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MC Unicorn

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Colors

Colors Ice Breaker Under white light, white objects appear white, and colored objects appear in their specific individual colors.
** White is not a color but a combination of all colors.
** Black is similarly not a color itself, but is the absence of light. The Color Spectrum Isaac Newton was the first to make a systematic study of color.
The prism cast the sunlight into an elongated patch of colors.
In a sheet of white paper. He called this spread of colors Spectrum, and noted that the colors were arranged accordingly:
a) Red
b) Orange
c) Yellow
d) Green
e) Blue
f) Violet Color by addition Blue Skies, Red Sunsets, & Greenish Blue Seas Exercises 5 Hazel Bongalon
9 Mariah Collada
24 Kristina Malabanan
42 Trisha Villegas
IV- St. Cecilia Colors "Color is in the eye of the beholder" Alabaster a) b) c) Correct Answer: a) b) c) Alabaster Aqua Amber Teal a) b) c) Correct Answer: a) b) c) Sky Blue Green Magnolia a) b) c) Correct Answer: a) b) c) Cream Allzarin Magnolia Caput Mortuum a) b) c) Correct Answer: a) b) c) Pink Caput Mortuum Red Saffron a) b) c) Correct Answer: a) b) c) Orange Saffron Yellow Color by Reflection Color by Transmission Factors that affect colors of objects. the reflected color the absorbed color light pigment the transmitted color Questions How secondary colors are produced? Colors Color by subtraction If magenta light and yellow light are added together, will white light be produced? Light of all the visible frequencies mixed together produces white. Basic Equation:
Red + Green + Blue = White Red + Green = Yellow
Red + Blue = Magenta
Green + Blue = Cyan *red, blue, green - additive primary colors 1. 2. 3. Practice A: reflects blue & red; appears magenta
Practice B: reflects green & blue; appears cyan • The color of a transparent object depends on the color of the light it transmits

• Pigment- material in transparent object that absorbs colored light In this process, the ultimate color appearance of an object is determined by beginning with a single color or mixture of colors and identifying which color or colors of light are subtracted from the original set. *A filter... * magenta, yellow, cyan - subtractive primary colors FIN {Thank you for listening!} 1. White and black are actually colors of light. True or False?

2. What colors of spots are lit on a television tube to give full color?

3. What are the secondary colors of light?

4. Sunsets often have a reddish-orange color associated with them. This is attributable to the phenomenon of _____. a. polarization b. diffraction c. dispersion d. refraction

5. A filter serves the function of ____.
a. subtracting color(s) from the light which is incident upon it
b. adding color(s) to the light which is incident upon it
c. removing nicotine from light so that we can live longer lives
d. confusing physics students who are studying color, causing them to live shorter lives 1. False
2. red, green, blue
3. magenta, yellow, cyan
4. b.
5. a. Teal Which of the two is a misconception? a) The color that you see with your eyes is the color that the object ABSORBS.

b) The color that you see with your eyes is the color that the object REFLECTS. - Colors are reflected the same way sound is reflected. Sound: Through Tuning fork Light: Through Electrons - If the material absorbs light of most visible frequencies and reflects red, the material appears red. If it reflects all of the visible frequency the material will be the same color as the light that shines on it. If it appears black it reflects nothing. Correct Answer: A Misconception: The color that you see with your eyes is the color that the object ABSORBS.

Correct concept: The color that you see with your eyes is the color that the object REFLECTS. Game: Arrange the colors according to it's color arrangement on the rainbow. * Starting from red. Easy Orange Violet Red Blue Yellow Green Medium Hard Twist: The color of the text is changed. Red Violet Blue Orange Green Yellow Twist: You have to follow the color of the text not the text itself. Purple Pink Aqua Peach Sapphire Emerald Difficult Cardinal Princeton Lemon Chiffon Mantis
UCLA Hellotrope Cardinal Princeton Lemon Chiffon Mantis UCLA Hellotrope Correct Order Twist: Different color of the text + shade of the colors in the rainbow.
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