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No description

Gigi Guyton

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of MARKETING


Tourism occurs when one leaves their normal surroundings where they live and work to go to another environment to engage in
there, regardless of how close or how far it is.
They are a
, and what they
do while visiting

Thank you for Coming!
Any Questions?

Marketing Action Step #9:
Always Evaluate
presented by

Were you satisfied?
How would you rate the value?
Purpose of your visit?
How did you make your reservation?

How did you hear about us?
Pre-arrival / Arrival Experience?
Speed / Accuracy of service?

How likely would you be to recommend us?
How likely will you be to use our services/book with us again?
Demographics - Household income, Age, etc.
Where else will you visit?

Marketing Action Step #3

Develop Three Customer Personas and Evaluate Your Marketing For Their Needs...

A fictitious set of tourists...


You Can't Be All Things To All Tourists...
Meet Mr. and Mrs. Winnebago and
their dog Zipper

Retired, one dog
Living lifelong dream of visiting America's National Parks in their travel trailer
Mrs. W. is the travel planner, navigator
Zipper has been their trusted friend for 10 years, and they would never leave home without him
Given Zipper's age, they want to make sure his needs are met
Once You've Developed Customer Personas Ask:

What Are Their Pain Points?

How Can You Help?

Get In Their Heads And Ask, "Would They Like It?"

Find Out Where They Get Information

WinnebagoLife App
Any Other Ideas???
Marketing Action Step #1

Become Mobile Responsive NOW!
An Expedia.com® study released in January:

"Travelers now consider
the smartphone
to be the single most indispensable item they carry with them when they travel, ahead of their toothbrush, deodorant and driver’s license."
Marketing Action Step #4: Include Video Content

Video Tours can create
more bookings, and
improved Google ranking

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine
Marketing Action Step #2:

Call To Action !!!
Marketing Action Step #5: Use Good Photography

Travelers are attracted to sharp images, compelling shots, and like to see what they are purchasing

Bad photography makes your efforts look careless and sloppy.

Run a contest in your community or with your clients for the best photos to use on your website

Marketing Action Step #6:
Know That Reviews = Bookings

Marketing Action Step #7


Build content by offering information about heritage and local activities

Offer package deals with other businesses

Include arts, culinary suggestions, and culture
Marketing Action Step #8:

Capture Emails...And Use Them
Social Media Stats:

72% of online American adults use Facebook

31% of online adults use Pinterest
(44% of those are women)

Instagram — 28% of adult internet users

Pew Research Center
2 Billion Smartphones were in use in 2015
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