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Courteous Expressions in Telephone Conversation

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Xiid Alipio

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Courteous Expressions in Telephone Conversation


Write a telephone conversation based on the following situations. Choose only one situation.
1. You forgot your assignment notebook in school. Call a classmate asks about your assignment in Mathematics.
2. Answer a call for your father who is not home.
3. Answer the telephone for someone who calls a wrong number.

Courteous Expressions in Telephone Conversation


Start any telephone conversation by introducing yourself: "Hello, this is Peter Jones. If you answer the phone and the caller fails to identify himself, you can say: "May I ask who's calling, please?"
Leaving a message

When the person you're calling isn't available, be prepared to leave a message. You might use voice mail (a digital voice recording system) or an answering machine (a machine that records messages onto a tape). If you're talking to an operator, they'll ask: "Would you like to leave a message?" Or you can say, "May I leave a message?" Be sure to leave your phone number if you want the person to return your call. This is called a call back number.
Remember your manners

It's very important to sound polite on the telephone. Use phrases like , 'Could you', and 'Please' when making requests. And always remember to finish a conversation with 'Thank you' and 'Goodbye'!
What are the points to remember telephone conversation?
Do you have a phone?

What is the use of a telephone?

How do you talk to person and relay a message using telephone?

Good, goodbye, thank you, Speaking, glad

Asking for someone / Making a request

If you're calling to talk to a specific person, then phrase your request as a polite question, e.g. "May I speak to Rachel Smith, please?" When you have an extension number but no name you can say: "Could I have extension number 635?" But if you're calling with a specific purpose, then a statement works best: "I’m calling to make a reservation."
Complete the telephone conversation below. Chose the correct courteous expressions in the box.

Mina: Hello, _____ morning. May I talk to Nona?
Nona: This is Nona, _____.
Mina: I’m _____ your home. How about joining me and my sister in an indoor game at our place on Saturday?
Nona: That will be great. I’ll come over at two o’clock in the afternoon. _____.
Mina: We will wait for you. _____.

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