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what kind of girl are you

find out what kind of girl you are

aubrey fischer

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of what kind of girl are you

WHAT KIND OF GIRL ARE YOU? this is the quiz where you can find out what kinda girl you are.Just fill this out correctly ond you will find out at the end. P.S. you will need a peice of paper. 1. do you think you are more . . . . . . . a. shy b.funny c. outgoing d. a leader 2. do you think you are more like a . . . . . . a. mouse b. lion c. shark d. dog 3. how do you like to wear your hair? a. long b. diffrent every day c. short d. ponytail 4. what is your favorite girl name? a. brooke b. mollie c. zoe d. natalie 5. what is your favorite boy name? a. will b. brian c. ryan d. darren 6. what do you do after school? a. listen to muisc b. talk to friends on the phone c. homework d. have friends over 7. what would you like to get from your boyfriend? a. earings b. purse c. book d. tickets to a concert 8.what is your favorite kind of candy? a. lollypop b. chocolate bars c. skittles d. bubble gum what kind of accessory is best for you?

a expensive broch
b sparkly purse
c a pin
d a soccer ball
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