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No description

Mikey Ambrowiak

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Gangs

Difrent types of Gangs
Commen Behaivors Usually have a crime record Many poor children survived by joining a Gang that were lead by adults In Britan around the 19th century kid criminals were being punished the same as adults because of gangs. They stay around the same structure Street Gang
Have similar backgrounds and motivations Prison Gangs
Groups in a Prison or correctional institution for protection and advancement Notable Gangs In 1850 New York had more then 200 gang wars fought largly by youth. Chicago had over 1,000 gangs in the 1920s Some of the noble gangs The Italian Cosa Nostra more commenly known as the Mafia The Sardinian kidnappers or Anonima Sarda., and the Apulian Sacara Corona Unita are similar gangs Most likely have a gang symbol. Or a sign that they are in a gang. Diffrent colored bandanas.
Burned or inked Do Graffitti Get involved in street fights, drugs, murder, and theft
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