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Arthur's Project- 5 By: Anthony Aspell

anthony aspell

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Arthur's

By: Anthony Aspell Wentwort Cheswell Wentworths's life April 11, 1746 Wentworth was born March 8, 1817 Wentworth dies Richard Cheswell, Wentworth's grandfather, becomes the first African American to own land in New Hampshire. October 18, 1717 September 13, 1767 Wentworth marries Mary Davis 1768 Wentwoth is elected town constable making him the first African American to hold public office April 1776 Wentorth signs a document where he pleged to take up arms against the british September 29, 1777 Wentworth enlists in the revolution October 17, 1777 Wentworth battles at Saratoga October 31, 1777 Wentworth's only military service ends When Wentworth was married
he had 13 children; 4 sons and
9 daughters. Additional info on Other careers that Wentworth had were the town selectman and a teacher. Their first son, Paul, was born in August 1768. The Battle of Saratoga Significance The Battle of Saratoga is considered, by many historians, the turning point of the war. It was this battle that convinced the French to join the war as an ally of the Americans. When did the Battle Happen? The battle started on Spetember 19, 1777. September 19 1777- The battle ended on October 17, 1777. Who were the leaders during the battle? For the Americans their leader was General Horatio Gates. For the British thier leader was General Burgoyne. Anthony's Social Studies Poject This concludes my presentation. The End I will now be taking questions and giving answers to them. Thank you for your time. Sites The battle of saratoga. (1999). Retrieved from http://battle1777.saratoga.org/ British battles. (2002). Retrieved from http://www.britishbattles.com Founding fathers. (2009). Retrieved from http://americasfoundingfathers.com/index.php/bio-in-brief Mrs. Arthur's 5th period Pre-AP Wentworth was the son of Hopestill and Catherine Cheswell. He was there only son.
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