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3 items for desert island survival

No description

josephine jonathan

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of 3 items for desert island survival

Items must be stand alone
A companion is not an option
Items must fit in a rucksack
The desert island is not barren and has vegetation
The island is uninhabited
Only items you already have are the clothing in which you made it to the island
Cast away on a desert island
When stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you choose to bring?

What 3 items would I take with me?
3. Food
2. Water
1. Safety
4. Shelter
What possible purpose would the item serve?
Attracting attention
Flare gun
Communication device
Making your own requires building tools
Inflatable raft
Items for survival
Items to aid in getting rescued
A satellite phone
A tent
A large knife

Self Rescue
Chance Rescue
Self organized rescue
Local Predators
Illness or injury

Environmental factors
What are the dangers?
- Exposure/Sun damage
- Sustained injury
- Malaria etc.

-Dangerous terrain
-Hostile climate

What are the challenges?
Finding a source
Source of food
Food preparation
What are the challenges?
What are the challenges?
Finding source of building materials
Adapting to the climate - Hot daytime, cold nights

Protective clothing
First aid and medicine
Book of desert island survival
Purification device
Storage device
Preparation tool
Fire lighter
Building tools
Compact shelter

A large knife
A Tent
A Satellite
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