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Introducing Mahara - MMM-Up 2013

Presentation about the introduction of Mahara as a platform at Ricarda-Huch-Schule, Dreieich, Germany.

Thorsten Gross

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Introducing Mahara - MMM-Up 2013

Notions +
Examples Mahoodle? Targets: RHS What does this mean
for our school? Here we explain
what it's about. Where is it going to?
To more know-how - but what about? When will we have Mahara and
why is Moodle concerned? Something new?
Isn't Moodle
enough? ePortfolio Testplatform Sense and Purpose? What is an ePortfolio?
Origin of the idea to use Mahara
Possible applications (school) / Examples
Application for emploiment
Moodle and Mahara as combination at the RHS
Thanks and Questions Idea 2010 - Paedagogic Day
"Kommunication" - Moodle Improvements concerning Moodle
Demand of students to create and design something within the CMS
Moodle too much „controlled by teachers“ ePortfolio ePortfolio as a reflexion
(f.e. Blog)

ePortfolio for rating
(schoolwork from teachers)

ePortfolio as presentation
(illustrations for others)

ePortfolio of own development
(documentation of ones own
development) Maori language: to think

CMS (comp. Facebook)

Intregration with Moodle Functions Profile

(Videos, Audiofiles, Pictures, Tables, Texts)


(Groups) Learning diary (Reflexion)

Reports of work placement


(Art, out-of-school
dedication - e.g.
fire brigade,...) Possible applications at school Advancing students by teachers
Reflexions of working/project groups
f.e. school magazine group
Preparation for exams Online-reports with multimedia
elements (Photos, Videos,..) Online-Application

Special activities Summary: University 2. Example "Learning-Diary" click on link: Mahara appears in Moodle-window! former: click on picture: Mahara appears
in new tab beside Moodle! Change
Moodle - Mahara
"rhs-online" (old) Tripart: Menu-construction 2. Menu
with Tabs § Rights and obligations Using conditions =
rules of the school (RHS) Thanks to:
- Sieglinde Jakob-Kühn Looking for an introduction?

Apply to the admins!

Thank you for watching. Every teacher and every student has

the possibility to use ePortfolios

50 MB available for (legal ) files

rights an obligations (!) !! Possibilities Fraport AG Uni Düsseldorf, TU Darmstadt, Uni Kassel, Uni Leipzig, Uni Koblenz-Landau 1. 2. 3. 4. 2 testplatforms of eduserver Hessen Mahara + Moodle (Vers.) 2 Reflexion Advancement of
the ability to reflect Course
controls Learning Person
controls Reflected Lerning
-> Responsability Structured learning within the course
-> rating Content Strukture (?) Access appplication for employment oodle Mahara Students can work
creatively! - Mahara-Prezis from: Martin Hofmann
Uwe Klemm
Henning Hach Dokumentation + illustration of process and product, i.e. of ones own development of knowledge and skills
- in certain time
- for certain purpose Quelle: Haefele:
http://www.e-portfolios.org/e-portfolio-grundlagen.html Used sources:

http://www.e-portfolios.org/e-portfolio-grundlagen.html Prezi made by T. Groß "Online-application for employment is on the rise ..." online-application-portal of Lufthansa
as example Workplacement (Student of Sigi) Example: Frankfurt-University Now:
connection Link to get to Mahara/Moodle2 New symbol What is Mahara? An offer for teachers and students of communication and reflexion
of self organisation of content
of the digital presentation
of knowledge/skills Goal
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