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No description

Caitlyn Matheny

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Hercules

Mythological Lens
Hercules: Hero as a warrior
faces physical challenges: Hercules and the 12 Labors
Hades is his enemy
Could be Transcendent Hero
Meg/his feelings is his downfall
Heroic Journey: quest for Identity
"Go the Distance" song
Find his true parents
The Feminist within an Ancient Story
Philoctetes/Phil: The Struggle Between Beast and Human Nature
In the Disney movie,
, Phil is a satyr: a creature that is half-goat and half-human. Throughout the film, Phil acts as Hercules' trainer and mentor to help him achieve his dream of becoming a true hero and thus a god; this, in turn, would allow Hercules to return home to Mt. Olympus. During the duration of the movie though, Phil struggles between his human nature and with his animal nature.
New Criticism Lens
Definition: Literary criticism based on close analysis of the work
By closely analyzing the literary devices contained in this film, film watchers are able to understand the film on a deeper level.
The Disney Perspective

By Caitlyn Matheny and Emily Salmon
Throughout the Disney movie
, the leading female character and Hercules' love interest, Meg, is a sarcastic, quick-witted, audacious, new-age girl placed in the era of archaic Greece. In the movie, she exemplifies a modern day woman instead of a traditional woman.
Upside down buildings: meaning chaos/otherworldly
Blue, Grey, Black colors: depressing atmosphere
Hades Blue Hair: flares up when angry (shows his control
The Scene with Nessus and how Hercules and Meg meet
Argues with Nessus, does not call for help
Tells Hercules she can "handle this" sardonically
Meg never thanks Hercules for "saving" her
Is super sarcastic with him
Does not seem impressed by his masculinity
Jokes around with him, instead of fawning all over him
You would expect her to be a sort of Southern Belle
Why Meg is not a Traditionalist
Meg gave her heart and soul away to be with a man and he moved on to a different girl. In Ancient Greece, she probably would have moved on or died; instead, Meg feels the modern-day capacity to just shield her emotion of love. This blockage thus causes her to be more sarcastic and not impressed with men. The audience sees her as confident and not frivolous.
Examples within
"Animals. Disgusting!" Phil says this when Pegasus licks him, but this quote is ironic due to the fact that he is partially an animal.
When the man in the square in Thebes is making fun of Phil, he gets angry and starts scraping his hind foot like an animal (specifically a bull); however, when in the actual fight, Phil instead throws punches like a human.
Phil tries to explain to Hercules that Meg is pretending that she is in love with him, but Hercules does not believe him and they become belligerent with each other so Phil decides to leave. This separation demonstrates not only how Hercules looks down on Phil possibly because he is an animal, but also shows Phil's animal instinct to leave, who his in his eyes, a weaker member of the group.
This video is what is called "fandubbed", where a person replaces the voice of the character and inserts their own voice instead. Also Meg's backstory is towards the end of the video. There was no original movie clip available.
These two scenes of the movie demonstrate the aforementioned qualities in the last circle.
Only the clip when Hercules and Meg talk after Hercules rescues her is available.
Symbols:Olympus and Earth
Cloud Olympus: dreamlike quality
Illuminated outline: Godlike
Contrast between Underworld and Olympus cements sense of good vs evil
Lily given to Meg:'forever'
Nike Shoes
Workout videos
Sports drinks
above help compare Hercules to a celebrity
Scar from Lion King
Indoor Plumbing
"Indoor plumbing-it's gonna be big".
Allusions allow the audience to relate to the film on a deeper level
Hero's Journey
Hercules leaves his home to find his parents/identity
Meets his father (Zeus) who tells him he must be a hero to be with his parents
3:Roads of Trials
Finds Phil who teaches him how to be a hero
Goes through 12 Labors
4:Innermost Cave
Goes into the Underworld to save Meg by sacrificing himself
Reborn as a god;became a hero/god by saving Meg
Hero's Journey
Roads of Trials
Innermost Cave
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