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No description

Aamir Anis

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of Internship

A little bit about myself
Originally from Central India
Making sure all employees have JIRA account and give them training
Challenges Faced
Difficulty in locating employees so made an office map
Why I love Passport Inc
Amazing work culture
Sumptuous Breakfast Club
Gary - The cutest employee EVER
Wellness Wednesday - Health is wealth
Formal Friday - Because we love to be orthodox
at least once a week
Respect the Individual
Graduate Student at UNC, Charlotte
Majoring in Computer Science
Short Term Responsibilities
Handled JIRA Issues
Migrated all Personal Microsoft Office account to Corporate account
Long Term Responsibilities
Created employee On -boarding dashboard in JIRA
Created Infrastructure On-boarding guide
Locked android App into portrait mode
New Employee IT On-boarding
GPS location tracking for Android and IOS
No prior knowledge about iOS
Security, Scalability, Reliability, Flexibility, Automation
- Brad Powers
“Watch and Learn” - Khristian Gutierrez

Marketing Science and its importance - Michael Scully

“Like, Trust, Buy” - Nathan Berry

Respect the Individual
“Own you career” - Kate Haffey

Opportunity to work with Development Team -
Mike Hulthen

Thank you!!!!
Managerial Skills - Brian Allen
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