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Frederick Jackson Turner

No description

Nicole Hoadley

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Frederick Jackson Turner

Frederick Jackson Turner 1861-1932 by: Nicole Hoadley My Vocation historian during the 20th century professor at University of Wisconsin and then at Harvard published many articles and books about my many in depth theories of American Life Background my father was a journalist and a local historian, in our town of Portage Wisconsin, who taught me the importance that history plays in establishing rules today born into a middle class Yankee family, my family always reiterated the importance of education in high school I worked as a typesetter
at my dad's office and was highly inspired by his workings of history through the newspaper in my town of Portage Wisconsin, there were many European immigrants as well as Native Americans by whom I was greatly influenced Background Continued I attended University of Wisconsin where I received my masters degree in history greatly influenced by my professor William Allen, who taught me how to understand ideas of the medieval church and the feudal monarchy I then attended John Hopkins University and received my Ph.D. in history My Defining Moment I did not have a defining moment in my life time. I have always pursued history and throughout my education and many hours of research, I have established many important theories influencing American History. My contribution my greatest contribution as a reformer was my "Frontier Thesis" which is stated in my paper, "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" in this thesis I stressed the importance of a moving frontier line and the impact it has on pioneers going through the process my thesis explained why America and its people are so different from European people later on many viewed my theory to expand overseas, to spread democracy and to start a new way of American life Bibliography
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