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The Seven Types of Land Use

No description

ari ochuba

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of The Seven Types of Land Use

By: Ari Ochuba 8-6 The Seven Types of Land Use Residential land use: A place where people reside or live in Agricultural Land Use: Places used to
grow plants like... Time for a journey deep in the Earth, here we goo!!!!!!.. The Absolute Buildings
in Mississauga... Houses in Brampton... Or even hotels in
Mississauga Apples... And Corn Industrial Land Use:
Industries and Factories Like the 'Chrysler' assembly
in Brampton or... Manufacturing plants in Toronto Commercial Land Use: Places that sell a product or service, base line: make money e.g... A McDonald's Restaurant and... A Nofrills Grocery Store Recreational land Use:
Places where the public can use facilities like swimming pools and tennis courts Cassie Campbell Community Centre... or biking routes in Toronto The University of Toronto Institutional Land Use: A place organized for a specific purpose like... And the Trillium hospital
In Mississauga Transportation Land Use:
Places that help you get from one place to another Subway Trains in Toronto Or Pearson Airport The End
Thanks for watching
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