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Africa Water Pollution-Project-ACSS

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Emma Webster

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Africa Water Pollution-Project-ACSS

Egypt's water is so scarce, the farmers have to use untreated sewage to irrigate their crops. Water Pollution in Africa is destroying the environment. Water laws and rights, planning management, access to drinking water and sanitary services are not available in Africa. Also, government development and management in Africa does not help to find a way to stop the pollution and there is no technology or training to help clean up the water. There are many threats that come with water pollution. For example, the loss of habitats for animals and the obstruction of fish and wildlife migration. Polluting the water causes salt to seep into the soil. This causes there to be less crop and pasture land. Some ways to help fix the water pollution problem in Africa would be:
Identify surface and groundwater sources.
Participate in monitoring and management programs.
Write a letter to your government asking them to help out with the water pollution problem. Groundwater in Africa. Trade Irrigation Industry Drinking Water How does water pollution affect trade?
Water pollution makes it hard for fishermen to catch and trade fish because the pollution kills the fish.
The pollution makes it hard for farmers to harvest and trade crops because the irrigation water is polluted. How does water pollution affect irrigation?
The polluted water is so dirty, it kills the crops if you use it to irrigate the crops.
The polluted irrigation water seeps into the soil and causes the soil to become very salty. How does water pollution affect industry?
The pollution makes it hard to ship water to other places in Africa because the freshwater is so polluted that they can't use it and it's too expensive too desalinate the saltwater. How does water pollution affect drinking water?
The polluted water can carry diseases like guinea worm disease, so when people use it to drink, bathe, cook then they could catch a disease.
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