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Visual CV

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on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Visual CV

Passion and Interest
Work Experience

I have been all around the world - from Rio de Janeiro to Lapland, from Bangkok to New-York, from Mauritius to Rome, from St Petersburg to Cancun
. The next stop is London

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Lives In
86, Lancaster Court
Fulham Road

Dynamic, reliable and creative, during my professional experience I acquired qualities of autonomy and proactive initiative.
My professionalism, my interest in marketing and my sense of relationship are assets that I would like to share with your establishment.

Motivated and proactive, during my studies I had the opportunity to develop a broad sense of marketing knowledge and skills in order to manage marketing strategies that actually give results
- I was
Assistant Product Manager
at Sanchez. Here I gained a level of marketing research, brand performance analysis and regular benchmarking.
You can have a look at all my missions developed :

- Competitive intelligence
- Development of the product portfolio
- Implementation of marketing mix ( price, design , packaging, distribution)
- Regular market benchmark, brand performance analysis
- Development of promotional tools (Animation brand , street marketing , flyers distribution , goodies)
- Online strategy through Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram

- I was

Assistant Trade Marketing
at Traiteur de Paris. This role enabled me to gain customer experience with foreign customers, enhance my English skills and ensure my competencies in marketing research abroad. Below my main aims :

- Expansion of the international sales network and Customer database management (CRM)
- Administration of various E-mail marketing campaigns
- Development of the export trade policy and establishment of export marketing mix
- Reporting and construction of sales pitches (English and Spanish)
- Market research in different business units : Asia and Europe
- I was
Assistant Merchandiser

at Rainbow Wave during the Fashion week in Paris. Here I gained a level of merchandising, i had to highlight the brand and the products; an important role to ensure the presentation of the showroom for big clients.

- Product presentation
- Demand Analysis and relationship with store buyers in showroom
- Sales report
Programme Grande Ecole –Master degree
September 2013
ESC Rennes school of business –Rennes –France
Specialization in Marketing :
- Applied Marketing Research

(more information in the next slide)

- International Organisational Behaviour
- Strategic Management Fundamentals
- New Products & Brand Management
- Electronic business management

The Financial Times has published its Master in Management ranking 2014 and ESC Rennes came in this year at a very good 23rd place among the top 70 management schools in the world. ESC Rennes is particularly strong in the ranking criteria "Careers", "International mobility" and "International course experience".

International Bachelor Program in Management (IBPM)
September 2010-May2013
ESC Rennes school of business –Rennes – France
Sales and Marketing specialization
- Creating Business plan - Brainstorming
- Marketing research
- Sustainbale development, Business ethics
- Business to business marketing

This progressive vision underpinning the IBPM approach is fully consistent with a business and management study programme designed for future graduates. In this ever-changing, globalised world, the importance of lifelong learning across all situations cannot be overestimated.

Exchange semester in Rovaniemi
Lapland - Finland

une 2010 - Baccaauréat Economics and social sciences with Honours
Level of language :
- Fluent English (TOEIC : 805)
Since my second year of bachelor, all my classes are taught in English by foreign lecturers. Besides, I spent one semester in Finland where i had the opportunity to improve my english skills

- Advanced Spanish (level B1-2)
I study spanish for 8 years. Furthermore I have been several times in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.
- Advanced Pack office knowledge : Excel, Word, Power Point Access.
I studied ICTS (Information and communication technologies). Moreover I use all Pack Office tools during my internship.

Software of Customer relationship management

- Photoshop : Notion

- Social Networks and New technologies
Laura Mariault
21 years old
French native

- listening the new album of Alt-J
Photo in Rovaniemi - Lapland 2012

Why can I bring to SKOPOS ?
My aim in your company
- To get an insight into the market research industry
- To enhance my English skills
- To manage marketing strategies in a driven business environment
- To use my market research knowledge
My strengths
Open-minded, Curious, Willing to learn more, , Driven, Motivated, Cheerful, Focus

Why you should choose me ?
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Waiting for a position at SKOPOS - Really excited
Harworking, open-minded, and always willing to lean more , I think I could contribute in making your company, the place for people looking for an international experience in Marketing.
Available as soon as possible for a period of 6 months
This slide is an insight on my work at school in regards to marketing research.

Applied Marketing Research course had for the main objective to acquire knowledge in a specific Market, in regards to a specific target directed towards a problem that needs to be solved.
The aim was to analyze the current situation of a company in the real estate industry (internal and external environment, the current customers, market itself...)

With the usage of different tools we determined the possible opportunities and threats and how the company is dealing with them. The managerial problem of the company was to do not take account of exchange students compared to the number of them which is constantly increasing.

To solve the problem, we have made secondary data research in regards to the current internal position of the company ( the management, the culture, the previous strategy, the tactics...) and the external environment (PESTEL relevant factors, the demand with the quantitative and qualitative analysis as the consumer behavior, the consuption process, the determinants of choices...).

Then we have made a primary research based on the sampling method (our sample was Exchange students of my school, ESC Rennes). We did a questionnaire to analyze the demand compared to the offer of the company. After a strong analysis of the questionnaire's answers we have found several recommendations and limitations that the company must enhance and improve to succeed in this field. Please find enclosed with my visual CV the project.
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