero, when Zero turn to HeatTeam WindMan almost have the upper hand but when Zero duel soul MetalMan he deleted WindMan and took his soul for duel soul.
BrightMan first appears in Axess as one of the Darkloids. Raoul and ThunderMan have a grudge against him because he deleted a friend of theirs, prompting them to go to Electopia to get revenge. He starts causing mayhem and destruction in the city as MegaMan and Lan can't attack because of their previous battle. LaserMan says that he never ordered these attacks, stating that the Darkloids are just trying to prove themselves. Dr. Regal, however, tells him to let them cause as much destruction as possible. Their actions are intervened by SearchMan and ThunderMan, but Darkloids SwordMan, FridgeMan and NovaMan arrive at the scene to take part in the chaos. SearchMan aims at them and fires, but hits their reflection on FridgeMan's ice instead. ThunderMan, however, uses his thunder to redirect the shot towards the Darkloids, and hits BrightMan headon. BrightMan is deleted, and the others escape.
BrightMan is later resurrected by LaserMan and Regal along with the rest of the Darkloids in order to attack Control X to avoid being found. They're all deleted, and MegaMan deletes BrightMan using Torch Soul.
In the anime he is a Darkloid. His level is very similar to his original counterpart, Gravity Man. He proves to be a lot to handle for MegaMan and ProtoMan in battle, being able to divert attacks towards the ground before they strike him. When Gravityman.EXE came in through a Dimensional Area, he proved to be just as difficult for the Cross Fused Lan and Chaud. They were able to defeat him using team work, having GravityMan focus on Lan, so Chaud could strike.
GravityMan comes back again causing chaos in the city, using his Gravity Drive. PrismMan.EXE arrives to help a nearly defeated MegaMan, capturing GravityMan. However, GravityMan escapes and battles MegaMan and PrismMan; he is defeated, but Dr. Regal summons a Dimensional Area, and GravityMan materializes into the real world and attacks Lan and Misaki. Lan uses Cross Fusion to battle, and Chaud uses a new device that allows new Battle Chips to be used while in Cross Fusion. This gives them the upper hand and Lan, with Chauds help, deletes GravityMan with a Program Advance. He is later revived by Dr. Regal to be a distraction for the Net Police, but is deleted again by SearchMan.
StarMan.EXE, known as NovaMan.EXE in the English dubbed anime, is a NetNavi and member of the WWW. StarMan's operator is never mentioned in-game, so it is unknown if he even has one. StarMan always has a very calm personality, as he always seems on top of the situation despite being caught by MegaMan twice in Mega Man Network Transmission
SwordMan.EXE is a NetNavi in the MegaMan Battle Network series. He is a Solo NetNavi, or a Navi with out an operator. He attacks using the massive swords on his back, and the one on his underside. He has three heads, each one with a different personality
She is a member of Nebula in Axess and partners with Dr. Regal. She uses NeedleMan.EXE to cause trouble and can disguise herself as Ms. Mari easily, the only difference being the lipstick and hair bun (Ms. Mari shapes her hair like a cinnamon bun; Ms. Yuri's hair is more croissant shaped). She is portrayed as a mysterious character, whose past is unknown and appears in the sidelines, rarely getting directly involved, but often the secondary mastermind to everything, directly below Regal. She is revealed to be Ms. Mari's sister, but is supposedly dead. Her past is explored in an episode involving Misaki, a NetPolice Detective that she tricked. She was on a plane trip fifteen years prior to Stream along with a young Regal, returning from Europe. The plane had an accident, though, and everyone aboard died. Duo happened to be passing by Earth at that moment, and decided to pick two test subjects to turn them into Probes to survey humanity and the evolution of the Network system. She survived though (at Duo's request) and gained new powers, such as quick recovery from physical injuries that otherwise would prove fatal and high Synchro Ratings. Towards the end of Axess, after she recovers from colliding with a moving van, she starts remembering her past. Regal then orders Ms. Yuri to kill Ms. Mari and gives her a Dark Synchro Chip. But she refuses and in the ensuing battle she is thrown into the sea with Misaki, courtesy of ProtoMan, who was still under Dark Chip's influence.
Ms. Mari is a supporting character in the MegaMan Battle Network series. She is a teacher at the ACDC Town Elementary School where she teaches Virus Busting. From MegaMan Battle Network 4 to the end of the series, the school and Ms. Mari herself no longer appeared in the games, as the whole town was redesigned, omitting the school as a visitable location. She is a dedicated teacher who gives the class lessons on virus busting and frequents the staff room even on weekends and after-hours. She also emails her class any information she has forgotten to mention. In MegaMan Battle Network her class was abducted by visiting teacher Higsby, she was tied up, but rescued by Lan. Her twin sister Ms. Yuri teachers a summer school in DenTown.
NeedleMan.EXE, known as SpikeMan.EXE in English anime, is a NetNavi from MegaMan Network Transmission operated by an unseen gardener at Yai Ayanokoji's house, and speaks the yakuza dialect in the Japanese version. In the animes, he is operated by Ms. Yuri, twin sister of Lan Hikari's teacher, Ms. Mari.
In the games, Colonel.EXE was made to be the perfect military NetNavi, and Iris.EXE was made when Wily extracted the part of Colonel's data that allowed him to control machines and apparently the data that worked as his kindness program. She led Lan throughout the course of the game towards his goals and provided him CopyBots whenever necessary.
She was later kidnapped by Dr. Wily and used to control the Cybeasts Falzar and Gregar, but in a turn of events she remerged with Colonel.EXE and used their combined strength to beat one of the Cybeasts while MegaMan.EXE defeated the other. Unfortunately, Dr. Wily had programmed Colonel and Iris to be deleted when they remerged, and the result was just that. However, in the end of the game where Wily redeems his actions, it is mentioned that both her and Colonel are rebuilt in the future by Wily.
In Battle Network 6, Colonel was revealed to be working for WWW. Colonel's personality dramatically changed, and all he cared about was doing his job, even if it meant be having to delete anyone in his path. After losing to Lan and MegaMan, Baryl decided to help them stop Dr. Wily. It was later revealed that Dr. Wily created Colonel as the perfect Navi (strong, smart, fast, and kind; in addition, Colonel possessed a weapons control program). When Baryl's father went to war, he left Baryl in Wily's care. Wily soon forgot about his thoughts for revenge and raised Baryl as his own. But, Wily's revenge against net society returned when he learned that Baryl's father was killed in battle. Wily then removed Colonel's kindness and weapon control program, making him a military Navi and used the programs to create Iris, Colonel's younger sister. Wily soon made a program that would cause Colonel and Iris to explode if they were to ever merge again.
Wily's plan was to build two giant Copybots in order to contain the Cybeasts, Gregar and Falzar. Iris decides to help MegaMan and Colonel to defeat the two Cybeasts. After a very intense battle, Colonel and Iris defeat one of the Cybeasts, but the other Cybeast took over MegaMan again. Colonel and Iris where still injured from their last battle, so in desperation, Colonel and Iris fused together and separated the Cybeast from MegaMan's body. With parting words, Colonel self-destructed, destroying the Cybeast at the cost of their own lives. This caused Wily's kindness to return. 20 years later, Wily created two incarnations of Colonel and Iris. Colonel is a system that finds and deletes viruses and criminals on the net. Iris is a system that finds and repairs any damage done to the net. With these two systems, the net was able to grow in leaps and bounds.
After Nebula's revival, Baryl and Colonel test Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE to see if they can join Team Colonel, which they pass. Baryl displays a tough attitude throughout the game and is a capable leader. He doesn't stand for weakness though like when Lan refused to act after MegaMan was captured. He remains calm and controlled even when Colonel was supposedly deleted. After discovering Nebula's base, he leads them on an attack to end their threat. After Nebula Grey is deleted, Dr. Regal recognizes him (probably because they've met before since he is Dr. Wily's son and Baryl is Wily's stepson) and states that he is Supreme Commander of Netopia's Network Corps. He evacuates initially, but comes back and helps Dr. Yuichirou rescue Dr. Regal from the volcano. He disbands Team Colonel later. When Lan asks who he is, he says that he is no one special, just Baryl.
