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Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

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Riley Worland

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology Advantages and Disadvantages
Cell Phones
people are updated on the latest news
Younger children (2-5) can learn several things such as problem solving and math on Kid's Shows
Watch latest movies and episodes
Technology Advantages and Disadvantages
Technology has improved dramatically and has been able to things that we never thought could be possible, but humans have spoiled the technology opportunities and have done things that did not happen before technology was around.
More miles per gallon/ less money.
Move Faster and are much safer.
Easier ways to navigate.

5 million car crashes have occurred due to car's malfunctioning.
paying to much attention to car features such as GPS and getting into car crashes.
allows people communicate much easier and more frequent.
allow people to play games and listen/buy music.
surf the internet and apps.
encourages texting and driving which may result in fatal car crashes
1,160,000 people get into car crashes due to texting and driving.
distracts people from doing things such as school work or job work.

allows people to surf the internet quickly
people may get education
63 percent of colleges have an online courses
play games and movies
are now portable and is an easy way to study

people may have eye strain from staring at screen to long
highly expensive
depend on computers too much
Over 25 percent of teens say that they have been cyber-bullied
Infants and Toddlers ( newborn- 2 years) have a greater chance of having ADHD or ADD
Less sleep because people are either watching movies or playing games
May also cause Eye strain
Even though technology has helped society go to new heights, it can still be misused. Use technology appropriately!
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