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No description

Celena Squires

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Supernatural

The Gang
I. John
a. One of the best hunters
b. Father of Dean and Sam
c. hunts this demon that killed his wife

First: John

I. Bobby
a. Knows everything about demons
b. Has a demon proof chamber
c. Supernatural hunter
d. has been like a father to Dean and Sam

Second: Bobby
I. Dean
1. Has daddy issues
2. Sarcastic
3. (in other terms) a jerk
4. Loves classic rock
5. Women
6. Booze
7. Been to hell and back literally
8. Supernatural hunter
9. Fear of cats, snakes and airplanes
played by Jensen Ackles

Next: Dean
I. Sam
1. Sweet
2. Weakness: his brother
3. Wants to be normal
4. Supernatural hunter
5. Fear of clowns
Played by Jared Padalecki

Now: Sam
1. Castiel
a. angel
b. terrible social skills
c. loves hamburgers
d. very serious character
played by Misha Collins
Finally: Castiel
Best Bloopers
Best Villians
Watch the show!!!!
Dean in a few words....
Then there's him......
Dick Roman
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