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The Jackhammer

No description

Aaron Reckinger

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The Jackhammer

Reservoir/Receiver Tank
Type: Air Hydraulic Intensifier

Pressure: 60 to 100 psi

Mode of Operation: Turn low pressure
entered air into high pressurized air
to create more power.
Transmission Lines
Location: On the PKG Compressor and the drill itself

Operating Pressures: It operates within the range of 0-185 cfm
Type: Pile Driver

Location: Center of Jackhammer

What is Controlled: Controls movement of drill bit with varying air pressure
Device Description
A jackhammer is a pneumatic or electro-mechanical tool that combines a hammer directly with a chisel. It is used to drill hole and destroy concrete. The Jackhammer uses compressed air as the power source. It uses an Air hose to allow proper compression throughout all of the drill. The jackhammer also is extremely loud and distributes 100 Decibels in 2 meters
The Jackhammer
By:Aaron Reckinger
Type: Pressure Filter

Location:Located in the PKG Compressor

Function: Eliminates water from the
compressed air and also unwanted dirts.
Additional Components




Air Inlet Circuit:
Monitors the temperature
at which the air is being
put in.

Piston: Moves up and down
to allow the drill/hammer
to deliver continuous blows
with high power

Air Outlet Circuit:
Monitors the temperature
at which the air is being
put out.
Type: Compressor PKG

Location: Separate machine

Capacity:185 cfm compressor
Type: Check Valve

Location: Right where the air enters

What is Controlled: Controls the
air flow and makes sure no air
comes back through the machine.
Check Valve:

Transmission Line


Pile Driver:


Air Outlet Circuit:
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