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1.02 Psychology Applied

No description

Brittany Shea

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of 1.02 Psychology Applied

How Psychology Benefits Society and Improves the Lives of the People in it
1.02 Psychology Applied
The aim of Health Psychologists is to discover a relationship between behaviors of individuals and their health. This can be applied to society by figuring out why a group of people with a common characteristic suffer from the same illness.
The aim of Education Psychologists is to train teachers, using psychological concepts, to improve the strategies they use for student learning.
The aim of Positive Psychology is to focus on helping an individual achieve happiness. This can help create and promote a more optimistic environment.
Aim of Positive Psychology and How it's Applied
Clinical Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Personality Psychology
Social Psychology
Health Psychology is the focus on how biological, social, and psychological factors influence health and illnes of specific groups or individuals
Health Psychology
Education Psychology is the use of research to develop theories about teaching and learning.
Positive Psychology is a branch of applied psychology that focuses on helping individuals achieve happiness.
Education Psychology
Positive psychology
Subfields May Include:
Aim of Education Psychology and How it's Applied
Link for Additional Information
Aim of Health Psychology and How it's Applied
Link for Additional Information
What is health psychology?
What is Education Psychology?
Subfields May Include:
Clinical Psychology
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Personality Psychology
Social Psychology
Subfields May Include:
Clinical Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Personality Psychology
Social Psychology
School Psychology
What is Positive Psychology?
Link for Additional Information
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