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tuba yalcin

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of software

Security Software
It protects a computer system
from computer viruses
and related problems
3.3.Features of Application Software
Standard Interfaces
Edit and Format
Search Facilities
Protecting a Document
Help Files
Macro Capabilities

Software for schools
Communication software
Business software
Science and research
Applications for mobile devices

Most areas of science and research have their own specially developed software to analyse large volumes of information and help them in their quest for new knowledge.

-Expert Systems
-Artificial Intelligence
Other utilities work at the
application level
and include virus scanners, file sharing and compression software.
Internet Browser Software
Instant Messaging Software
File Transfer Programs
Remote Access Programs
Telephone and Fax Programs
Video Conferencing Software
The operating system is the first thing we see on the screen when we start up a computer.
App Inventor
A computer program or software tells it exactly what to do.
A computer program is a set of instructions to the computer which enables documents and data to be processed
-Adobe Photoshop CS5
-Microsoft Office
application software
operating system
utility software
Application Software consists of programs that tell a computer how to produce information such as performing a range of tasks in creating, editing, formatting and displaying documents. Some of the more commonly used packages are:
Word processing
Electronic spreadsheet
Presentation graphics
Web browsers
Increasingly, people are creating their own applications (apps) for mobile devices. These small applications can perform a single or limited task.
Some devices, such as Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), routers and traffic-light controllers, perform just one or two, sometimes complex tasks.
Their hardware has software embedded in it so that they are fast and reliable
An OS is a computer program that:

Controls the hardware of the computer,
Enables you to communicate with the computer.
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS
Utilities are often already installed on our computer when we buy it.

They are usually part of the system software, and work at the
operating system level.

They include functions such as creating directory structures, copying and deleting files, performing backups and altering system settings.

A utility program has a specific task to perform.

Usually for 'housekeeping' such as file management or virus protection.
Utilities (tools) are sometimes listed in the applications layer and sometimes in the operating system layer. It depends on the task they do.
System utilities focus on how the computer operates. These include a range of tools which might be used to protect a computer, or help a computer.
File management tools:
Windows Explorer or Apple's Finder provide convenient methods or performing routine tasks such as deleting, renaming, moving, copying and merging files.
Disk Management Tools:
These tools are used to organise the space available on large hard disks into areas called partitions.
They can make more disk space available.
Backup Software:

It is used to make sure that the work we do is regularly copied (backed up) to project against loss of data.
Systems Management Tools:

These tools used to ensure that a computer functions properly and help prevent computer operating systems from crashing.
Compression Tools:

Used to compress or 'squeeze' large files into a smaller size. Ex. WinRar, Winzip
Word Processing
E-mail Software
Project Management Software
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