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All-Staff:Social Media at CSB/SJU

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Gwen Schimek

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of All-Staff:Social Media at CSB/SJU

Social Media in Student Affairs Presented by:
Andy Dirksen
Gwen Schimek Student Development
March 25, 2011 What does "Social Media" mean? At CSB/SJU, currently:
YouTube CSB/SJU Social Media Directory Why Social Media? Informal
Create Connections
Engage w/ peers
Engage w/ campus
Engage w/ our brand What is social media? Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Wikipedia Social Media should be: Relevant
Relational What does this look like? Sharing freely
Critiques & Commentary
Community & Connecting @ Event
Facebook - Post Event Reminders, Location, Pictures
Tweet Photos, Information, Video
Take Pictures & Video of the Event
After The Event Tweet - Information, Thank Yous, & Recognitions
Facebook - Add Pictures & Videos
YouTube - Post Videos Twitter is a two-way street or conversation, not a billboard. The web is our encyclopedia, social media sites our short stories. Event Marketing Develop Webpage
Create Shorten URL
Master Calendar & Bulletin Board
Facebook - Create Event, Post Updates
Send E-mails & Print Posters
Update Facebook & Twitter Twitter Demonstration Visual Steps Steps to Using Social Media Successfully for Events Social media isn't a fad.
It's a fundamenal shift in the way we communicate. (Social Media may help w/ Assessment) NASPA Conference Tweet Remember! Twitter Basics Name
Hashtags "Among the major changes of our times, we do not wish to forget to emphasize the growing role being assumed by the media of social communication and their influence on the transformation of mentalities, of knowledge, of organizations, and of society itself.” Consider: Pope Paul VI
"A Call to Action"
1971 Remember: Social media is about trying things and taking risks. It is at its best when it is informal Twitter vs Facebook Web sites are your novels & factbooks -- the encyclopedia and place for folks to go
Facebook is your yearbook & newspaper -- a place for longer stories, pictures, and video
Twitter is your commercial -- snippets of information
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