In the Team ProtoMan version of the game, Baryl only appears twice, the first time sending in Colonel to help save ProtoMan.EXE from the Dark Soul and the second being after the deletion of Nebula Grey.
BlizzardMan appears as the first bad guy in Battle Network 5, created by Dr. Regal. He is the boss in the first Liberation Mission, in ACDCArea3. MegaMan and ProtoMan/Colonel (who depends on the games version) later liberates the area and deletes him. Later on, when MegaMan finds the cyber dog Gow in the Vision Burst of Oran Island, Gow is trapped in a snowball, and BlizzardMan appears, saying that even though he was deleted, he, like the rest of the Darkloids, can keep regenerating as long as there is Dark Power. He then takes off with Gow to Dr. Regal, because Gow contains an essential program for Regal’s plan.
BlizzardMan appears with the rest of the revived Darkloids in Nebula’s headquarters, as the boss in FactoryComp1, when Team ProtoMan/Team Colonel attack the base. His area is attacked by MegaMan and MagnetMan/KnightMan, and MegaMan eventually reaches and confronts him. BlizzardMan is defeated again, but he opens a vortex to the Dark Galaxy that absorbs him and sucks MegaMan in. MegaMan can’t jack-out, so MagnetMan/KnightMan comes and blocks the vortex for him. MegaMan jacks-out, but his teammate isn’t as lucky. Later, in the SoulServer, BlizzardMan and the Darkloids are revived yet again and seek revenge on MegaMan. However, MegaMan’s captured teammates appear from the dark vortex and stop the Darkloids. BlizzardMan is left free, but MegaMan’s kidnapped friends from ACDC Town also appear and stop him. It’s not revealed what happens to the Darkloids, but it’s safe to assume that they were all deleted.
BlizzardMan reappears along with the rest of the Darkloids, in an alternate storyline after beating the game. He takes part in the last Liberation mission, in NebulaArea5, fighting alongside CosmoMan in the same area. The Team liberates the area, and they’re both deleted.
CloudMan attacks the Net and occupies the SciLab Area under Dr. Regal's orders and spreads clouds everywhere to block the way, using a Dark Chip. With the help of ShadowMan/GyroMan, the Dark Chip is destroyed and the way is cleared. CloudMan is fought and deleted; however, a cloud appears after the mission and captures MegaMan. CloudMan reappears when ToadMan/Meddy try to break into the Undernet. He tries to delete them, but ProtoMan/Colonel takes the blow and are seemingly deleted.
CloudMan appears once again in Nebula base in Factory Comp 2. He absorbs GyroMan/ShadowMan into the Dark Galaxy, but he is then deleted by MegaMan. CloudMan reappears, trying to stop MegaMan in SoulNet Comp, but is stopped by the members of Team ProtoMan/Colonel who have returned from the Dark Galaxy and is deleted.
He reappears again in Nebula Area 3 in a Liberation Mission and is deleted once again.
CosmoMan is the boss of the fifth Liberation Mission which takes place in the End Area. He attacked the net as part of Dr. Regal's plan to divert the official's attention while he builds SoulNet. CosmoMan is defeated in the Liberation Mission, but is later revived. After MegaMan defeats his team leader (either ProtoMan or Colonel depending on the games version), CosmoMan will appear in the Undernet and take him away before the dark power's hold on him is broken.
CosmoMan is fought once again in Nebula's base guarding the final gate. He traps either Meddy or ToadMan in the Dark Galaxy after they open the gate. The team leader then tries to attack CosmoMan directly by appearing right in front of him, but they are also absorbed into the Dark Galaxy. MegaMan then battles CosmoMan and defeats him. He appears once again to stop MegaMan in the SoulNet server, but is stopped by the revived members of Team ProtoMan / Colonel and is deleted.
CosmoMan can be fought again in Nebula Area 5, alongside BlizzardMan, in a Liberation Mission that takes place in an alternate storyline after clearing the game. The Team liberates the area, and they’re both deleted.
Charlie meets Lan Hikari after he returns from the Oran Isles. He mentions that he knows something about why Nebula kidnapped Dr. Hikari (Lan's father) and challenges Lan to find GyroMan, who is hidden inside the Squirrel Computer. Later on Lan and MegaMan challenges and defeats GyroMan after a small game of tag on the Net within some clouds. Charlie tells Lan that it was another test of Lan's skill and both he and GyroMan join Team Cross Fused.
Later on, when Nebula takes over the Net with their Micro Servers, GyroMan fights MegaMan a second time inside GargoyleComp. Afterwards it is revealed that GyroMan was unaffected by the server and Charlie explains that he wanted to have rematch with Lan and MegaMan, since it might be his last chance to fight them before the battle with Nebula.
Charlie meets Lan Hikari after he returns from the Oran Isles. He mentions that he knows something about why Nebula kidnapped Dr. Hikari (Lan's father) and challenges Lan to find GyroMan, who is hidden inside the Squirrel Computer. Later on Lan and MegaMan challenges and defeats GyroMan. Charlie tells Lan that it was another test of Lan's skill, and both he and GyroMan joins Team Cross Fused.
Later on, when Nebula takes over the Net with their Micro Servers, GyroMan fights MegaMan a second time inside GargoyleComp. Afterwards it is revealed that GyroMan was unaffected by the server, and Charlie explains that he wanted to have rematch with Lan and MegaMan, since it might be his last chance to fight them before the battle with Nebula.
At Nebula’s hideout, MegaMan and GyroMan infiltrate FactoryComp. As MegaMan prepares to fight ShadeMan, he summons a vortex to the Dark Galaxy, which sucks GyroMan in. Angered at the loss, MegaMan fights and deletes ShadeMan a second time. When MegaMan proceeds to fight Nebula Gray, GyroMan and the other Team Cross Fused Navis reappear from the Dark Galaxy and helps MegaMan advance.
LarkMan is a NetNavi that appears as an optional boss in MegaMan Battle Network 5 in Undernet 1. He is referenced on the SciLab BBS as a "cyber-lark" that someone saw flying into the Undernet. The discussion then starts to be about the UnderNet rather than LarkMan himself, though. Despite his English name, he does not resemble a lark at all.
He considers himself the freest of birds and doesn't have an operator. The player can fight him for his Battle Chips.
Both Jasmine and Meddy first appeared in episode 13. Jasmine arrives from her home country to search for a certain medicinal herb at the request of her instructor. Unfortunately, the president of a medicine manufacturing company has come to follow Jasmine to try to obtain the nostrum (patent medicine). Jasmine is kidnapped and her captors threaten to delete Meddy without mercy if Jasmine doesn't cooperate. Lan must track her down and sneak into the medicine company's research lab to save Jasmine. In the end, Lan manages to save her, and MegaMan rescues Meddy from deletion.
So then they been joined to Team Cross Fused.
Both Meddy and Jasmine first appeared in episode 13 of Rockman EXE Stream. Jasmine arrives from her home country to search for a certain medicinal herb at the request of her instructor. Unfortunately, the president of a medicine manufacturing company has come to follow Jasmine to try to obtain the nostrum (patent medicine). Jasmine is kidnapped and her captors threaten to delete Meddy without mercy if Jasmine doesn't cooperate. Lan must track her down and sneak into the medicine company's research lab to save Jasmine. In the end, Lan manages to save her, and MegaMan rescues Meddy from deletion. the request of her instructor. Unfortunately, the president of a medicine manufacturing company has come to follow Jasmine to try to obtain the nostrum (patent medicine). Jasmine is kidnapped and her captors threaten to delete Meddy without mercy if Jasmine doesn't cooperate. Lan must track her down and sneak into the medicine company's research lab to save Jasmine. In the end, Lan manages to save her, and MegaMan rescues Meddy from deletion. There so Lan ask Zero operator to offer them to join in there team. So they been a healer in Team Cross Fused.
Dingo appears on the cruise ship containing the Booster Program. Dingo is supposed to be Netbattling the guests for entertainment, but when he wins, he mocks the loser about his wealth and inability to Netbattle. He later steals the Booster program and states that it caused harm to his village. After being defeated, he joins Team Cross Fused to pay for his crimes, taking part on all their missions. He also comes under the influence of the SoulNet Server and Netbattles Lan on the ship. After server is destroyed, he joins Team Cross Fused in raiding Nebula's base and returns home after their success. He also mentions Raoul in the ending, implying that they are from the same tribe.
Lan runs into Dingo once again in Sky Town, who now teaches some customs from his village. He gives a lesson which involves using TomahawkMan to cut down never ending totem poles. After completing this challenge, MegaMan gains Tomahawk Cross.

