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Alan Joy

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Valve

• Half-life: Source/Half-Life 2/Episode 1/Episode 2
• DOTA 2
• Team Fortress 2
• Portal/Portal 2
• Counter-Strike: Source/Global Offensive
• Left 4 Dead/ Left 4 Dead 2
• Day or Defeat: Source

• Target audience is PC gamers

• Valve and Steam is worth at least
$2.5 billion during 2012

• Makes large portion of the revenue earned by Steam sales

• Another part of Valve’s revenue comes from their own games

• This allows them to be on the top of the gaming market
• Makes the majority of their money from “Steam”

• Steam has over 4500 games available

• Has over 125 million steam accounts created

Organizational Structure
• Runs on a “Flat Organization”

• Freedom in work environment

• Currently has over 330 employees working for them

Mind map by Alan Joy
Background Information
Valve Corporation is an American video game company and digital distribution company
Was founded in 1996 by Microsoft employees, Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington
Their headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington
Marketing Strategy
Valve is more interested in becoming a "Video game bank"

Largely help their market by changing prices for games
Allowing and encouraging users to create content of their own
Leverage poor game developer

"Quality over deadlines"
Online Ads
Bill Boards
• This is because of the high amount of PC gamers over the years
Another audience is game developers (Young or old)
This is because both valve and the game developer have mutual benefits
• Located in Luxembourg

• is used to sell games to United Kingdom-based users to avoid paying a 20% GST

• They don’t release any form of info about their finance

• This is because they are a privately-held company
Valve S.A.R.L
• Has over 700 million copies of games to users world wide

• They also promote low selling games with promotion and sales

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