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Ant Intelligence

No description

Mr. Stack

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Ant Intelligence

Ant Intelligence-Navigation
One of the main features of ant intelligence is navigation. They rely on sun position,
of odors, step counting, ground texture, wind direction,
light, and many more ways to navigate than humans. They can also
, finding the direction that they were traveling in.
-Jeremy & DAsh
Ant Intelligence-Food
Most ants work as long as possible to get food for the colony/queen.(What a hog!) The poor workers only get to come back when they are exhausted and starving. They only get a bite to eat and a little to rest, then they go to find more food.
Ant Intelligence- Food part 2
If they find food, they leave a pheromone path that signifies to other ants to come to that food source. Each time another ant comes to follow the faint pheromone path, it leaves another pheromone path, which keeps on attracting more and more ants.

Intro:Why We Chose Ants
We had to a study of a part of a brain or an animal's brain, so we chose ants. The reason for that is because we were interested in how ants can communicate without making a sound. Or so we thought, they actually make squeaks that the human ears can't hear. Back to the subject, we were also interested in how the ants can memorize all the tunnels in their home.
Ant Intelligence- Brain Power
No one gives orders to the colony. Do you know why? Because all ants understand the problem and knows how to solve it. (Unless they didn't face these problems before.) Say if part of the nest falls or caves in, a part of the colony will go to fix it.
Ant Intelligence-Brain Power Part 2
Another very important and amazing ability of ants is that they know how to quarantine themselves. Quarantine basically means isolate themselves, which means to separate themselves, and die if they have a illness. What this does is keeps infection from spreading throughout the entire colony.
Ant Intelligence-VIDEO, we know its what you where waiting for. :)
Any questions or comments?
(Go easy on us.)
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