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13 Colonies PowerPoint Project

No description

Cydney Moe

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of 13 Colonies PowerPoint Project

Cydney Moe
Period 8
Grade 7 Georgia The 13 Colonies All About Georgia The Starting of Georgia Map Facts of Georgia Georgia Images Interesting Facts: Georgia What is the purpose of Georgia? Why was it started? Georgia was started for people in debt. It gave many people a place to start over. Georgia was there to help anyone in need of homes, resting places, or land. James Oglethorpe made Georgia the one place that people could go to be happy and carefree. In Georgia what was impossible in other places, was possible there. Georgia was a place of many farmers. The most known job of people in Georgia was a farmer or slave. In Georgia the children had many chores to do. They were treated the same or similar to adults and had to do manual work. Georgia had a moderate education. Children were taught young and had to work as adults. These are some pictures of how Georgia was as a colony back in the 1700s. Georgia's old lighthouse and Lake Sydney Lanier. Georgia is a very interesting colony. There are many things about it that is unknown to many people. Georgia was named after King George of England. In 1776 Georgia's population was about 40,000 people. Also, the sweetest onion in the world can only be found in two fields in Georgia. The founder of Georgia was James Oglethorpe. He was a former military leader. James Oglethorpe was a British Anglican. Anglicans are based on Catholic and Christian beliefs. Georgia was founded in the year of 1732 but became a royal colony in 1752. Living in Georgia Some bordering colonies of Georgia are North and South Carolina. Georgia has plenty of major rivers and lakes. These are such as the Broad River, Flint River, or Lake Sydney Lanier. A major town in Georgia was Savannah. Resources www.google.com
www.50states.com Native Americans of Georgia The Native Americans that occupied Georgia before it was founded were the Cherokee tribe. Another tribe named the Creek tribe, also known as the Muskogee tribe lived there. They both had separate languages, beliefs, and cultural decisions.
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