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BBC Prezi!!

No description

Sannah Iqbal

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of BBC Prezi!!

Investments and Profits
Audiences and Demographics
The target audience is very versatile. This is because the BBC shows many programmes which target every audience of all ages.

The BBC programmes have to be appropriate so that it can be watched by everyone, in order to gain popularity otherwise not all ages would be able to watch the channel.

From research it is clearly visible that the demographics are for everyone. From children to adults, to male and female.
Accessibility and Technology
Revenue and Income
Every house that owns a TV has to pay for a TV license that costs approximately £140.
Programmes BBC invest in
The BBC supply merchandises that many people can buy. Some of the products they store are: DVDs, toys and games, books etc.
By looking at the website it is clearly visible that most of the products are for children. We can infer that the BBC have to produce children product in order to get money from the public.

Some of the products that they produce
are: box sets (DVD), Doctor Who merchandises, and many more. However majority of the merchandises are based on Doctor Who
BBC is very accessible. As houses have to pay TV License we get BBC in exchange. The BBC comes in many platforms such as: our mobile phones, laptops, TV, tablets and many more.
From the BBC website they have concluded that by the end of two years (2014 and 2015) they will have earned from £4,722million to £4,808million
BBC Presentation
TV license helps fund BBC to earn profit
Income is sometimes used instead of the word revenue: some people refer to the rent they receive as rent income. Generally, accountants use the word income to mean "net of revenues and expenses." For example, a retailer's income from operations is sales minus the cost of goods sold minus operating expenses.
This video symbolizes that every programme is meant for everyone and it is versatile and appropriate for all ages
The only way BBC has
ownership is through the money they get from TV licenses and commercial channels
Public Broadcasting Commitment
The BBC is accountable for a number of public commitments each year, including programming and production quotas, service licence commitments, and promises made as part of its Statements of Programming Policy
Most programmes are regulated by Ofcom and so there is an agreement between the two which has to be taken into consideration when showing programmes on BBC.
This chart shows how the money from the TV license funds.Some of them are for different platforms such as: TV, radio, online and others.
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