He first appears on a cruise ship as Dingo's Navi. He defeats the NetNavi of a rich business man. Later, Dingo uses TomahawkMan to steal the auction item and tries to capsize the ship. After his defeat, he agrees to join Team Cross Fused. He fights with Team Cross Fused against Dark MegaMan in his first Mission, and helps in the fight against various Darkloids in other Missions. When the player infiltrates Nebula's Base, he and NumberMan fight against the revived CloudMan in Nebula Comp. After the defeat of CloudMan, NumberMan and TomahawkMan are sucked into the Dark Galaxy by CosmoMan. He later appears with the rest of Team Colonel to help MegaMan to defeat Nebula Grey.
TomahawkMan appears again in the Falzar version, with Dingo giving lessons on NetBattling. To gain his Cross Style, MegaMan must complete a challenge where he has to chop down continuously growing totem poles. After completing the challenge, MegaMan gains his Cross Style and TomahawkMan becomes a playable character.

He defeats him and insults him. Later he shows himself as the one behind the scheme to steal the Booster System in order to make great fireworks. After his defeat, Fyrefox agrees to join Team Cross Fused in order to avoid being sent to prison. He participates in many Liberation Missions and becomes a valuable member of the team.
Fyrefox gets mind controlled by the SoulNet server on the cruise ship. It forces him to challenge Lan to a Netbattle which he loses. Afterwards, Lan and MegaMan destroy the SoulNet server, returning him to normal.
Fyrefox later participates in the attack on Nebula's base with the rest of Team Cross Fused. He and Raika assist Lan in opening the third security gate in the Nebula base. However, after the gate is opened, NapalmMan and SearchMan are both absorbed into the Dark Galaxy, forcing him to stay behind. Fyrefox later appears to root Lan on with Team Cross Fused when he tries to stop Dr. Regal. After the battle is over, he returns to his regular life.

