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The Dual Shaker Bottle

No description

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Dual Shaker Bottle

Buy Yours Today and Experience the Versatility!
What is the Dual Shaker Bottle?
A 25 0z. shaker bottle that gives people the ability to drink two different liquids from two separate sides of the shaker with two separate caps on top
Contains a small twisted dispenser on the bottom of the shaker that carries protein powders, supplement powders, and any kinds of small nutritious food
Has two degraders on each side of the shaker that is positionally placed on the top inside of the shaker to support mixing with powders and liquids
Waterproof for storage and temperature controlled so it can stay cool for long periods of time
What problem does it solve?
This shaker will be easy to clean and will be designed to make it hand washable
People would not need to bring two shaker bottles or drinks with them and instead can just pour both drinks all into this shaker
The small dispenser will be convenient and useful because people can store anything they want (fruits, almonds, protein powders, supplement powders, etc.) and they won't need to bring an extra shaker or small bag which is tedious
Will have no leaks at all when drinking two different liquids from two different sides
It can fit in any cup holders whether in the car or on typical gym equipments
People who workout at the gym
Those who want to stay in shape and healthy
Individuals who go to school and or work
Any people who can find it useful anywhere they travel
I will sell my product at big health, department, and virtual retail stores to help sell my product such as:
Vitamin Shoppe
Potential Patents and Licensing
Since there are various shaker bottles out in the industry and many companies are trying to make their shakers as terrific and similar to leading competitors, a patent and licensing choice would be practical
For example, a company such as BlenderBall which is the most innovative and top well known business and brand for their shakers could be suitable
The Dual Shaker Bottle
By Aaron Chung
Possible Future Steps
Overtime, as this shaker achieves successful sales, I would be able to sponsor athletic athletes to help promote my product to all of their followers and supporters
This will lead to more hype, exposure, and generate profit to my product
I believe no other company would be able to match with this idea which will help the company stand out even more and be on the top of the industry based on its capabilities and uniqueness
The Building Process
I would need an investment to produce a prototype of this shaker bottle so that I can observe how durable and effective it is
After I detect anything that needs to be improved I would then finalize the actual product and market it to consumers and retail distributors
All of this can be accomplished by increasing capital from investors
The Dual Shaker Bottle is you solution!
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