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FNAF cell

No description

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of FNAF cell

Lights are like the ribosomes because lights give off electromagnetic energy
Ribosomes produce energy for the cell
security room
the security office is like the nucleus because it controls and watches everything that happens inside.
The Parts Room
the parts room is like the lysosomes because the parts room changes out the old parts in the animatronics like the lysosomes change the cell.
the doors are like the cell membrane because they control what comes in and goes out.
The Hallways
The hallways are like the endoplasmic reticulum because the animatronics go through to get from place to place
Automation System
The automation system (in theory) powers the animatrionics like mitochondria powers the cell.
The gifts in a party room are like the Golgi body and vesicles because the presents are packaged in wrapping paper then moved to the party room where they are stored until they going to be opened.
This proses is similar to the Golgi body and vesicles because the vesicles are packaged by the Golgi body and stored until the vesicles are ready to be used
Thanks for watching
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