He later comes under the control of a fireworks-maker named Fyrefox and after some persuasion becomes a member of Team ProtoMan. Surprisingly, he is weaker in this game (but, this was probably to ensure a fair fight in game). After he is used in a Liberation Mission the player gains his Double Soul.
He is a student at Central Town's school. Mick is snobby and rude. He doesn't greet Lan on his first day and gets mad when MegaMan.EXE defeats his virus trap where, instead of Mets being used in class, there were stove viruses. Mick was apparently punished, and he blames his NetNavi for the failure which prompts him to run away. Afterward, BlastMan.EXE offers to humiliate Lan and Mick accepts. He lights the whole school on fire and Mick starts to have regrets. MegaMan becomes trapped in the school's network, and Lan and Mick find his old Navi. Mick apologizes and asks Lan to help him, and he accepts.
Later in the game, Mick helps out a penguin by feeding it, but it starts following him everywhere. Lan and Mick return it to the aquarium, but it doesn't want to leave him. When Blackbeard attacks the aquarium, Mick rushes to protect the penguins. When DiveMan.EXE was defeated, Blackbeard held Mick hostage but the penguins brought an elephant seal to beat him up. After the incident, the penguin still wouldn't leave and Lan and Mick had to pretend Blackbeard escaped to distract them and get away.

While Lan was looking for an alibi to help his dad from getting punishment for hacking into the JudgeTree, he finds a video clip of Mick trapping a SecurityBot into a closet in the classroom. He gets punished for this later.
When Lan tries to get permission from Mayor Cain to go to the Underground in search for MegaMan.EXE, a SecurityBot blocks the entrance to his office. Mick decides to help distract the SecurityBots by hacking into a monitor nearby, which alarms a swarm of SecurityBots, who surround Mick. He seems more willing to help Lan at this point. Even though he tries to hide it from Lan, he truly cares for him, and was worried about him when he tried saving Lan in the Underground.
In the climax of the game, Mick, along with Lan, Tab, Iris and the rest of Lan's friends were invited for a preview of the Expo before the actual opening. The event turned out to be a trap by Lord Wily, who then sends HeelNavis occupying CopyBots to capture the group and terrorize Central Town. Lan was separated from his friends, and when he made his way back to the Expo site, Mick and the others were there to back him up against Yuika, Vic, and Prosecutor Ito, prompting the latter group to escape. Lan warns the others to get as far away from the Expo site as possible (as the battle of the Cybeasts would be devastating). Pre-climax, Mick goes to the aquarium and stays with the penguins there, ready to protect them from the worst.
Although he's a troublemaker, he seems to have a degree of respect for Mr. Mach, his teacher. At the epilogue of the series, Mick seems to have followed in the footsteps of his mentor, becoming a teacher.

He appears as Lan Hikari's teacher in the Central Town School. He's kind, but strict. During, BlastMan's attack on the school he gets stopped by rogue security robots while trying to protect the students and is overpowered. He gives Lan his teacher card so that he can get into the faculty room and access the controls there.
Joe appears again when Dr. Wily asks the operator of BlastMan.EXE to appear. He helps Blackbeard and DiveMan.EXE to kidnap MegaMan.EXE. They succeed and when Yuika, Ito, and Vic decide to turn against the WWW, he refuses and leaves the group. When Lan went after the ex-WWW members who kidnapped Iris.EXE, Joe arrives to save them and Baryl. He also reveals his reason for joining the WWW. His daughter was sick with a deadly disease and he couldn't pay for an operation to cure her. But, Dr. Wily appeared and paid for the operation. Indebted to Wily, Joe joins WWW and started working undercover in the school, spying on the WWW benefactor, Mayor Cain. He also explains his relationship to Baryl. In a martial arts competition, he was defeated by Baryl and asked to train under him. Baryl accepted and they've been friends since.
Joe appears again when Lan and Chaud are cornered by Heel Navis. He saves them by distracting the Navis and leading them on a wild goose chase. In the ending, Joe was given a lighter punishment compared to the other WWW members, and appears one last time when all the students are graduating. He tells his students good luck and congratulates them

