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The Spiritual Child


Roy Leighton

on 10 June 2012

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Transcript of The Spiritual Child

How to build a butterfly. Quantum Mechanics Spiral Dynamics The Brain The Benefits Life is about creation. This ability of life to
create itself is captured in the Greek word,
autopoiesis (meaning self-production or self-making.

Autopoiesis is life's fundamental process for creating
and renewing itself, for growth and change. "A living system is a network of processes
in which every process contibutes to all other processes.
The entire network is engaged together in producing itself."

Capara Do not try and make complicated things simple.
But not not make simple things complicated.

Clare W. Graves You cannot get your head to work if
your heart's not working first.

Dr A. Curran Fractals Fractals are complex by virtue of their infinte detail and unique mathematical properties
(no two factals are the same), yet they're simple because they can be generated through successive applications of simple iterations...It's a brand new reductionism...utterly unlike the old reductionism, which seeks complexity as build up out of simple forms, as an intricate bulding is made out of a few simple shapes or bricks. Here the simple iteration in effect liberates the complexity hidden within it, giving access to creative potential. Chaos When a system is nonlinear and webbed
with feedback loops, repetition feeds the
change back on itself, causing it to amplify and grow. Strange Attractors The system suddenly takes off
in unexpected directions or
responds in surprising ways. Chaos is order
without predictability.

T. J. Cartwright From classical science, our culture has come to believe that small differences average out, that slight variances converge toward a point, and that approximations can give a fairly accurate picture of what might happen.

But chaos theory exposes the nonlinear dynamics, which in no way resemble the neat charts and figures we have drawn so skillfully. Students Staff Leadership Consistency of approach Personalised learning Confidence Apply key skills accross all subject areas Fulfill National Strategies Simple (but not simplistic) SEAL Same model used for learning, School Development Plan,
Strategy, Staff Development and communication Parents It's the brain stupid! Every Child Matters Creative curriculum Survival - Why am I doing this? Tribal - Who is in my team and are we working well? Self - What is my goal, role, challenge and gain? Order - What is the plan, process or objective? Enterprise -the personal challenge. Community - Sharing the success and creating networks of support (beyond the tribe) . Interconnected - Review. Higher order thinking Creative/Emotional intelligence Applied skills Spiritual intelligence Cycle of evolution opportunity experience learning The block to evolution fear false expectations appearing real Multiple Intelligences Take the first step in faith. You do not have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. Martin Luther King How to improve your memory by 400% Passion Structure Imagination Review interdependent prezi.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OujtZzqiD48 calculator
Barack Obama What is intelligence? Albus Dumbledore The Spiritual Child Building an holistic learning environment Roy Leighton Independent Thinking Ltd Session Aims:

Explore the four aspects of spirituality and how these can be used to support chidren in their learning and personal development.
Review the five keys for life-long learning.
Personal reflection and goals for the comming term. The S.W.I.F.T. model What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What, then, are my areas for improvement? What am I going to focus on? What, then, is my task? calculator
Barack Obama Ely Schools Partnership 20 April 2010 By far our greatest motivation is not to gain pleasure or to avoid pain but rather to see meaning.

Victor Frankl
Mans Search For Meaning Endevouring to make sense of what we don't understand Discovering self Self Expression A sense of awe and wonder
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