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Disconnect to Connect

No description

Lourydie Palma-Velasco

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Disconnect to Connect

yes or no?
We are connected to more people in more ways than ever before.
But is the quality of our relationships better off?

Quantity vs. Quality
or swith user?
Instead of allowing your digital world to control you,
take control of your relationships by fully engaging yourself in undistracted, non-digital connecting time with your family and friends
. When it comes to your relationships, perhaps it is time to tune in and
log off
Log off
Disconnect to Recharge.

Think about nothing for 10 minutes. I have practiced this every morning since I was discharged, and I have found myself to have more focus, have better control of my emotions, and harness more creativity throughout the entire day.
plug or unplug?
Manage your technology.
It is just the extraordinary availability and magnetism of electronic communication devices. It can feel at times that
our technology is managing us and not the other way around
Disconnect to Connect
Socially Offline, Personally Online
connect with wifi or wife?
We cannot go anywhere without our digital devices, be it our smart phones, our computers, or other digital devices. In fact, it seems we are increasingly in a constant state of readiness to connect, do face-time, email, text or play one of a million addictive digital games. However, while
the quantity, speed and reach of our ability to connect in the community continue to increase at a dizzying pace, the "quality" of our connection with each other is diminishing.
Quality of our connection
Disconnect to be Creative.

If you want to think creatively, start connecting less with digital devices, and more with your brain - for there is simply no replacement for that device.
Disconnect Bytes for more Life.

Don't sacrifice the act of being social "offline" in order to be social "online".The depth and extent of real-life connections - your loved ones, your family, and your friends, are more precious than your Facebook likes and your Instagram uploads.
Disconnect to Engage your Subconscious.

Sleep More. Don't lose sleep over a problem you can't solve. Sleeping on a problem you can't solve will give you better answers the next morning.
Do an eye contact check. The next time you are talking with your friend, spouse, or co-worker, be self-aware enough to determine if you are looking directly into their eyes, or looking down at your smart phone while quasi-listening? Maintain eye contact and watch your conversations improve.
Disconnect to listen to your Intuition.

Creativity is a function of insight and intuition. If you don't tune out your distractions, you can't connect with your inner voice- and you simply can't tap into your intuition. Creativity is less of a random spark of genius, but more of a life-skill honed by discipline and your inner
Set it down, walk away. Physically set your smart phone, computer, iPad or other said digital device down, put it away, and literally walk away from it at least 3 times a day.
Choose a time to unplug. Set an alarm at a pre-determined time every day that signals an exact time when you unplug and detach from the digital world. This means you are no longer available through your digital devices for the rest of that day or night.
Ask for accountability. Invite your spouse, friend or roommate to keep you accountable in setting a pre-determined time to unplug and detach from your digital world.
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