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Javier Martinez Moronta's Portfolio


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Transcript of Javier Martinez Moronta's Portfolio

Curriculum Vitae JAVIER MARTINEZ Architect Mentions & Awards Experience U(r). Urban Strategies for Social and Spatial Reformulation

“Time and Cities” - Time and Infrastructure Elena Farini - Madrid-Lyon - 2011

Incipiens - Yearbook UFV 2012 - UFV Knowledges Academic Life What Can I Offer? Collaborations OCT12_TO THE PRESENT Community Manager ‘Arquitectura UFV’ Social Network’s Manager (Facebook, Twitter)
JUL12_ Fieldwork and Research - U(r)ban Replay Research Group UFV - Daniel Esguevillas
AUG11_ Responsible Volunteer WYD Madrid 2011
SEP10_ Collaboration ‘Summer Architectural Workshop’ - UFV
JUN10_ Collaboration ‘Proyecto Turismo Madrid’ - LOC Arquitectos
FEB08_ Student service AULA ‘08
NOV07_TO THE PRESENT Editor in chief and content director -CNPSR - www.cnpsr.com FEB13_ Bachelor of Architecture School of Engineering Univ. Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid)
JUN12_ Master in Architectural Creativity and Expression University Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid)
JUN07_ Bachiller Superior (Gerardo Diego Secondary School) Distinction Final Calification
JUN06_ “First Certificate” by OSL Pozuelo de Alarcón OCT10_ “UFV + Touza&Asociados” Contest - First Cycle
1st prize

JAN09_ “MAD about you” Pavilion Contest
1st prize

NOV09_ Touring exhibition - SWATCH
“100 looks over time in our cities”
Selected Video_ ‘Time+infrastructure’
Geneva (Switzerland).,`- Computers_
AutoCAD 2013 (MAC & Windows)
Sketchup Pro 8 (modeling and rendering VRay)
3d Studio Max (rendering)
Adobe Environment Photoshop_Illustrator_InDesign_
Windows Environment Windows XP_Vista_7_8/Office
Mac Environment
English B2 (Improving)
Spoken (high level)Written (medium_high level) This is a small sample of my work, expressed graphically, and part of what I am today as an architect.
What I can offer beyond what you have seen?
I like to describe myself as an active person, but aware that the challenge is an extra
incentive to improve.
Not knowing how to do something does not mean it can not be, but it is a starting point to
get rich by solving the difficulties. Fortunately, the quality of my knowledge today are not
full and that helps me to keep learning and striving.
I like to consider myself a person in a continuous process of improvement. So, embarking
on projects of varying magnitude is not a problem as all of them are useful for helping me to be more ambitious.
I like working in groups. Why? Because I think both in architecture and in life ‘always two
heads are better than one’ and understand that the architectural world in which we move
requires incredible creativity.
Contrasting views of others, consulting projects considering what others expect of me,
and what they can offer me, all of these are a mutual processes required to understand the basis of contemporary architecture.
I am a young, active, creative and I give the most of myself, struggling each day to be
better than the last. email_javier.mmoronta@gmail.com
Mobile_0034 607911819 SCHOOL WORKS 2009 2011 2012 2013 JUN07/11_ Scholarship Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Brilliant academic record

JAN09/10_ Academic Record Scolarship CAM

DEC05_ Christmas ContestAcetate+multicopy - 1st prize

JUN01_ Academic Record Scolarship CAM (Secondary) Other Mentions 23_years Based on the concept of the city perceived through the senses, we proposed an abstraction to show the city of Madrid. In order to understand it as a whole based only on senses.

The project is based on the implementation of five cubes. Each of these spaces represent a different image and sense of the city of Madrid.
By means of five sensations, both abstract and powerful, the visual, tactile, olfactory, taste and auditory modes attract the visitor.

The contest’s requirement, being architecture , allows simple and modular construction, easy to transport and adaptable to budget limitations. _1st Prize 'Mad About You' Contest Requested by the tutor, a video and a map of insertion in the environment was made.