BlastMan first appears when Mick gets into a fight with his NetNavi who runs away. He offers Mick to set him on the school's main computer in order to get revenge on Lan and MegaMan. Due to his jealousy for Lan, he agrees and BlastMan takes controls of the Securitybots and makes them attack the teachers and students with fire. Eventually, Mick asks him to stop, but BlastMan ignores him. Lan and MegaMan then jack into the school's computer and try to stop him. To get to him, MegaMan must go through a maze, which involves putting out flaming Mr. Progs while standing behind blocks to avoid getting hit by the fireballs BlastMan throws at him. When BlastMan is defeated by MegaMan, he swore he would get revenge, retreating.
He is later encountered with DiveMan when they kidnap Roll, GutsMan, and Glyde, taking them to the Undernet to lure out MegaMan and obtain the Cybeast inside of him. BlastMan and DiveMan challenge MegaMan, but despite having a two on one advantage, they are deleted.

He and ChargeMan participates in the Navi Mascot Tournament and helps Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE when several HeelNavis attacked them. The HeelNavis were trying to unleash the Cybeast, but Al used ChargeMan to attack them. He wanted to promote the use of trains, but after losing the tournament decided to give lessons at Seaside Town instead. Lan and MegaMan must complete his lesson and defeat ChargeMan for his Cross. His lesson involves using ChargeMan.EXE and guiding him along a cyber railroad, transporting passengers to various stops. The goal is to get as many Mr. Progs as possible and to avoid or crash through any obstacles. After this task is completed, he challenges Lan to a NetBattle and after losing, Al gives Lan the Charge Cross.
ChargeMan and Al Ferry enter the Navi Mascot tournament to promote trains. ChargeMan first appears in the Undernet while MegaMan.EXE was being attacked by several HeelNavis who were trying to unleash the Cybeast. However, ChargeMan uses his ability, Crazy Locomotive, and runs them over, making them jack-out. He and Al then introduce themselves to Lan and MegaMan who thank them and then leave to continue their search for the Moonstone.
ChargeMan and Al lose the tournament, and start giving railroad lessons in Seaside Town. The lesson involves using ChargeMan to guide Mr. Progs to various locations, and avoiding or crashing through obstacles. After completing the lesson, MegaMan and Lan have to defeat Al and ChargeMan for their Cross. ChargeMan can be rebattled afterwards for his Mega Chips

Yuika is a member of the WWW. She first appears in Central Town advertising a dance festival at Central Area 3. Once there, she uses CircusMan to drain the energy out of the NetNavis there. She catches one Cybeast and runs after the NetPolice arrive.
Yuika later takes part in a successful mission to capture MegaMan, after which she, Vic, and Prosecutor Ito break away from the WWW and form their own group; however, during the split, they lose MegaMan and have to retreat. They show up again to kidnap Iris and are successful. Once they have Iris, Baryl tries to rescue her, but the ex-WWW members beat him up and nearly kill him before Joe Mach arrives and drives them away.
Yuika and the others appear again during the final battle against Lan. Their NetNavis are deleted, but as they are about to attack Lan themselves, Chaud, Mayl, Dex, Yai, Mick, and Tab show up. Yuika, Ito, and Vic attempt escape by jumping off the pavilion and are knocked unconscious due to the height of the fall. They are later arrested for their crimes.
She will call Lan if MegaMan does an impression of her using the Humor program.

He first appears on the Central Town net during a dancing festival. He drains all the energy out of the NetNavis present and uses them to awaken Gregar and Falzar. He obtains one of the Cybeasts, but the Net Police arrive before he can take the other one. He retreats and reappears again in the Seaside Town net and releases a bunch of viruses to stop SpoutMan or HeatMan (depending on the game version); he then fights against MegaMan, but he is able to escape once again. He reappears again in Central Area, this time MegaMan fights and defeats him. CircusMan is ordered to and captures MegaMan and forces him to Beast Out. He does so by tiring MegaMan out by forcing him to battle both DiveMan and BlastMan. CircusMan later reappears again after a Cross Navi defeats Beast Out MegaMan and attempts to capture him, but ProtoMan arrives and wounds him, prompting a retreat.
CircusMan appears once more in the last Expo gate trying to stop MegaMan from passing, but is deleted in the process.

He first appears outside the Aquarium of Seaside Town, being fired for cruelty to the animals. He then hacks into the Aquarium's Network and releases all the animals, creating a huge panic. However, Lan and MegaMan.EXE defeat him and return all the animals to their cages. Blackbeard then runs away and takes Mick hostage. But, the timely arrival of an elephant seal with the lead of Plata the penguin holds him down until he can be arrested.
He stands trial in Green Town and is found guilty, but is released later. He and Joe Mach then use BlastMan.EXE and DiveMan.EXE to kidnap Roll.EXE, GutsMan.EXE, and Glyde.EXE to lure MegaMan to the Undernet. They are defeated, but MegaMan is also captured. Blackbeard joins Ito, Vic, and Yuika in splitting from the WWW and attempt to use MegaMan for themselves. In a confrontation with Mayor Cain, he is discovered by Lan and they attempt to kill him when Chaud arrives and arrests them both.

