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Project Work- Underage Sex

Project work

Jonathan Mok

on 21 July 2010

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Transcript of Project Work- Underage Sex

UNDERAGE SEX What is Underage Sex? It is the act of sexual intercourse before reaching the legal age of consent. Causes The Media Peer Pressure Curiousity
Bad Childhood Environment So, How do we prevent underage sex? What are the consequences? Unwanted Pregnancies Sexual Addiction Wrong Moral Values Greater exposure to sex via the Internet STDs enforcing strict laws on the consequences of underage sex Education
religious influence good Parent-child relationship RESULTS OF SURVEY
Public Campaigns Educate Youths On the Difficulties of Unwanted Prenancies Teach them about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases Reinforcing the fact that sexual acts with minors below the age of sixteen are illegal Increase parental awareness on the influence of the media in the liberalisation of the mindsets of today's youths with regard to underage sex A youth programme based in Asia which aims to educate youths about sex, health and relationships. No Apologies seeks to empower and challenge youths to abstain from sex until marriage by imparting good moral values and virtue in them. Source: http://www.noapologies.sg/Programme.html Life is like a one-way street.
You make a wrong turn, you cant turn back.
Don't make the wrong choice.
Sexually Abusing Children Q & A
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