Knowing the ‘genius loci’ of the place we realized the project’s key. The conclusion was to make a particular study of the lights and shadows.

It opened to us a network of paths, trails and borders between the natural and the artificial.

in this research a multi-sensory study is proposed. Reflecting an environment at Prince’s Gardens in Aranjuez, we developed a program as complex as multiprogrammatic. This was enabled by means of the
insertion of painting, sculpture
and sound. Arts & Enviroment _A+ NODES OF LIGHT Framed in the ‘Prince’s Gardens’ of Aranjuez, we were asked to create a performing arts school for southern Madrid.

The proposal begins with the observation and abstraction of synchrony of opposites. We analyzed the movement of lights and shadows across the screens of vegetable and flower gardens.

Light was transformed into architectural volumes and shadows into program elements, creating a plastic plant as attractive as functional.

The study agreed constructive viability, making possible the projective primitive forms
suggested at the beginning. Projects III _A+ “MAD ABOUT SENSES” MAPS-PROJECT TOOLS Contest and Architecture 'WINE & LANDSCAPE' It proposes the creation of a virtual idea’s contest for the insertion of a winery project into a consolidated landscape.

We chose La Rioja as the better place to imagine this winery.

The project was completely inserted in the environment making its formalization thanks to the contour lines to define the shape of the plant.

For creating a landscape, we opted for the design of a section inserted into the ground allowing thermal maintenance and energy savings.

The main facade, designed as a large lattice, allows a clear set of lights, reflections and shadows dominating the red-wine color.

It also created a consistent atmosphere with the idea of the project and the program developed. Contest _B+ 'PLADUR IBERICO' Contest In the 22nd national competition
‘Iberian Pladur’ the topic was the recovery
of ‘skeletons in the city’.

Applying the conditions of the theme, we proposed the creation of a transitional space.

The use of plasterboard as resilient element allows the generation of a volumetric addition multilayer cladding elements. We generated a modular volume through repetitive and unitarian elements.

The new spacial project allows the
coparticipation between the stairs and
the new program facilities. Industrial Design _B+ We have developed the ‘Tubular Chair’,
while working for the UFV in order to find a
solution to transform the furniture of the students
of Arts and Architecture.

The furniture is delivered to the customer as a tubular packaging that contains everything needed for assembly.

The user, employing the included items and thermoforming, creates the required shape
The seat comes complete with three sticks of wood that serve both as a coat rack, and support for the acoustic cones.

It gives a degree of privacy, if desired,
for the conversation among
the students who use it. TUBULAR CHAIR _A+ Urbanism Project _B 'WALKING AMONG THE REEDS' DEGREE'S FINAL PROJECT The CBP statement for 2012-2013 academic year is the recovery of the river Júcar as it goes through the town of Cullera (Valencia). With a comprehensive urban study supported by an investigation of the state of infrastructure in coastal cities, we decided to build a study center of aquaculture in the river mouth. This program associates a urban strategy as a linear park, relying on the power of the natural infrastructure as project’s base. Through knowledge and the inclusion of water in the project, we created a concatenated system of wetlands, inserting nature in the architecture. Thanks to an identity syllogism with native vegetation, we abstracted the formalization of the building, designed as a hybrid between public and private space.
The relation with the water powers the main concept and gives identity to the city and the river. This project has been done in parallel with CBP, it develops a urban planning project in the same locality.
This project is the study of the situation of the coastal cities. It concludes that the typological subdivision has generated large urban voids and difficult sociological recovery.
The strategy chosen is the recovery of the city boardwalk through the pedestrianization of the first band in contact with the beach.
This will protect the immediate environment through basic design decisions, promoting the urban rationality and achieving a recognizable tissue.
The solution consist in the development of successive phases. Promoting necessary urban programs (sportive, fun, economic, etc), all the separation is relinked by a unique projectual solution. 'CULLERA'
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