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Writing a Resume

Step-by-step suggested process of information to include on a Resume (for Freshmen).

Josh Flores

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of Writing a Resume

Resumes Quick Write! There's only room for one more on my escape pod.

I need the best and brightest to start a new civilization!

Create a list of all your talents to convince me you deserve a seat on my escape pod! THINK
SHARE outlining
resume 1. Name Address Phone # E-mail use the phone number you're most easily able to be reached if you're still using the email you setup when you were 10 yrs. old, it's probably time to grow up do not use emails such as... kitty_chic42g@gangsta.net hot4u32@kidsclub.com rainbows_n_bubblyum@teddybearmountain.org 2. Complete a list of all your Middle school and High school activities 3. List any work you've been paid for and your position 4. List extracurricular activities including clubs and offices held and volunteer work with non-profit groups or church.
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