Blackbeard uses DiveMan to open the gates on the animals pens at the aquarium. After defeating DiveMan, MegaMan started the feeding time chime, causing the animals to return to their enclosures, and allowing for the staff to better restore order.
Afterwards, DiveMan is seen and fought when he cooperates with BlastMan in kidnapping Roll, GutsMan, and Glyde. They transport them to the Undernet and challenge MegaMan to get his friends back. Despite having a two vs. one advantage, they are both deleted.
He participates in a Navi Mascot competition to promote the use of recycling and helps Lan and MegaMan.EXE when they are attacked by HeelNavis. The HeelNavis try to unleash MegaMan's Cybeast when Mr. Press with DustMan arrive. DustMan uses Dust Break and defeats them. Afterward, Mr. Press introduces himself and takes off to look for the Moonstone. He loses the competition but still champions recycling. Then he gives lessons in Seaside Town to gain Dust Cross which involve using DustMan to recycle and then battling him. After he is defeated, Mr. Press gives Dust Cross and can be rebattled for the DustMan Mega Chip's.
Dark ProtoMan is unique to the Team ProtoMan version of the game. He appears as the boss of the last story-related Liberation Mission in Undernet 6. Here he does not have his unique anime appearance, instead he is just shaded black. Dark ProtoMan comes into existence after ProtoMan had been kidnapped and given a Dark Chip after CosmoMan 's defeat. Dark ProtoMan is leader of the Liberation Mission in the Undernet and is defeated. But, while he was regaining his true self, CosmoMan teleports him away.
Dark ProtoMan reappears in the Undernet in order to stop MegaMan from destroying the last SoulNet Server. Then Colonel and Meddy arrive and cure him.
DustMan helps manage the trash in the Net whilst working with Mr. Press in promoting recycling. They enter the Navi Mascot competition in order to promote recycling. DustMan and Mr. Press meet Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE during their quest to find the Moonstone. Several HeelNavis attack them and try to unleash the Cybeast. But, DustMan shows up and defeats them using his Dust Break ability. Mr. Press and DustMan introduce themselves to Lan and MegaMan who then leave to continue searching for the Moonstone. Mr. Press and DustMan lose the Mascot competition however and are later found giving lessons on recycling in Seaside Town. After Lan takes a few lessons from Mr. Press, MegaMan then spars with DustMan, eventually obtaining his Cross and DustMan as a Link Navi. DustMan can be rebattled afterwards for his Mega Chip.
Vic first appears when he is sent to steal the Force Program from Sky Town. Although ElementMan is defeated, he manages to get the Force Program. He throws a smoke grenade to mask his escape, but Mr. Weather attempts to stop him by restraining him with his long arms. It almost succeeds, but Colonel.EXE in a CopyBot frees him by attacking Mr. Weather.
He is later seen plotting with the other members of the WWW in their base. Vic, Ito, Yuika and Blackbeard decide to break away from the WWW because of the way Baryl was treating them. They capture the Cybeast, but later lose it to Lan.
Vic appears with the rest of the WWW when they go to Central Town's school and surround Lan, Mick and Tab with SecurityBots to lure out Iris.EXE. Vic wants to call their group the Cloudy Bombers. Their plan works and then they use Iris as a hostage, while they beat up Baryl. However, Joe Mach appears in the nick of time and beats up Vic and Ito, scaring them off.
Later, Vic, Ito and Yuika try to take over the Expo and each of the members battle against Lan and MegaMan. Although they fail in Netbattling, Vic and Ito try to attack Lan physically. They are stopped by Lan's friends and jump off the Pavilion to escape capture. Vic and the rest were later found unconscious and arrested.

Although he only speaks words like "pirikira" and the like, people and Navis can understand him. He was sent with Vic to steal the Force Program from Mr. Weather in Sky Town. MegaMan confronts him inside the Mr. Weather comp and defeats him. However, Vic still manages to get his hands on the Force Program. Sky Town began to plummet to the earth, but is sustained by electricity provided by Iris.
Afterwards, he is also confronted in the Expo while Lan was tracking Dr. Wily to his base, and is defeated again.

Fun fact: ElementMan can change element into red is fire,blue is water,green is wood, white is wind,yellow is lightning,and gray is normal
Moliarty enters but loses in the Navi Mascot tournament. He then gives lessons at the Central Town school which involve using GroundMan to break rocks in the Net. After taking his lesson and defeating him in a Netbattle, you gain GroundMan's Cross Style. He can then be rebattled to gain GroundMan Mega Chips.
GroundMan and Moliarty enter the Navi Mascot Competition, but lose. They then give lessons at Central Town's school on drilling through rocks. Lan Hikari takes this lesson and has to operate GroundMan to drill through rocks in the Cyberworld. After completing the task, he and MegaMan.EXE Netbattle GroundMan and Moliarty. After winning, GroundMan becomes a Link Navi and gives MegaMan his Cross.
Ito appears in Mega Man Battle Network 6, at the Green Town courthouse, when Lan is called to stand as a witness against Captain Blackbeard. He sets Lan up twice and almost gets him attacked by the security robots, but both set-ups fail. When a disguised Chaud rescues Lan the second time, Ito warns him not to touch the JudgeTree. Later, in the trial, he does all he could to prove Blackbeard guilty, since he failed in his operation, and he succeeds. The next day, he gets Lan's father arrested on the charge of attempting to hack the JudgeTree. He fiddles with Lan's class' camera to erase evidence of his alibi, but Lan and MegaMan discover the truth through the camera recording of a robot trapped in a locker by Mick. Ito reveals he's with the WWW, and hacks the JudgeTree so that everyone is pronounced guilty, and the robots attack everybody. MegaMan jacks-in, and finds Colonel there, though he leaves to fight another Navi (who was ProtoMan). MegaMan defeats JudgeMan, and Ito is tried by his own creation, the JudgeTree, which strips him of his position as prosecutor.
He later escapes along with Blackbeard and returns to the WWW, only to betray them along with Vic, Yuika, Blackbeard, and Mayor Cain. In their first plan, they capture MegaMan and use the Cybeast worshippers to awaken the Cybeast in MegaMan. They put him in a CopyBot and allows him to rampage through Seaside Town. Lan, however, with the help of Iris, manage to stop him, and he escapes into the Undernet. Later, the group is reduced to three when Mayor Cain and Blackbeard gets arrested. They capture Iris, with the help of JudgeMan's Punishment Robots. Baryl, unable to risk Iris' life, is about to get killed by them when he is rescued by Mr. Mach.
The trio later appear at the Expo opening. While CopyBots overrun the city, they sneak towards the WWW HQ through Mayor Cain's secret passage, only to be followed by Lan. Ito slows Lan down by blocking the way and fiddling with PavilionComp1, then does the same with PavilionComp2 and leaves JudgeMan to delete MegaMan. MegaMan, however, gains the upper hand and deletes JudgeMan for good. Ito is then sad when he learns this, and when Lan reaches the last room, he is confronted by Vic and Ito. Lan's friends appear and back Lan up. The trio then jumps off the platform they're standing on. After the HQ explodes, they are found unconscious by Chaud, due to the height of the fall.

