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Introduction to Dystopian literature

No description

JoDee Rose

on 5 April 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to Dystopian literature


A futuristic, imagined, post-apocalyptic universe where control of the populace is
maintained, while giving the illusion of a perfect society.
Driven by a criticism of
current trends, societal norms, or
political systems and policies.
Propaganda is used to control citizens
Information, thought , and freedom are restricted
A person or concept is worshipped
Citizens are under surveillance
Citizens fear the outside world
Biological families don't exist in the society
Nature is banished or distrusted
Individuality and dissent are bad
Society is the illusion of a perfect world or utopia
Types of control
Moral or Philosophical
feels trapped
questions existing system
recognizes something is wrong with society
helps audience recognize flaws in system
Where dystopian lit started

"Utopia" 1516
After WWII
Why are adolescent dystopian stories so popular today?
The dystopian story ends in one of three ways:
1. protagonist dies

2. protagonist leaves the society

3. protagonist changes the society
The Apocalypse
Social/political: war, genocide,
Environmental: natural disasters, man made disasters
Chemical: biological weapons, factory accident
Medical: virus, plague, epidemic
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