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The Breadwinner

No description

Nigel Tims

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The Breadwinner

Recommendation Behind Parvana's stall is an apart and a mysterious woman lives in it, and she keeps throwing little gifts like beads and little pieces of fabric. To each other, they represent that a woman can make it in a man's world. Parvana once witnesses the window woman being harassed by someone. However, after the incident, Parvana continues receiving gifts. The window woman can see Parvana disguised as a boy successfully receiving money, and none of the men suspect her The Window Woman Parvana meets Shauzia One day, she meets a former female friend also dressed as a boy, named Shauzia, and together they attempt to start a new business to make more money. First they attempt bone digging, but it is dangerous and illegal. With the extra money they earned with these various jobs, they end up selling small goods such as cigarettes and gum to strangers.Shauzia lives with her mother and grandparents, who are constantly arguing. Shauzia hates this arguing in her family and wants to move to Paris, France. Shauzia and Parvana plan to meet up in 20 years atop the Eiffel Tower. Rescuing Homa and Finding Mrs.Weera One day, Parvana hears a woman crying at night. She brings the stranger home, avoiding the Taliban and their curfew. The woman is named Homa and stays in Parvana's apartment. She originates from Mazar-e-Sharif. After Parvana inquires why she's in Kabul, Homa answers that Mazar had been taken over by the Taliban. They raided the houses and killed citizens. After hearing the news, Parvana worries about her family.
One day, before Parvana was turned into a boy, she runs away from the Taliban and encouters a family friend
Mrs.Weera, a former gym teacher. Mrs. Weera moves
in Parvana's house and supports their family. Mrs.
Weera is the one who decides to transform
Parvana. We would recommend the book Breadwinner because it is a very engrossing, and entertaining page turner. Parvana is a strong character who showed much bravery and kindness by dressing as a boy in front of the much feared Taliban and bringing home sad strangers left alone on the street. Whether you like action, adventure, or just a good read in general, this book is suitable for YOU. By: Deborah Elllis THE BREADWINNER . Parvana Parvana is an eleven year old Afghan girl who was forced to turn into a boy after her father was taken away by the Taliban for receiving a foreign education.
In the diorama, Parvana can be seen dressed as a boy (acting as her cousin Kaseem from Jalalabad) sitting in her fathers old market stall. Before her father was taken away, he used to sell his furniture as well as translate letters. Parvana learned from her father and was able to continue his profession after he left, eaerning enough money to feed her family.
Parvana's mother, her sister Nooria, and siblings Maryam and Ali move to Mazar-e-Sharif so Nooria can get married and recieve a better education.
The Breadwinner takes place in Afghanistan, when the Taliban had the greatest influence, before America arrived.
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