JudgeMan is first seen manipulating the JudgeTree in Green Town, after Prosecutor Ito has been exposed in falsely accusing Yuichiro of hacking it. He causes the JudgeTree to judge everyone as guilty, sending punishment robots at everyone innocent. In the Tree Comp, he and Colonel are confronted by MegaMan. Colonel is attacked by ProtoMan and leaves JudgeMan to defeat MegaMan. He is deleted in the ensuing battle.
Later, he is confronted at the Expo in the Green Town exhibit while Lan Hikari tracks Dr. Wily to his base, trying to stop Lan and MegaMan from advancing. He is defeated again.
He loses the Navi Mascot competition and gives lessons on assassination at the Central Town school. Dark Scythe's mission involves assassinating several gang members in the Undernet. After taking his lesson and defeating him in a Net Battle, Lan Hikari gains his Cross Style. He hopes that he is never ordered to kill Lan or MegaMan, but will do so if hired.
He and Dark Scythe enter the Navi Mascot competition, but lose, so they start to teach assassination lessons at the Central Town School. His lesson involves killing HeelNavis that belong to a gang without them spotting you. If they catch him, they'll Net Battle. After eliminating all of them, MegaMan has to Net Battle him, and after winning gains Erase Cross, and EraseMan as a playable character.
Pat Fahran runs a Net Cooking class in Green Town. During this class, Lan operates her Navi, SlashMan, and gathers ingredients to make Cyber Soup. After completion of the class and winning a NetBattle with SlashMan, Lan gains Slash Cross.
In the Cybeast Gregar version of the game, SlashMan is one of MegaMan's Link Navis and Crosses. He is operated by Pat and used to teach people how to cook, and to gain his Cross, Lan Hikari must use SlashMan in Green Area to collect vegetables and slash them up with button commands in a style similar to Dance Dance Revolution. After gathering and preparing all the ingredients, SlashMan is used by Pat to battle Lan and MegaMan to end their class. MegaMan wins and gains Slash Cross and SlashMan as a Link Navi. SlashMan is also one of the few Navis that can cut down the trees on the net.
He teaches wind power to NetNavis in Green Town and uses TenguMan.EXE to do so. After taking his lesson, the player must NetBattle him to gain his Cross and TenguMan as a playable character. He likes to refer to Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE as grasshoppers.
TenguMan.EXE is a NetNavi from MegaMan Battle Network 6 Falzar version. His NetOp is Feng-Tian and he is used in a challenge involving tornadoes in the Green Town net system. After completing the challenge and defeating him in a Netbattle, the player gains his Cross and him as a playable character.
When operating him, the player can choose his ability chip, that is Fuujin Tornado, which has a starting attack damage of 20 and able to achieve a total sum of up to 60. TenguMan's charge shot is Tengu Thrust which inflicts 50 damage to an enemy. While using Tengu Thrust, the end of Tengu Man's nose can be aimed at the enemy to also paralyze them along with causing damage.
Mary stayed at Yai's house and became an exchange student in ACDC Town's School for a week. Although she envied other students who could play freely, she kept telling herself that it couldn't be helped, and she prefers to be alone anyway. Unknown to her, Ring, her NetNavi, secretly registered her name as a contestant in the N1 battle soul. Ring told her that it was a 'special plan' to help Mary make a lot of friends. Mary was enraged at first, but soon after being introduced to Lan, Mayl, and Dex by Yai, she decided to enjoy the tournament to the fullest.
After finishing N1 battle soul C tournaments , she was 'introduced' to ____________ by Lan. Lan described _______________ as a 'distant friend who always come to aid when needed'. This interested Mary, as how it is possible to help friends in trouble should the distance is faraway. In the third round of N1 battle soul in the B class tournaments it is a tag-team her partner is Zero but nobody know who Operated Zero in the final there vs Videoman & BurnMan Zero was protecting Ring when she almost been defeated they both beat Videoman & Burnman by Zero duel soul with Ring and they reached to the N1 battle soul A class tournament. In the N1 battle soul A class tournament in the quarter-final Roll beat Ring. ____________ was proud of Mary and Ring for reaching at the A class tournaments. Mary wondered to herself if she is somehow able to do the same like ___________, helping and socialize with friends regardless of distance or health. Afterwards, Ring secretly (again) built another plan to socialize with ____________ and Zero using a fake threat email. _____________ and Zero explained that they admit Lan and MegaMan's strength, but do not really consider them as 'friends'. ____________ told her that they simply have their own way to socialize with others, thus suggesting Mary and Ring to do the same. So she and Ring travel with ___________ & Zero.
Her operator, Mary Towa, has stayed at Yai's house and become an exchange student in ACDC Town's School for a week. Since Mary has no friends, she has secretly register Mary's name as a contestant in the N1battle soul. She told her that it's a 'special plan' to make a lot of friends. Mary was enraged at first, but soon after being introduced to Lan, Mayl, and Dex by Yai, she decided to enjoy the tournament to the fullest. RIng supports this fully by doing most of the tale for her (like accepting NetNavi Chips bet without hesitation).
After finishing Class C tournaments, both her and Mary are 'introduced' to ____________ by Lan. Lan described___________ as a 'distant friend who always come to aid when needed'. This interests Mary, as how it is possible to help friends in trouble should the distance is faraway. When the final round in tag-team there partner is Zero, nobody know who Operated Zero, there about to vs Videoman and Burnman while they Ring almost been defeated by Videoman and Burnman from there last attack Zero started portecting her Ring was shock want to know why Zero said "I don't my body move by it self" they duel soul while Zero take the hit for Ring they beat VideoMan & Burnman and reached at the A class tournaments. But at N1 battle soul A class tournaments she lost to Roll and Mayl. But ____________ was happy for Mary and Ring. Mary wonders to herself if she is somehow able to do the same like ____________, helping and socialize with friends regardless of distance or health. Ring supports this by secretly (again) build another plan to socialize with___________ and Zero by sending a fake threat mail. ______________ and Zero explains that they admit Lan and MegaMan's strength, but not really consider them as 'friends'. _____________ told her that they simply have their own way to socialize with others, thus suggesting Mary and Ring to do the same. After they about to leave ACDC Town's They started traveling with ____________ & Zero.
Although, Kai was never mentioned or seen in MegaMan Battle Network, according to evidence in Megaman battle network Chrono X , he was indeed there, just not seen. Kai was on the same bus as Mayl when Ms. Madd ordered ColorMan.EXE to rig it to explode to get revenge on Lan. However, MegaMan.EXE defeats ColorMan preventing the explosion. It was unknown why Kai didn't use TurboMan to help Mayl and Roll stop ColorMan, during the incident. Though, it is possible that he didn't have enough skill nor courage at the time.
After the incident, Kai sees Lan as an idol and wants to become just like him. So he enters the N1 battle soul C class but lost by Lan in final round.
Although, TurboMan and his operator Kai Todoroki are never mentioned or seen in MegaMan Battle Network, according to evidence in MegaMan Battle Network chono X, TurboMan and Kai were actually on the runaway bus along with Mayl Sakurai and Roll.EXE. The Navi ColorMan.EXE had rigged a bus to explode when it reaches its destination, and Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE defeat him to stop it. After the event, the two idolize Lan and MegaMan for their heroic actions.
TurboMan, along with his operator Kai, appear in MegaMan Battle network chrono X as a playable Navi character. They enter the N1 battle soul tournament, they reached at C class but they lost by Lan and MegaMan.
Fun fact megaman can use style change by training and use double soul & dark soul ( like dark megaman.EXE ) for there friends and rivals look.
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In the period of the MegaMan Star Force series, he kidnapped Harp Note and escaped 200 years into the past, to the time of the first MegaMan Battle Network game. With the help of Dr. Goodall, the Star Force MegaMan was able to go after him to rescue Harp Note, but he can only return to his time if he finds ClockMan. After the events with ElecMan.EXE, ClockMan kidnapped Roll.EXE, and MegaMan.EXE believed the Star Force MegaMan was the one responsible and fought against him. After discovering he wasn't the one responsible, the two join forces and fight against ClockMan. After deleting him, MegaMan and Harp Note return to their own time using the Warp Hole left by ClockMan before his deletion.
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Bug Mega
Hub: (Megaman real name )
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In the anime, Cache was the one responsible for creating several duplicates of NetNavis (A.K.A Phantom Navis) using the cache data accumulated in the Cache Server. He can apparently turn NetNavis and humans into cache data to gain power and seems to not be in agreement of how NetNavis and humans work together.
He firstly spreads Phantom Navis around the world to wreak chaos and terror, and used the disrupting radio signals from JammingMen to create fake perceptions of reality around people. Things escalate when Cache sets up a JammingMan within SciLab's Network to block all jack-in and jack-outs around the Cyberworld. After MegaMan, ProtoMan and SearchMan destroy it, he reveals himself and begins to transform all objects and living beings in the world into data to assimilate into himself.

