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Saving Home

No description

Patricia Lòpez Lòpez

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Saving Home

We can save energy if we turn off the lights when we don`t use it.
If they smoke, they throw smoke and pollute the environment.
If we want to save our world we have to start now, what will you do?
If we reuse the things we have at home, we can stop polluting our environment.
What would you do to heal our home?
We can stop polluting the air if we use less cars and walk or use bikes more.
If we throw trash in the streets, we can cause a flood when it rains.
If people in all cities around the world take care of their home planet Earth, they had the opportunity to see, which may have a beautiful home without destruction by the pollution.
If we continue logging, we going to end with the oxygen that we have to live.
If factories throw chemical waste into the seas and oceans, will end the lives of all the fish and animals that dwell.
If they cut a tree, they should plant two more.
We know that Mother Earth is our home ,but...
What are we doing to take care of her?
Every day around the world we are destroying the home of thousands of animals and our home too.
We have to start worry about our home right now, after can be to late.
If we recycle leaves, deforestation decreases.
Only us have the solutions, its your decision your responsibility, start now tomorrow will be to late...
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