In the end, however, he is defeated by both Lan and MegaMan in the final episode of Beast+, thus bringing an end to the series.
JammingMan.EXE is a NetNavi with electric powers that appeared in the mobile phone game Rockman EXE Phantom of Network and in the anime Rockman EXE Beast+. He holds the ability to jam the networks and prevent Navis from logging out in the latter episodes in Beast+. His abilities can also influence the human mind, as seen when Lan sees his friends and family try to attack him. In reality, however, a great number of JammingMen were attacking him.
Cross Fused
Roll soul
Fire/Torch Soul
Guts Soul
Wind Soul
Search Soul
( Dark Soul )
Thunder Soul
Number Soul
( Dark Soul )
Metal Soul
Wood Soul
Aqua/Spout Soul
Proto Soul
( Dark soul )
Junk/JunkData Soul
Knight Soul
( Dark Soul )
Gyro Soul
( Dark Soul )
Napalm Soul
( Dark Soul )
Meddy Soul
( Dark Soul )
Zero Soul
( Dark Soul )
Dark Soul
Cross Fused
In the anime MegaMan NT Warrior, Rush has a larger role then the games, being introduced in the last episodes of the first season. Rush is a program that Dr. Hikari installed in Maylu's PET before Lan Hikari's friends went to rescue MegaMan. Rush has the ability to produce holes that can make him travel between any part of the net and the real world, and he can summon viruses like Mettaurs from the holes he makes to help him. One time, he appears in the real world in a gigantic form and fights a huge virus. Later, ShadeMan.EXE turns him into a Synchro Chip in order to materialize in the real world.
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